What does Quick Charge do in Minecraft? 

What does Quick Charge do in Minecraft? When you play Minecraft, you will get several enchantments that can be applied to the armor or weapons. These can come as a help to the players as enchantments make the player stronger and let you easily deal with enemies. 

One such enchantment that a player can find is Quick Charge. It is an enchantment in Minecraft that allows players to use it on their crossbows. It will recharge the player’s fireworks or arrows in a faster way so that players can use arrows or fireworks more frequently in the game.

What does Quick Charge do in Minecraft? 

What does Quick Charge do in Minecraft

With the help of quick charge, enchantment players can reload crossbows quickly. You can acquire quick charge I and quick charge II by fishing and using an enchanting table. You can also find them in loot chests of library rooms and loot chests of dungeons. 

Quick charge III can be obtained through an anvil or by trading with villagers of the librarian. You can also acquire it from a chest that is in a desert pyramid or abandoned Mineshaft.

A quick charge will reduce the load timing of a crossbow with either a firework rocket or an arrow. The basic time the player takes to reload a crossbow is 1.125 secs. By using each quick charge enchantment the time to load a crossbow will decrease. For quick charge I it takes 0.25 secs to reload and when you acquire quick charge II it will take only 0.5 secs to reload.

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Now defeating enemies will be more fun because you will be able to do maximum damage with the help of quick charge enchantment. You don’t have to hide from enemies anymore, you can make your character more powerful and defeat more enemies. 


Is Quick Charge a good enchantment? 

Quick charge is a good enchantment as it reduces the time of loading a crossbow and you can easily defeat multiple enemies at a time in Minecraft.

Does Quick Charge reduce damage in Minecraft?

Yes, quick charge reduces damage in Minecraft. As it reloads faster than the normal crossbows so you can defeat enemies and the chances of damage will become low. With quick charge III, the player can do double damage as the player will be able to load faster ( reloading time is 0.5 secs).

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