What does Lure do in Minecraft?

What does Lure do in Minecraft? The Lure is nothing but a fishing rod enchantment that reduces the waiting time for a bite on the hook. In the Minecraft world, it reduces the wait time by 5 secs per level.

The players should keep in mind that if they use commands to increase the level of enchantment beyond 5, the wait timer will not start and fish won’t fall for the bait. 

When the player is fishing, there is a delay of 5-30 secs between when the player casts the line to when a fish bites the hook. The moment the bobber touches the water, a hidden timer starts.

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What does Lure do in Minecraft?

What does Lure do in Minecraft

Lure enchantment will reduce the overall delay time, which includes both maximum and minimum delay times decrease for more streamlined fishing.

There is an easy trick to get more bites while fishing in the Minecraft world. The moment you cast a line, you will be able to see a trail of bubbles appear on the surface. When the trail of bubbles touches the bobber it gets pulled down which indicates that a bite is there in your hook. Now you can easily know when there is a bite and you can catch more fish or treasures. 

Take note of how long it takes for a fish to bite. When you cast a line and you do not see bubbles, retract the line and cast again. If you don’t see bubble streams that means you didn’t get a bite. Re-casting will allow the player to roll for a new time delay. This is the moment when lure enchantment helps players to decrease the fishing timer. 

Additionally, the fishing timer will decrease by 20% during the rain. So, you can get more bites while it’s raining.


With the help of lure enchantment, you can increase your bites while fishing in the Minecraft world. Now you follow the above few steps to get more fish while fishing. Keep learning more new things and make your gaming session more fun.

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Does Lure decrease treasure?

The players can catch more fish with the help of lure enchantment, but it does reduce the chance of getting treasure as the player’s chances of catching fish increase instead of other loot. 

What happens with Lure Enchantment?

Lure increases the bites while fishing. It particularly decreases the waiting time by 5 seconds.

Why do I keep losing my Lure?

One of the major reasons you lose your lure is that you don’t know how deep the lure you are using will dive during the retrieve. So just ensure you keep a track of it.