What are R1 and R2 in Axie?

If you are interested in Axie Infinity, you must learn about its Genes, how to Breed, and more. In this article, we will talk about R1 and R2 in Axie. Learn everything about it, Let’s get started.

What are R1 and R2 in Axie?

Axie Infinity is a game where you must breed and battle magical creatures known as Axie. With real money on the line, every player wants a one-of-a-kind Axie to set them apart from the competition. By paying some love potions and 1 AXS as mating fees, you can breed any two Axies. While the initial breeding may appear simple, the rules become increasingly complex as you progress through the game.

Users must be at least 18 years old to use Axie Infinity. The Site, the App, and the Smart Contracts are not available to anyone under eighteen.

What are Axie’s Genes?

You should know the idea of genes before attempting to breed any two Axie. Each Axie has six different parts of the body, each of which has three different types of genes associated with it.

Each Axie is made up of six body parts and a body shape. An Axie has three genes for each part. Recessive genes are divided into three categories: dominant (D), recessive (R1), and slight recessive (R2).

The dominant gene determines which body part of the Axie is physically present. Each gene has an opportunity to be gone down to offspring during breeding:

  • Dominant (D): This gene has a 37.5 percent chance of being passed down to offspring.
  • Recessive (R1): This gene has a 9.375 percent chance of being passed down to offspring.
  • Minor Recessive (R2): This gene has a 3.125 percent chance of being passed down to offspring.

You could use this calculator to determine the odds of breeding two Axies.

While we don’t currently display recessive genes on our website, you can use this extension created by Freak one of our residents, to see them.

How much would it Cost to Breed a Dog or a Cat?

The SLP cost of each Axie is defined by the number of breeds it has already used. Every Axie can breed seven times in its lifetime, with each species costing more money.

Based on an Axie’s breed count, the price of a magic potion is as follows:

0/7 – 100 SLP

1/7 – 200 SLP

2/7 – 300 SLP

3/7 – 500 SLP

4/7 – 800 SLP

5/7 – 1,300 SLP

6/7 – 2,100 SLP

7/7 – Can’t Breed (Sterile)

Consider the following scenario:

Tina does have a breed count of 2/7 (300 SLP), and Bob has a breed count of 1/7 (200 SLP) for a total of 500 SLP when they are bred together to generate one Axie child.

Because Tina had a breed count of 3/7 (500 SLP) and Bob had a breed count of 2/7, the next breed would cost 800 SLP (300 SLP)

What is the best way to Breed Two Axie?

Breeding in Axie Infinity requires at least two mature Axie, just like in the real world. Follow the steps outlined below to begin breeding.

  1. Choose the first Axie in your inventory and click the “Breed” button next to the sell icon.
  2. Following your breed selection, a new window will pop up asking you to select the second Axie.
  3. Pay the breeding fees and begin breeding.

When breeding, how much does each gene contribute?

A dominant gene has a 37.5 percent chance of being successful down, while an R1 gene has a 9.375 percent chance of being passed down and an R2 gene has a 3.125 percent chance.

When you add these numbers together, you get 50 percent: 37.5 + 9.375 + 3.125.

Where does the remaining 50% come from? This is the other parent. When you combine two Axies, you get all of the potentials for the child Axie.

Axie breeding classes

When two Axies are crossed, the child will inherit one of the parents’ classes.

If you cross an aqua with a plant, the baby will have a 50% chance of being an aqua and a 50% chance of being a plant.

If two axies of the same class are bred together, the baby will undoubtedly be of the same class.

If you cross a reptile with a reptile, you’ll get a reptile. That’s all there is to it!

The various stages of the development of a new Axie


Axie babies begin life as an egg. This is where they stay for the next 24 hours.

At this point in life, you have had no idea what genetic traits the Axies will pass down; all users can do is observe them float in one‘s incubator. The color of the egg has no bearing on the class it will be assigned to. The parents determine the color of the egg:


The egg will automatically transform into a larva after the first 24 hours. You can’t tell what genes it will inherit or what class it will belong to, but you can watch it jump around now and then!

For 48 hours, the axies are in the larval stage.


Finally, after three days, you’ll be able to see what your new Axie looks like! You’ll have to manually process morph your Axie into a petite at this point. Once it’s ready, a Morph to Petite option will appear in the top right corner of the Axie page.

To morph it, you must pay a small fee and the ETH gas handling fee. You’ll be able to see the class and traits once the transaction is complete (give the website a few mins max to refresh after the TX goes through).

Your petite will remain in this final phase for another 48 hours before it is ready to mature into an adult.

Exceptions are origins and MEOs.

There are a few Axies that don’t cost anything to breed. I wouldn’t suggest purchasing these if you’re new to Axie. Origins and MEOs are used to describe these two types of entities.

Each Origin and MEO Axie ends up costing 0 SLP per breed, irrespective of how many species they have.


The first Axies sold during the pre-sale were known as Origin Axies. These are all the Axies used to create all of today’s axes. The only way to obtain an Origin is to purchase one from another market participant.


MEO Axies were managed to sell after the pre-sale and were intended to introduce new parts and courses to the Axie ecosystem. MEO I is the name of the first collection of MEOs sold, and MEO II is the name of the second set.

Tips and Tricks for Breeding

  • Axies who are siblings or have the same parents cannot be bred. Axies with a parent-offspring relationship are not able to be produced.
  • Multiple generations of Axies can be bred with just three Axies. This means that as long as you have the necessary number of AXS and SLP, you can generate indefinitely with only three Axies.
  • Verify the breed tally when purchasing Axies for breeding from the Marketplace. The lower your breed count, the more so you can reproduce and the less SLP you’ll need to do so.
  • A “virgin” Axie is an Axie with a breed count of 0/7. With the lowest number of SLP, this Axie can be bred.
  • An Axie with a breed count of 7/7, on either hand, is known as a “sterile” Axie. This Axie is no longer able to reproduce.

Remember to have a vision for your baby Axie and try to predict it using the calculator so that you can replicate your concept. You primarily breed for more vigorous offspring who will earn you money by fighting other stronger Axies. As a result, try to produce offspring with high offensive and defensive stats.

Financial risk is involved when playing or investing in Axie Infinity. Any financial decisions are not the responsibility of the author or Pro Game Guides. We do not offer financial or investment advice. This guide is solely for educating people about Axie Infinity.