What is a Terminator Axie?

Axies are the protagonists of the video game Axie Infinity. They are used in battle in-game. This can happen in either Adventure Mode (PvE) or the Arena (PvP). They are a type of non-fungible token (NFT) that you own and keep in your wallet.

You can collect them and use them to produce new Axies (offspring), a process is known as Breeding. They can be traded with other players or sold on a blockchain-based marketplace because they own them. In this article, we will learn about Terminator Axie.

What is a Terminator Axie?

They are also your character in the Axie Infinity universe’s Lunacia during Land Gameplay. Players in this universe can own land, collect items, and earn resources. In turn, resources can be used to improve land and axes.

Players would also be able to be using their Axies in real-time battles against Chimera, alone or in groups. Chimera will drop a variety of resources, items, and blueprints that can be used to improve land and individual Axies.

Axie, what is a Terminator Reptile?

An Axie with two stuns, a slow, and many armors is a Terminator. They are powerful when pitted against other Axies in a one-on-one battle. The Axie has a high damage defense as well as debuffs. It also has a slow attack speed and stuns the opponent multiple times. Because of their energy efficiency, this class and build are unique. Many players have wondered why a Terminator combination is so powerful late in the game. The Terminator Reptile Axie is the most popular build, and it has the following moves.

  • Chomp (Reptile Tiny Turtle Mouth)

When combined with at least two other cards, apply Stun to the enemy.

  • The rush of the Mystic (Bug Lagging Horn)

For two rounds, apply Speed- to the target.

  • Reaction Allergic (Bug Thorny Catterpilar Tail)

Targets who have been debuffed will take 130 percent more damage.

  • Gluey Goo (Bug Snail Shell Back)

If this Axie’s shield breaks, stun the attacker. Only one trigger per round is possible.

Because most of the parts are Bug Parts, Terminator Bug Axies are also present. However, due to the noticeably thicker stats of a Reptile, many people prefer the Termi Reptile build. Bird and Aqua Axies, usually the last ones standing in Axie parties, are also more robust against Reptile Axies.

Terminator Bugs are more potent than Terminator Reptiles, but Lizards are superior to everyone else. Budget Terminator Plants and Terminator Aquas have recently become more popular, but they haven’t performed as well as their more expensive counterparts.

These Terminator Axies excel at trying to stall the enemy, utilizing stuns to prevent them from dealing damage and mitigating damage with their powerful shields.

They’re highly effective against Plants, especially in one-on-one battles. They usually have a hard time dealing with self-healing or life-stealing Axies.

How do you get Rid of Terminator Axies?

With some mental gymnastics, Termi Axies can be defeated. Owners of Terminator Axies want to be the last ones standing, so use backline-targeting or speed-targeting cards to surprise them.

You can also defeat Termis by defeating two mates in a hurry. Going 2v1 against a Terminator Axie will allow you to win, as one Axie will focus on breaking its shield while the other will explode with damage.

That’s the best-case scenario for you if you’re in a 1v1 fight with a Termi and your last Axie has had any 0-energy card.

Calculate how much damage the Termi’s shield will take to break. When you break the shield, the Sticky Goo stun activates, allowing you to sequence your cards so that the 0-energy card is used while you’re stunned, maximizing your damage. Critical attacks could also deal with Termi’s shield, causing damage to spill over the Shield value, allowing high-morale Axies to get past their defenses. They can also be defeated by a plant Axie equipped with Cleanse Scent (Removes all debuffs from this Axie).

Characteristics of the Terminator

Often called “termi build”. The capacity “Allergic Response,” which interacts 130 percent damage to debuffed targets, is favored in this construction. When the ability “Chomp” is combined with another card, you can get past the enemy’s armor and stimulate Allergic Response.

Because it is faster, the Dusk termi construction is better than the Reptile termi build. When combined with axies that have debuff abilities, this construction shines.

Which Parts Should You Purchase?

The parts Knotty Caterpillar, Tiny Turtle, and Lagging are required for an axie to exist in Terminator. Allergic Response, Chomp, and Mystic Rush are activated by Thorny Caterpillar, Tiny Tortoise, and Lagging. Idle Exploiter will not function without these components.

Will there be Terminator Axies in version 2.0?

Sky Mavis announced recently that Axie Infinity version 2.0 would be implemented soon. During a developer live stream, they warned that the meta would be thrown off as the game transitions to a new era of PvP. As a result, it’s possible that Terminator Axie won’t be playable in the next version. It’s even possible that Terminator Axies won’t exist in the future! Is this a positive or negative development? It’ll always be better to balance the game to help keep people healthy, but we’re sure Terminator Axie owners will be disappointed! So, before you invest in Axie Infinity right now, think twice.

It might be better to wait is for the new state of play to settle in before investing large sums of money. I mean, who knows? By then, individuals might have a few new tricks up their sleeves.

Bottom Line

We hope this information has helped you comprehend What Axie Infinity is, how it works, how to get begun, and how to make a profit.

Almost everyone has fantasized about earning money while playing video games as a child. Crypto Games and NFTs will transform gaming as we know it, owing to blockchain technology. Keep in mind that Axie Infinity is still in beta.

Who knows what may happen in a few years when the game’s developers introduce new features.


What kind of structure does Axie have?

This build is primarily made up of two combo setups (Ronin and Imp). You get a guaranteed critical strike when Ronin is combined with another card. The axie becomes an energy powerhouse after RIMP beast triggers a combo.

What is Axie’s unique ability?

An Axie’s HP determines how much damage it can take before becoming incapacitated in battle. Their skill determines axie’s accuracy. Axies with higher “skill” are less likely to miss their attacks.

What are Axie’s four stats?

HP, Skill, Morale, and Speed are the four stats that each Axie has.