What are The Minecraft Colour Codes?

What are the Minecraft colour codes? There are several built-in colour codes and format codes in Minecraft that you can use in chat and game commands.

Color codes can be used to alter the colour of dyed leather armour, adjust the colour of the text in the game, and designate team colours. Format codes, such as bold or italic, can be used to change the appearance of in-game text.

What is Minecraft?

What is Minecraft

Minecraft is a self-taught Swedish developer Markus Persson’s independent computer game, which he says has over 100 million registered users.

Minecraft was made available for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, various mobile phones, and the PlayStation 3.

Many refer to it as a first-person sandbox game, which means that players design their own experience, but in layman’s terms, it is simply a virtual landscape in which players dig holes to collect blocks.

But the following step is when things get interesting – it’s all about what you do with your blocks.

This is where your imagination comes into play, allowing you to build anything from a modest mud cottage to a massive concrete metropolitan environment.

When you add in the fact that monsters, zombies, and ghouls appear at night and you must either build a shelter or craft some form of weapon to survive, it becomes quite fascinating.

There is also a flexible gameplay feature, with four modes to choose from: Survival mode, Hardcore mode, Creative mode, and Spectator mode. These range from offering extra powers, such as flight, to taking some away, such as endless lives and making survival more difficult.

What are the Minecraft colour codes? Read the section below

What are The Minecraft Colour Codes?

What are The Minecraft Colour Codes

What are the Minecraft colour codes? Check out the table below:


(Minecraft Name)

Chat Code MOTD Code Decimal Hexadecimal
Dark Red


§4 \u00A74 11141120 AA0000


§c \u00A7c 16733525 FF5555


§6 \u00A76 16755200 FFAA00


§e \u00A7e 16777045 FFFF55
Dark Green


§2 \u00A72 43520 00AA00


§a \u00A7a 5635925 55FF55


§b \u00A7b 5636095 55FFFF
Dark Aqua


§3 \u00A73 43690 00AAAA
Dark Blue


§1 \u00A71 170 0000AA


§9 \u00A79 5592575 5555FF
Light Purple


§d \u00A7d 16733695 FF55FF
Dark Purple


§5 \u00A75 11141290 AA00AA


§f \u00A7f 16777215 FFFFFF


§7 \u00A77 11184810 AAAAAA
Dark Gray


§8 \u00A78 5592405 555555


§0 \u00A70 0 000000

Minecraft Color Code Format

You can also change the style of the text by using the Minecraft Color Code Format. If you want bold or italic text, you can utilise formatting codes to achieve it. The formatting codes for Minecraft are listed here.

Code Chat MOTD
§k Obfuscated \u00A7k
§l Bold \u00A7l
§m Strikethrough \u00A7m
§n Underline \u00A7n
§o Italics \u00A7o
§r Reset \u00A7r

What is Minecraft Color Code Generator?

What is Minecraft Color Code Generator

What are the Minecraft colour codes?  What is a Minecraft color code generator? The Minecraft colour code generator is a free tool that allows you to write and preview the text you wish to produce. This tool is really simple to use. Both the colour code and the format code sections are included. There are two boxes available in this location.

The text must be typed into the first box, and a preview can be seen in the second. By clicking on the code, the format code should be picked after the desired colour has been selected.

After that, begin entering text into the field. In the second box, you will receive a preview of the text right away. You can use the generated text in Minecraft by copying it.


What are the Minecraft colour codes?  Colors, without a doubt, make anything more enjoyable. They are an important component in boosting one’s game experience. In Minecraft, you can utilise a number of in-game colour and format codes in chat and when issuing commands. Color codes can be used to change the colour of the game’s text, team colours, and the colour of armour constructed of dyed leather. Using format codes, text in-game can have its formatting, such as bold or italic, modified.

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