What does Arcane do in Elden Ring?

What does Arcane do in Elden Ring? Arcane, as you may know, is a stat in FromSoftware’s games that determines a player’s ability to use magic. It’s been a staple of the Soulsborne series, but its exact role in Elden Ring has been shrouded in mystery. Will it function in the same way as it did in Dark Souls and Bloodborne, or will there be new twists and mechanics?

In this blog post, we’ll explore what we know about Arcane in Elden Ring so far, and speculate on how it might affect gameplay.

What does Arcane do in Elden Ring?

What does Arcane do in Elden Ring

One of the eight primary characteristics of the game is Arcane. Discovery, Holy Defense, Vitality, and several Sorceries and Incantations all fall under its purview. There are two softer limits and one more challenging limit on this primary weapon trait. A hard cap of 80 has been established, with more soft caps at 20 and 55. When you reach the maximum level, the damage you take is reduced by one level for every additional level you have.

There is a scaling effect between Bleed and Arcane. However, it varies by weapon. A Morning Star Mace, for example, will only gain Arcane scaling if you also equip an Ash of War that grants that bonus. You must carefully examine each weapon’s specifications and equip them with the appropriate qualities. Doing so will result in your character having attributes that provide no benefit.

The status effect Bleed increases the longer you continue to hit the same target. When the Hemorrhage bar is complete, the effect is activated, and the target gets damaged according to the remaining health bar. The Bleed stat appears on many weapons. However, it would help if you were especially wary of passive Bleed weapons. A weapon with the Bleed talent is helpful, but the greatest ones are the ones that deal Bleed damage passively.

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Is it beneficial to upgrade Arcane in Elden Ring?

Is it beneficial to upgrade Arcane

You should not invest in Arcane augmentations if your goal is to provide better protection. Your attributes have little to no bearing on how effective your armor is. Arcane scaling on your weapon is fantastic if you want to level it up. If the scalability in certain document parts is higher, then you should prioritize those aspects. If you want a greater Item Discovery, Arcane is also an excellent attribute to level up.

It helps protect yourself from Holy damage as well. When you level up, you’ll have more vitality and be less readily stunned by random foes. That implies your assaults will go through even if the adversaries counter with their own. Consider upgrading to Arcane if you don’t think it’s appropriate for your setup. In this sense, Arcane is similar to other non-essential traits in that it is only helpful for specific builds.

If you don’t like Bleed builds, there are many other options. After Patch 1.03.2, you will be satisfied if you decide to dive into Arcane makes. It’s excellent that FromSoft constantly improves its software with new upgrades and bug fixes.


After amassing enough Runes, a character’s level can be increased by allocating points to one of eight primary statistics. However, the utility of some is more evident than that of others.

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Does Arcane effect bleed Elden Ring?

When considering one of the following Blood Ashes of War to infuse your weapon with, keep in mind that once a weapon has the Blood affinity, it will then scale largely using Arcane. We are reducing the size of all the other scales!

Does Arcane affect rivers of blood?

Damage with Elden Ring’s Rivers of Blood katana depends primarily on Arcane and Dexterity, therefore they are the two stats you should focus on improving.

Does Arcane increase bleed proc?

In the Elden Ring, a weapon’s Bleed damage will not scale with Arcane unless the weapon itself has Arcane scaling. This means that if a weapon causes Bleed damage but does not scale with the Arcane stat, the Bleed damage it deals with will not rise even if the weapon’s base damage does. In any case, there you have it.