What Armor helps Madness in Elden Ring?

What armor helps Madness in Elden Ring? Along with other elemental protections in the Elden Ring, having enough Madness resistance is essential. Most adversaries won’t use the status effect, but it cannot be enjoyable when they do. When the entire building meter is activated, Madness has a distinct effect. The distinctive feature of this effect is that it drains the player’s FP very quickly once it takes effect.

In addition, players will lose a significant amount of health, similar to the Frostbite and Bleed effects. Yet, as is typically the case, there are means of alleviating the situation.

What Armor helps Madness in Elden Ring?

What armor helps Madness Elden Ring

What armor helps Madness in Elden Ring? Players should equip either the Speckled Hardtear or the Opaline Hardtear for resistance. If players equip many of the items above in addition to this mixture, they will be well-prepared to survive the effects of Madness in Elden Ring.

The most effective means of warding off the Madness that plagues Elden Ring are as follows:

Equip the Clarifying Horn Charm

It can sharpen one’s mental acuity, making it easier to fend off the effects of Sleep and Madness. This Talisman is practical, but it only protects you from two dangers. Use it if that’s all you’ve got. In terms of general Immunity, the Mottled Necklace is superior, but in the cases of Sleep and Madness, this is the superior option. It would help if you decided what you wish to use.

Put on the Mottled Necklace

The player can utilize it to increase their Hardiness, Resistance, and Concentration. Because of everything it provides, this is the best immunity talisman you can find. It is more effective than any other Charm on this list and covers almost all Poison and Blight. Find this if you’re looking for something generally good. It’s fantastic in every way.

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Equip the Immunizing Horn Charm

The player can utilize it to increase their Immunity, demonstrating that they are immune to numerous diseases and poisons such as Madness and Scarlet Rot. We recommend looking for the +1 version, which provides much more Immunity. Try to get the superior version because it is pretty simple to find. The Lake of Rot is bothersome, but it helps you be more resistant to it.

What protects against Madness in Elden Ring?

What armor helps Madness Elden Ring

Liurnia of the Lakes is home to the Church of Inhibition. You will have to travel through the crazed Flame Village to get there. The issue is that multiple foes inhabit a tower north of the settlement. As they approach you, these foes will use the Madness status effect. You will take significant damage once the Madness bar fills. We’ll go through all the ways you can avoid this in the next section.

Purchasing the Mushroom Armor Set or other items that increase your Focus stat is the first step you may take. Next, you can make Clarifying Boluses in advance. This consumable reduces the accumulation of Madness, making it particularly valuable in this context. Another tactic is to watch for large rocks or another cover. Since adversaries need a direct line of sight to inflict Madness on you, and the effect gradually fades over time, you can wait it out and make your way to the Church of Inhibition at your own pace. Finally, you can take all six foes to the tower and finish them there. By definition, this will prevent further escalation of the Madness.

You will learn early on in your exploration of the Elden Ring universe that your character has to be equipped for specific jobs. During your travels, you must acquire the skills to use Ashes of War, wield two-handed weapons, or cast magical spells. An angry NPC named Sellen who won’t let you into her shop, an unseen man hiding in a bush, and a gigantic turtle with a bell that lets you duplicate some crucial items are just a few surprises waiting for you.


This was all about what armor helps Madness Elden Ring. In the Elden Ring, Madness is a Status Effect. Status Effects are a variety of buffs and diseases that have either a positive or negative impact on the subject. Both players and foes are susceptible to Status Effects. Status Effects are activated when a buildup meter is full by repeatedly applying attacks that cause the effect. Different Status Effects may be resistant to different players and foes.

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In the Elden Ring, how can you combat Madness?

Raising your Focus stat will reduce the damage taken by Madness. Increasing your Mind’s point total will help you concentrate better.

In the Elden Ring, what effect does altering armor have?

Altering your armor in Elden Ring can give your character a new aesthetic and reduce its weight, albeit this may come at the expense of the armor’s bonuses or base numbers.