What is a LAN World in Minecraft?

What is a LAN World in Minecraft? If you are playing Minecraft for a while then you will be familiar with the term LAN world in Minecraft. It’s basically a Local Area Network that allows players to connect to the same router and join the same game. 

What is a LAN World in Minecraft?

What is a LAN World in Minecraft

What is a LAN world in Minecraft? LAN world allows the player to host a multiplayer game in Minecraft by using their local area network, which helps other players who can be their friends or other fellow players join the game. The player can directly activate it from their own device.

But, you need to be connected to a network that has full internet functionality to open your game to LAN then only your friends will be able to join you otherwise it will fail to connect. 

When you host a multiplayer game in Minecraft, it utilizes your own modem or router that provides you with an internet connection and allows other players to connect to the game who are using the same router by opening the necessary ports. 

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How do you join a LAN World in Minecraft? 

How do you join a LAN World in Minecraft

The players can open the game to LAN in both Bedrock and Java editions, either by using the command or through menus in the Java edition.

Once you open your Minecraft world to LAN, a user datagram protocol is broadcasted at the LAN address every few seconds. This broadcast can be picked up by different devices that are running Minecraft games on the same network, this allows players to join your game. 

Furthermore, you need to ensure you set an open port when your game opens up for LAN so that your friends can easily access it without any restrictions. 

You can expand the number of players you want to add to your LAN world by editing your world settings or by using commands. But you need to keep in mind that you don’t put excessive strain on your local network. 

If you overload the network with too many players there are chances of lagging in your game which will ultimately spoil the whole gaming experience. 


Now you can upgrade your gaming experience by adding your friends to the same game. With LAN you can easily host a multiplayer game in Minecraft there won’t be any limitations to your fun. You can use the same network to join the same game without any interruption.  

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