What are The Fun Things To Do in Bitlife?

What are the fun things to do in Bitlife? Read this post to learn more.

When playing BitLife, you might get bored, especially if you engage in the same daily activities. You may be experiencing ennui at BitLife since you have previously taken on every task, earned every award, and done everything else. You might need to give your game a little bit of a different touch if that occurs.

You can do a variety of tasks and challenges in BitLife, but if you do them every day, you must eventually grow bored. It’s time to learn what entertaining activities you can engage in during downtime in BitLife. Check out our post below for some entertaining BitLife activities!

Fun Things To Do in Bitlife

What are the fun things to do in Bitlife? Below are some fun activities you can do in BitLife:

Battle Royale

Battle Royale

You can kill at least 100 individuals in one generation if you complete this task. She believes it will be challenging to murder at least 100 people because it requires additional methods.

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Second, you must have at least 100 kids in a single year to complete a family-friendly task. It’s definitely a difficult challenge to complete. It’s probably a joke, but you could really pull it off.

Redemption Arc

In essence, you must wreak havoc on your life up until the age of thirty. As long as you live, discusses things like failing out of school, getting arrested, developing addictions, and many more. You can attempt to change your life around and become wealthy when you are 30 years old. This one’s objective is to raise $1 million.

GTA 5 Challenges

GTA 5 Challenges

Why not attempt the BitLife GTA 5 challenge? You can steal 100 cars as part of this challenge, then trade them on the black market. We believe it would be a fun challenge to complete in BitLife.

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Real Estate Tycoon Challenge

This one will test you to leave high school early in order to find employment. Make sure you quit your work as soon as you turn 18 so you may buy and sell mansions for a million dollars. You cannot win the lottery, find a new job, inherit money, or engage in gambling during this challenge. If required, you could have to sever your childhood bond with your parents in order to avoid inheriting anything from them.

Black Widow Challenge

Black Widow Challenge

It would be funny to take the Black Widow challenge in BitLife. This difficulty is prohibited me from working or attending college. You can begin looking for work as soon as you become 18, and all of your money must come from your deceased husband. In order to complete this challenge, you must marry 10 people and hire someone to assassinate them in as few years as you can, or you can simply take the long route to avoid going to jail.

Breed out the Weird

What are the fun things to do in Bitlife? You can begin with 10% looks and smarts to complete this challenge. The challenge is also known by the name “Ugly to Beauty.” This task will be enjoyable to do because it requires a lot of progress over time. That’s OK, but you cannot undergo plastic surgery or enhancements. Your aim is to get married to a handsome guy and have kids with him.

Since you should appear ugly, you make no effort to improve your appearance. In the BitLife Sims 4 challenge, you can attempt to perform procedures like plastic surgery and other such things in order to fill a bar.

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Legacy Challenge

You can live through 10 generations if you take on the Legacy Challenge. Then, to make it a little more interesting and see how long it would take you to get through 10 generations, you might need to assign each generation a different career or a different objective.

Social Influencer

Social Influencer

What are the fun things to do in Bitlife? You can take on this challenge by working to amass 20 million followers in the shortest amount of time. Obtaining the most social media followers is the aim of this challenge.

Crime Only

Given that you will have to make a million dollars solely through criminal activity, this may be an anti-mainstream task. If you wind up in jail, you must undoubtedly flee in order to hit the million-dollar milestone.


These were some of the most exciting and fun things to do in Bitflife. You can try these right away if you are in the game.

Thanks for reading!

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