What do Paintings do in Elden Ring?

What do Paintings do in Elden Ring? Step into a world where art becomes more than just an aesthetic pleasure, where paintings hold the secrets to untold treasures and thrilling adventures. 

In Elden Ring, the highly anticipated collaborative masterpiece between Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin, players embark on a captivating scavenger hunt through a realm of grandeur and danger. The key to unlocking these mysteries lies within the carefully crafted paintings scattered throughout the game. 

Read on to get the answer to what do Paintings do in Elden Ring.

What do Paintings do in Elden Ring?

Paintings do in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, paintings serve as a scavenger hunt-type activity that provides clues to players and rewards them with treasures. These paintings can be found among various items during the players’ journey. To unlock the mystery of these paintings, players must carefully observe them and read their descriptions.

The objective of the scavenger hunt is not to search for the subject of the painting, but rather to determine where it was painted. By closely examining the painting and considering the location the artist would have chosen, players can identify the destination they need to reach. Once there, they should explore the area until they encounter an NPC who can provide more information about the painting.

To further aid in the search, players should also read the item descriptions associated with the paintings. These descriptions offer additional insights into the intended location. By combining the description and subject of the painting, players can pinpoint the specific location on their map.

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How many paintings are in Elden Ring?

There are 7 paintings in Elden Ring

Where is the Champions painting in Elden Ring?

You can find the Champions painting in the wooden building next to the stone ramp.

Where is Redmane painting in Elden Ring?

You can find it in the Northeast of Forth Faroth