What does Respiration do in Minecraft?

What does respiration do in Minecraft? You will come across several enhancements in the world of Minecraft that you can add to weapons, tools, and armor, which helps you play the game more efficiently and effectively. Once such enchantment is respiration, what does respiration do in Minecraft? Here’s a quick read-through.

What does Respiration do in Minecraft?

What does respiration do in Minecraft

Respiration is a kind of enchantment that you can apply to your helmets. What it basically does is it increases your ability to breathe underwater, making it simpler for you to explore underwater areas for a longer duration of time. 

When you wear a helmet with the respiration enchantment, it extends the time that you can spend underwater before drowning. This enchantment also improves underwater visibility, making it easier for you to see and navigate underwater. 

However, you also need to know that there are different levels of respiration enchantment, respiration I: extends underwater breathing time by 15 secs per level, respiration II: entends breathing time by 30 secs per level, and respiration III: extends breathing timing by 45 secs per level underwater. 

This enchantment can be of great use for exploring underwater structures, like shipwrecks, searching for treasure, or flighting underwater with creatures like guardians. 


Since you know what does respiration do in Minecraft, so try using the enchantment in your gaming session, and see how it works. This can be a great help if you want to search for underwater treasures and fight against different creatures. Also, make your gaming strategy more strong by trying out other enchantments as well. 


What does respiration 3 enchantment do in Minecraft?

There are different levels of respiration enchantment in Minecraft, i.e. respiration 1, respiration 2, and respiration 3, all of which help extend underwater breathing time. Respiration 3 helps in extending water breathing time by 45 secs per level. 

Is Respiration 3 or turtle helmet better in Minecraft?

Respiration 3 helps extend underwater breathing time by 45 secs, which makes it easier for players to explore underwater and fight against underwater creatures. But, this enchantment only works when you wear a helmet that has the respiration enchantment, and also it doesn’t provide any extra protection against other types of damage.  

Meanwhile, turtle hamlet gives players both underwater breathing ability and protection. When you wear the turtle helmet, you can breathe underwater for extra 10 secs and the helmet gives armor points that reduce the damage for any type of underwater attack. However, it has limited durability and must be repaired or replaced when it takes damage. 

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