What is a Decentraland Map?

Humans have been subjected to digitalization for well over a long time, and the results have been positive. We’ve progressed from creating games on the internet to creating a digital life for us on the web.

With all of the talk about the metaverse, we believe that living in another world is no longer “just fiction.” The combination of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has enabled a more seamless digital life. A digital place in which you can move around, socialize with people, purchase or sell a commodity, and do a variety of other things.

Today, we will talk about a metaverse platform called the Decentraland. What is Decentraland? What is a Decentraland map? Get all the answers in this post.

What is Decentraland?

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Decentraland is a blockchain-based virtual environment and community. Users create and own land plots, arts, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Members are also involved in the platform’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Decentraland, being a DAO, empowers its community to engage in project governance. The Ethereum platform hosts Decentraland’s native cryptocurrency, MANA, as well as all in-game assets.

Estaban Ordano and Ari Meilich, the creators of Decentraland, have built an online area with digital real estate parcels, objects, and other customizable assets. All of these may be purchased with MANA.

Decentralanders can buy MANA on a variety of exchanges using either crypto or fiat money.

Decentraland’s unique assets, such as LAND property and other valuable things, are represented by ERC-721 non-fungible tokens. Now that you have learned about the Decentraland platform, let’s move on to the main discussion of this post. What is a Decentraland map? 

What is a Decentraland Map?

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What is a Decentraland map? After knowing the platform, this is one of the crucial things you should know. With the help of a Decentraland map, you can learn about all the LAND parcels of different colors in a particular virtual region. The Decentraland map consists of various types of LAND parcels. You will learn more about them in the section below:

Evolution of the Decentraland Map & Color Key

Now, that you know what is a Decentraland map, you will learn all the types of elements of the map. Check out the points below:

LAND (Dark Grey) – This indicates the privately owned LAND parcels. It can be traded on the marketplaces.

DISTRICTS (Purple) – These are privately owned themed communities that are not up for sale. 

PLAZAS (Large Green Squares) – The region of the map where players are supposed to respawn and make a lot of foot traffic. Plazas are not available for sale.

ROADS (Light Grey, Straight Lines) – These roads are not available for sale.

How Does the Decentraland Map Work?

how does the decentraland map work

Real estate has been rising, and for many, it is a potential investment. Even in the digital world, real estate values appear to be rising. 

Some land is utilized as roadways that cannot be touched; these are the light grey lines on the map. Genesis City includes nine green squares on the map that are plazas controlled by the Decentraland community; and has its own theme, and the one in the middle is known as Genesis Plaza, where new members “spawn”. The darker grey land is privately owned. The vivid, light blue property lots are available for purchase on the Decentraland marketplace right now. Purple parcels of land are areas that are tailored to certain guests, such as a fashion center where retailers can be built.

Plots of land in more attractive areas sell for higher money, just like real estate in the real world. The most costly plots of property in this example are those closest to the user spawning point – Genesis Plaza – or near to well-traveled roadways.  

Users may easily teleport to any parcel or place on the map with the touch of a button. The coordinates run from -150 to +150 in a 2D grid-like structure.

The look of parcels of land in Decentraland is highly different the geography spans from barren desert to dragon-themed games. Each terrain NFT corresponds to a 3D model with unique visuals, textures, and sounds.

Can you Make Money on Decentraland?

On Decentraland, users may make money in a number of ways. Users in Decentraland have the option of creating their own game in which they may get MANA from other users who participate. Users using cryptocurrencies like MANA or (DAI), a decentralized cryptocurrency stabilized against the value of the US dollar, can try their luck in the digital world.

In general, users may make money in the virtual world through a range of different events. The most valuable is the resale of NFTs like plots and estates, gadgets, and even avatar identities. Users can also generate money in the metaverse by starting a company or gambling.

Each estate or parcel of land is an NFT with unique coordinates. An estate can be formed by connecting contiguous plots of land. Land in areas where more users are anticipated to visit is frequently sold for a higher price.

A business allows the creator to cost participants MANA to be a part of the event. Built on an estate, the user can potentially sell the structure to another user for a significant profit.


How much does it cost to buy land on Decentraland?

The most costly piece of digital land in the Decentraland crypto game will cost users more than $3.5 million. At the present, the most costly site in the blockchain game Decentraland costs a stunning $3.5 million in the MANA cryptocurrency.

Where can I buy Decentraland crypto?

You can buy this crypto on Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, BitYard, etc.


We hope that you found this post on the Decentraland map informative. Decentraland is one of the most intriguing blockchain initiatives available, allowing users to purchase virtual plots of land using altcoins. Users on Decentraland may do much more than just acquire property; they can also play games, throw parties, and engage with one another in a variety of ways. You may locate property plots to buy by using the Decentraland map.