What do Fish Eat in Minecraft?

What do Fish eat in Minecraft? Minecraft is a game world of adventure, exploration, and creativity. One thing you may not realize is that there are various types of animal creatures in Minecraft, including fish. Also, there are different types of food but not all animals can have all types of food in Minecraft. So, you need to ensure you feed the right food to the right creature in Minecraft.

This blog will walk you through some points that will help you understand better what to feed a fish in Minecraft. Fish is a Minecraft creature that you will be able to find in nearly every ocean biome. You can also find these creatures in ice caves and hot springs.

Fish food is a consumable item that you can feed to the fish to restore health and help in expanding the breed. But you need to remember one thing that is, you cannot feed skeleton fish or killer fish in Minecraft.

What do Fish Eat in Minecraft? 

What do Fish eat in Minecraft

You can create fish food by using cod, salmon, or tropical fish, and 8 bonemeal. Fish food can be used continuously to spawn food pellets till 16 food pellets are dropped. Once the bucket of fish food gets empty you need to replenish the bucket of cod, tropical fish, or salmon with another one. 

Tropical fish are the type of fish in Minecraft that comes in all colors and sizes. You can find red or blue color tropical fish in ocean biomes. The sizes will also vary, some can come in large sizes and some in small. 

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What do Fish need to survive Minecraft?

What do Fish need to survive Minecraft

In Minecraft, a fish requires water to survive. It is not possible for a fish to survive without water, they can barely stay outside of water for not more than a few mins. If they stay out of water for too long they will suffocate and die as they will not be able to breathe outside the water as per the game. 

Also, you need to feed them on a timely basis to keep them alive and healthy so that you can breed more of them. 


Now you know what fish eat in Minecraft, you can feed the fish with the available items that you have if you don’t have salmon, you can feed tropical fish. So just keep exploring and try out new things and learn more about them. It will help you breed healthy fish. You can share the tips and tricks with your friends as well and make it a more fun session. 

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