What do Pigs eat in Minecraft? 

What do pigs eat in Minecraft? In the game world of Minecraft, you will come across different creatures. However, there are some creatures that can be beneficial for you in the game, like pigs. Pigs in Minecraft serve both as a food source and a mode of transportation for players. You can breed them by providing a good source of diet. But what do pigs eat in Minecraft? Here’s a quick guide for you. 

What do Pigs eat in Minecraft? 

Pigs eat in Minecraft

If you want to attain the benefits that come along with pigs in Minecraft, you must know how to breed them properly and especially need to focus on their diet, as pigs require specific food items to grow healthily. 

Pigs will eat a variety of food items which includes carrots, potatoes, and beetroots. If you feed these food items, it will increase their breeding probability by 10%. 

There is one more thing that you can feed the pigs in Minecraft i.e. grass, however, feeding a pig enough grass to breed takes lots of effort and time, which is not a very efficient method. But, if you don’t have the above food items then you can go for these sources of food for pigs. It’s always better to have a backup option than to have nothing. 


Now that you know what do pigs eat in Minecraft, it will be easier for you to breed and maintain them and can use them to your advantage. For example, if you use the pig as a food source you can increase your hunger points which will be good for survival. Share these tips with your friends and make this gaming session more. 

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How do you feed a pig in Minecraft?

Now you know what to feed pigs but how do you feed them? It’s a very simple process all you need to do is follow a few steps that are mentioned below:

Step 1: Search for a pig, you can find them in the Overworld biomes of Minecraft, usually they roam around in groups so it will be easy for you to spot them

Step 2: After you have found a pig, to feed it you need to hold the food item which can be carrot, potato, or beetroots, whichever item is available at that moment with you. To hold the food item you can select it from your inventory and place it in your hand. 

Step 3: Now try approaching the pig with the food item in your hand, then simply right-click on the pig with the food item, and the pig will start eating, that’s all you need to do.