What are the 3 Rare Axies?

What are the 3 Rare Axies? In the game Axie Infinity, the Axies have a wide range of character traits and rarity. In this article, we will learn about the three most rare Axies in the game, as well as the best combinations of Axies that could be used to conquer arena and tournament battles. Read the article till the end to grasp everything about the 3 rare axies.

What are the 3 Rare Axies?

Here are the 3 rare axies that you can find in Axie Infinity

  1. Mystic
  2. Agamogenesis
  3. Origin

What is Mystic Axie?

mystic axies

Every Axie Infinity player is interested in one question during their gameplay: What is a Mystic Axie? Mystic parts are unique body parts found exclusively in certain Origin Axies. These components will never be made again and cannot be passed down. Mystic parts have more distinct artwork than their Common counterparts and can grow into Legendary parts.

What is Agamogenesis Axie?

Agamogenesis Axie

The MEO firm has produced three Agamogenesis Axies, which approximately translate to the method of Asexual Reproduction. Bionic parts are the key distinguishing feature of such Axies that can only be discovered on them, and such parts may be inherited by their offspring with roughly the same capability as the parent parts. All of the components can develop, and they have anomalous body colors that are distinct from the Agamogenesis Axies.

On the 28th of May, 2018, three Agamogenesis Axies were discovered for sale at an auction. Coco Bear won the auction for all 3 Axies and purchased them for 6 Ethereum per head.

What is Origin Axie?

Origin Axie

There are several Axie variations ranging from the bird, dawn, fish, beast, and many more; nevertheless, there is one sort of Axie that is distinct from all other Axie classes; it is known as the Origin Axie. These Axies, as their names suggest, have no parents and were created at the start of the game.

People that have such uncommon Axies have a lot of chance and luck, for they will go up in Axie Infinity Legend.

Axies in the videogame Axie Infinity come in a variety of classes, each with their own set of body parts and physical features inherited from their parents.

The purity of such Axies is entirely determined by their parents’ qualities; also, their talents and physical attributes are transmitted from their parents. The phenomenon, however, was initiated by the Origin Axies.

The Origin Axies were sold directly by the business that created Axie Infinity, implying that no player had removed progeny from an Axie to obtain an Axie Origin. The Origin Axies is claimed to be the Adam and Eve of the Axie-Infinity cosmos.

Their talents and cards are relatively standard, yet this does not prevent the price of such Axies from skyrocketing due to their scarcity.

What are the Best Axie Combinations?

axie combinations

Now, check out the best axie combinations to level up your gameplay:

Team 1: Aqua-Aqua-Plant

Position  Axie Type Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4
Tanks  Plant (Pure) Pumpkin Serious Cactus Hot Butt
Mid-Lane Aqua (Pure) Sponge Lam Oranda Nimo
Last-Lane Aqua (Hybrid) Goldfish Lam Cuckoo Koi

This team is widely referred to as the Double Aqua combination, and it is effective against the Beast and Bird classes. If you can carry off 3 high damage cards worth 110 or more, you will be able to utterly beat the Beast and Bird classes. The Beast and Bird classes often have 330+ HP and very poor defense.

The Koi card accelerates the final lane Aqua card faster than the quick class of the Bird and allows it to attack first. In any case, the Beast class is more sluggish than the Aqua class.

Team 2: Beast-Bird-Plant

Position  Axie Type Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4
Tanks  Plant (hybrid) Pumpkin  Serious  Leaf Bug Hot Butt
Mid-Lane Beast (pure) Hero  Goda  Dual Blade Hare 
Last-Lane Bird (pure) Pigeon Post Little Owl Eggshell  Post Flight

In Axie Infinity, this squad exemplifies a tactic known as the Backdoor Way. Cards like Little Owl attack the adversary who moves the fastest, while Shrimp strikes the enemy who is the furthest away, and Tri Spikes hits the enemy with the fewest shields. This opens the door for a backdoor approach.

This keeps the opponent focused on guarding its back axes, reducing the amount of energy required to shield the front axes. Goda may be used by the mid-lane Axie to destroy the enemy’s Plant Axie by combining it with the Hero card and 3 high damage cards such as Hare and Dual Blade.

If there is more power, the opponent must be wondering if you would backdoor or kill out its frontal Plant Axies.

Team 3: Aqua-Reptile-Plant

Position  Axie Type Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4
Tanks  Plant (Hybrid) Pumpkin  Serious  Leaf Bug Yam 
Mid-Lane Aqua (pure) Blue Moon Lam  Oranda  Shrimp 
Last-Lane Reptile(hybrid) Snail Shell Tiny Turtle Lagging  Thorny Caterpillar 

This team is identical to Team 2, except it is less aggressive because it features a Reptile in the final lane instead of a Bird. The Backdoor is still present in the middle lane, allowing you to play the Shrimp card. This card, together with a few other high-power cards, can quickly clear out the Aqua, Bird, and Beast classes.

If you utilize the Yam card to inflict continual damage, you can conduct a slower game. This card also increases Thorny Caterpillar’s damage.

With the help of Tiny Turtle, the Reptile can shock the opponent; nevertheless, getting stunned by the Axie causes the opponent to squander one energy and a card.


There are several Axies to pick from; however, we have highlighted the most frequently asked question of what are the three rare Axies, as well as what is the best Axie combo that may be utilized to win tournaments and generate the most victories. We also learn which form of Axie is the quickest, which answers many of the questions that our readers who like and invest in the realm of Axie Infinity have.