What do Donkeys eat in Minecraft? 

What do donkeys eat in Minecraft? Players tame different creatures in Minecraft to use them to their advantage. One such creature is the donkey, players try to tame donkeys because they have larger inventory space than horses, and are reliable and efficient means of transportation. However in order to tame donkeys players have to feed them, but the ultimate question arises what do donkeys eat in Minecraft? Here’s a quick blog.

What do Donkeys eat in Minecraft? 

What do Donkeys eat in Minecraft

Donkeys in Minecraft are kind of passive mobs and can be found in the wild. You can easily spot them gazing on nearby grass blocks. Though you can easily find a donkey, to tame them you have to put in some effort. As you have to feed them different food items that are: Wheat, Golden carrots, Golden apples, and Hay bales.

To obtain wheat all you need to do is harvest wheat crops, or one more way that you can is by trading with villagers. When it comes to golden carrots, you can craft them on a crafting table by using one carrot and 8 nuggets of gold. 

You have to follow the same process for crafting golden apples, but instead of placing one carrot, you have to place one apple on the crafting table. 

The last food item is hay bales, which can also be crafted by using nine wheat. 


Since you learned what do donkeys eat in Minecraft, you’ll be able to tame them quickly. Lastly, all you need to do is simply approach and mount a tamed donkey by right-clicking on it. Once mounted, you can control the donkey’s movement and inventory.

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How do you heal donkey in Minecraft?

When a donkey is injured you can heal them by feeding sugar, wheat, hay bales, golden apple, or golden carrot. If you feed any of these food items their healing process will be faster and to cross-check their health you can simply view their health bar. 

It’s always better to provide the treatment in the early stage otherwise once the damage keeps on increasing then the process of healing will also take time. This may interrupt your flow in the game, which can get annoying for any player.