What happened to Iji Elden Ring?

What happened to Iji Elden Ring? A non-playable character in Elden Ring, War Counselor Iji oversees the forging process and can perform enhancements for the player character. His death in the game has sparked widespread interest in the life and times of War Counselor Iji, including who or what brought about his demise. If you want to find out who murdered Iji, read on!

What happened to Iji Elden Ring?

What happened to Iji Elden Ring

What happened to Iji Elden Ring? The Black Knife assassins burn to death War Counselor Iji, whose body the player will find. There will be three dead assassins close by. The body of War Advisor Iji will undoubtedly be discovered with his weapon still in his hand. Talking to him and letting him know what occurred to Blaidd will cause his death. Sadly, the player will find War Counselor Iji’s body when they return to pay him another visit. No convincing evidence of his death exists.

What is Iji Death Elden Ring?

War Counselor Iji first said that he would commit suicide as a means of atonement, but he ultimately did not. Before he could take his own life, however, assassins from the Black Knife organization tracked him down and eliminated him. Numerous indicators lead to the assassins working for War Counselor Iji being infiltrated by the Black Knife.

What happened to Blaidd and  Iji Elden Ring?

What happened to Iji Elden Ring

You can find Master Iji, the Blacksmith, south of Caria Manor, not far from the Road to Manor Site of Grace. What happened to Iji Elden Ring? Once you have completed Ranni’s Quest, you will find Blaidd at Ranni’s Rise. The desire to wear Blaidd’s armor is understandable; thus, you must defeat him.

As you progress through conversations with Master Iji, you’ll unlock additional options about Blaidd. The “About Blaidd” menu item will remain even after Blaidd has passed away. You can either tell him Blaidd is dead or keep the news to yourself.

Master Iji cannot survive hearing the news, so keeping it from him is preferable. Do not tell him about Blaidd’s death if you plan on returning to his shop. After a rest at a Site of Grace, you might return to this establishment and discover him in the process of burning. Once you have his Bell Bearing, you can head to the Twin Maiden Husk and claim your loot there.

That should clear up any confusion you may have had about whether or not you should inform Master Iji about Blaidd’s passing. You can save him if you don’t tell him, but if you do, he’ll die, and you won’t get to visit his shop. We advise against breaking the news of Blaidd’s death to Master Iji, but you are free to do so if you wish to experiment.

Where to find Iji in the Elden Ring?

Where to find Iji in the Elden Ring

What happened to Iji Elden Ring? The estate of Caria Manor, located in Elden Ring’s northernmost Liurnia of the Lakes district, is home to Iji, the gigantic Blacksmith and trusted advisor to the witch Ranni. Located southwest of the Manor, Iji is near the Graceful Road that leads to the Manor. Since he is enormous, he is challenging to miss. Those who have not yet explored the Elden Ring will meet Iji on their route to Caria Manor. Approaching him from the south is a little more challenging. Located on the northwest side of Liurnia Lake, Iji may be seen from the north.

The Northern Liurnia Lake Shore is the first place players looking for Iji should look. From that point of grace, traveling north-northeast will bring adventurers to what appears to be an impenetrable wall at the northern end of the Kingsrealm Ruins. From the northwest cliffside of the ruins, Torrent can double-jump around the wall. The wall is within walking distance of Iji.

Having been Ranni’s trusted confidant, Iji is a wealth of knowledge. He drops indications regarding the story’s progression and his opinion on the characters’ development. Not only does he repair and fortify weapons, but he also sells Somber Smithing Stones.

How did Iji die in the Elden Ring?

What happened to Iji Elden Ring? The assassins from the Black Knife organisation assassinate Iji. If you look, you’ll see that the fire has completely consumed his body. Three of his assassins have been killed, and their bodies lie nearby. Iji was slain because he was found with his weapon still in his hand.

As soon as you inform Iji what happened to Blaidd, he will commit suicide. If you go back to see him, he’ll be dead and engulfed in flames when you get there. It’s too late to save him from dying.

Iji had earlier suggested he would take his own life to atone for his sin. Before he could put his thoughts into action, the Black Knife assassins caught up to him.

What happens if you kill Iji in the Elden Ring? 

If you’ve begun Ranni’s quest line, Iji will be there to help you through each stage; be sure to return to him after completing each task. From the outset to the adventure’s conclusion, he plays a crucial role.

So, let’s speak about the downside; what happens if you decide to assault him upon first seeing him? Some deranged players only care about whether or not these benevolent NPCs can be fought and what their reaction will be. If you strike Iji once, he will advise you to stop, saying there is no need to do so because he is not an enemy. And if you hit him again, he will be insulted by your actions and leave the area.


What happened to Iji Elden Ring? After completing Blaidd’s quest chain, players can speak with Iji again on the Road to the Manor. He’ll let you know that he’s planning to go with Blaidd. Once you have Iji’s Bell Bearing, you can quickly leave the area and return to it later. This can be handed to the Roundtable Hold’s Twin Maiden Husks so they can sell anything Iji does. We trust you found the right information in this helpful article.

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