What is Alice’s Mysterious Seed?

The My Neighbor Alice team has announced the release of a companion game, ‘Alice’s Mysterious Seed,’ which will support purchases with Chromia’s CHR token.

What is Alice’s mysterious seed? Antler Interactive, the creator of My Neighbor Alice, has revealed a companion game for mobile devices. ‘Alice’s Mysterious Seed’ is a mobile and PC game.

Users in the game can buy seeds and then care for them by watering them and playing music. If they complete their mission, the plants they grow will bear fruits that will provide the player with exclusive rewards in the upcoming full game release.

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What is Alice’s Mysterious Seed?

Alice's mysterious seed

Alice’s grandmother was an excellent garden experimenter. Alice began to locate seeds that her grandmother had produced from various species throughout the archipelago after she died. These seeds were unlike anything Alice had ever seen.

Whatever emerges from these seeds will undoubtedly be of immense use to any archipelago dweller, though just how remains to be seen.

Who knows what lays asleep in these tiny seeds? Delicious fruits, great talents, and gorgeously decorative plants; who knows what lies dormant in these small seeds!

How do you play Alice Seed?

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer building game that introduces millions of users to the blockchain. Anyone can purchase and possess virtual islands, gather and construct intriguing goods, and make new friends.

In our recent post, we discussed diversifying my assets, and NFT-related platforms are now one of the better options. Since my neighbor ALICE got a good start with Binance, it has a lot of promise in the game. On July 13th, they launched a project called Alice’s Mysterious Seed during a recent event. When compared to other staking or playing protocols, this is practically nothing. Because it is only the beginning, they are most likely giving it a go with some tweaks.

How do you play Alice Seed

At the moment, you will have to purchase seed and assist it in growing. This is your job! It’s as simple as that.

The seed is known as “Alice’s Mysterious Seed,” You will be responsible for its growth over the next 14 days. You are responsible to check in on it every 24 hours to “water the plant” and “play music to it.”  

In a single account, you can only plant one seed at a time. If you produce more than one, your timer will reset to zero, forcing you to restart the entire process. This essential task takes less than a minute. After 14 days, it will bear fruit, and this fruit will be valued when the game is fully released. This could be something unworthy, but it could also be fantastic once the game is out. According to the roadmap, Q2 will be exciting and worth keeping an eye on.

Tutorial for in-game onboarding

Rarity mechanics are expected to be used in the game to boost the collectibility and worth of the fruits grown by the player. Furthermore, these mechanics will increase replayability and allow it to adapt to continue interacting with the My Neighbor Alice game in the future.


This entire process takes less than a minute to complete. You can purchase Alice from Binance and send it to your Wallet address (BSC); you can use the metamask wallet here; you can also use a trusted wallet for mobile. After sending your Alice, go to https://seed.myneighboralice.com/ and press the “Buy New seed” icon, which will convert your Alice to the seed token. Once your transaction is complete, use the “Plant” icon to plant the seed. There are two timers there, one for the water and one for the music. Tap one, complete the task, and then go on to the next.

This is only a game, and who knows what will happen! So, could you take it as a game and give it a shot?

How do I get Alice Crypto?

How do I get Alice Crypto

Compare deposit methods, supported fiat currencies, and fees to find an exchange where you can buy, sell, and trade ALICE. Select Go to the website to join up with the supplier directly.

Purchase Procedures

  • To make purchasing My Neighbor Alice easier, look for an exchange that accepts money and cryptocurrency.
  • Compare ALICE-supporting cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Fees, security, and payment methods vary amongst cryptocurrency exchanges, so do your homework to find the best fit for you. You don’t need a wide selection of features as a beginning, and you may easily change exchanges later.
  • Create an account on a trading platform.
  • By clicking the Go to site button, you can register for an account. This will bring you to the account creation page, where you may enter your information, beginning with your name and email address.
  • Deposit into your account.
  • To purchase My Neighbor Alice, fund your account with a bank transfer, pay with a credit or debit card, or deposit cryptocurrency from a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Purchase My Neighbor Alice.
  • Complete your My Neighbor Alice order before looking for the best wallet to keep ALICE in.

What to Think About When Buying My Neighbour Alice?

Because cryptocurrencies are volatile and speculative assets, investing in them carries significant risk. Before buying any coin or token, be sure you’re fully aware of the hazards and thoroughly investigate them. Before purchasing ALICE tokens, consider the following factors:


Not sure what NFTs are, how they work, or how they affect the crypto world? Our NFT primer is a beautiful place to start.


ALICE has a maximum quantity of 100 million tokens. According to CoinMarketCap, around 17% of those tokens were in circulation in May 2021. The My Neighbor Alice website details the token metrics and distribution plan.

Future progress

The My Neighbor Alice Land Sale was only getting underway in May 2021. According to the project’s roadmap, my Neighbor Alice’s complete release date is set for January 2022. Thus the game is still in its early stages.


Numerous popular NFT games are available, ranging from Axie Infinity to CryptoKitties. It remains to be seen whether My Neighbor Alice can gain universal acceptance in a crowded marketplace.


So, Alice seed is the new addition to MNA. This is a pretty intriguing update. We covered everything about it, including what and how to play it. We sincerely hope you liked reading our blog.