What do you need in Minecraft starter base? 

What do you need in Minecraft starter base? A Minecraft starter base is the first structure that a player builds and it provides a foundation for survival and progression in the game. However, to set up a starter base you need a few things. So, to learn more about what do you need in Minecraft starter base. Read on. 

What do you need in Minecraft starter base? 

What do you need in Minecraft starter base 

To create a strong and unique starter base, you need to put these essential elements in place:

1. Shelter

A basic shelter, such as a wooden hut or a cave, is necessary for protection from enemies and the elements. It should have walls, a roof, and a door to keep the player safe.

2. Crafting Table

A crafting table is a key element in Minecraft and is used to create and upgrade tools, weapons, and other items. It can be made from wooden planks.

3. Furnace

A furnace is used for smelting ores and cooking food. Players can use it to convert raw materials into useful items, such as iron ingots and cooked meat.

4. Chest

A chest is used to store items and resources. Players should keep a chest in their starter base to keep their items organized and easily accessible.

5. Bed

A bed is used to set the player’s spawn point, and is also required for sleeping and restoring health.

6. Light sources

Light sources such as torches or lanterns are important for illuminating the base, especially in dark environments such as caves.

7. Farming area

A small farm with crops and/or animals can provide food and resources for the player.

8. Weapons and tools

A basic set of weapons and tools, such as a sword, pickaxe, and axe, are essential for survival and exploration in Minecraft.


In Minecraft to keep yourself safe and secure from the enemy you need to create a starter base, since you learned about what you need in a Minecraft starter base, it will get easier to build one. 

Not only, the starter base will help you survive in the game more efficiently, but it will also serve as a hub for all activities, including crafting, farming, and sleeping. So let your adventure begin and keep on lighting up your creative skills. 

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