What are DeFi Kingdoms Classes?

Over the last few years, the crypto world has seen a rapid rise in the play-to-earn crypto games department. The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, DeFi Kingdoms, and Decentraland are some examples of these. Along with the super success of these, another notable thing was Facebook’s rebranding. With Meta in the picture, blockchain-based games are certainly the talk of the town.

Today, we are here to discuss one such blockchain-based game that is a cult hit – DeFi Kingdoms (DFK). Here, you can find out all about this game, what are DeFi kingdoms classes, the gameplay roadmap to level up, and everything else you need to know about DeFi Kingdoms in 2022. With all this, you will know exactly how to approach the game.

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What is DeFi Kingdoms: Understanding DFK

DeFi Kingdoms

Before we move into the details of DeFi Kingdoms (DFK), and how to play this financially incentivized game, let us first tell you briefly about what it is.

For those who are not aware, in the blockchain-based game, you have to collect NFT characters with which you can interact with the total-value-locked ($600m) DeFi protocol in the game. These characters are known as Heroes and can help you earn the game currency JEWEL.

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The DeFi Part of DeFi Kingdoms

To learn more about DeFi Kingdoms, let us first discuss the DeFi part of the game. This part was the very first to be established. In simpler words, it is that part of the game where you can earn the game money JEWEL. You can do this by depositing assets that are in the form of DeFi sense. The other parts of the game that make it gamier are Heroes and quests.

These are utility NFTs and can be edited by gameplay. Unlike the DeFi part of DeFi Kingdoms, these are released recently. They are still in their early form and a work in progress. Another component of the game that is crucial is DEX. If you are wondering what it is, it stands for decentralized exchange. When it comes to this game, DEX is the largest on Harmony One so far.

Decentralized Exchange DEX, Locked Rewards, and Withdrawal Fee

Decentralized Exchange DEX

After the DeFi part of DeFi Kingdoms, let us move on to the next crucial component we have mentioned above – DEX. The decentralized exchange is a place found in the Marketplace to trade tokens. The players can also provide liquidity here to the pools in the game, and thereby earn rewards in the form of JEWEL.

However, not all rewards in the game are unlocked as of now. Half of them will start unlocking from July 2022 following a pattern of unlocking 2% of the locked rewards every week. After DEX and locked rewards, the next thing you need to know about DeFi Kingdoms is the withdrawal fee or penalty fee. This fee is applied if you decide to exit the game early.

The longer you stay in the DeFi Kingdoms ecosystem, the less this fee becomes, and at a point, it can outweigh the high APRs in the DFK world. For instance, if you are in a DeFi Kingdoms pool, and decide to exit only after a couple of days, there is a chance that the withdrawal fee may be more than the rewards you earn. With this, you will be at a loss. 

Currently, the game has more than $470m assets locked in its pool. If you wish to add liquidity to any pools in the game, the first step is to buy seeds. You have to do this from the druid present in the marketplace. For the rewards, you need to deposit the seeds you buy in the seedbox that you can find in the garden.

DeFi Kingdoms JEWEL Staking

DeFi Kingdoms JEWEL Staking

The next feature that you need to be aware of about the game is the Bank feature. Currently, it is known as the Jeweler. DeFi users are most familiar with it. However, if you are not, there is nothing to worry about. We will explain it to you. This is where you get to stake your JEWEL tokens.

By doing so, you can earn a percentage of the game fee. This also includes the DEX. That being said, you need to know another thing about the APR you will learn by staking JEWEL in the game. This APR is way lower than what you can earn by providing liquidity in the Gardens by purchasing seeds and putting them in the seedbox. 

DeFi Kingdoms Heroes

The next part of the game is Heroes. From everything you have read above, you may have realized that to play this game, you will need a hero. So, if you are wondering “how do you level up in DeFi kingdoms,” the first step is to purchase a Hero. Once you have one, you can easily move ahead in the game by sending your hero on quests.

As of now, the game allows the users to send them on ‘profession quests’ only. During these, the heroes can help users earn JEWEL and find in-game items. Now, when it comes to buying a hero, you need to keep certain things in mind. After all, this is the one thing that will help you level up in the DeFi Kingdoms ecosystem.

Also, it is an important decision to make due to the number of variables present in the game. Certain things that you need to be mindful of include the hero’s professional skill, stats, class, rarity, generations, summons, etc. The attributes that your hero has will end up determining how it will perform on the quest you send it to.

Typically, the more professional quests your hero completes, the better will be their skill level. Such a hero, therefore, has a higher chance of finding JEWEL and in-game items. Further, your hero will also get XP from doing every quest. Once this reaches a certain level, the players can also level up their heroes. This takes place at the Meditation Circle and can upgrade the hero’s stats.

What are DeFi Kingdoms Classes: Advanced Hero Classes

Advanced Hero Classes

If you want to know what breaking down advanced hero classes looks like, this section is for you. So far, there have been four advanced classes discovered. They are:

  • Paladin
  • Dark Knight
  • Summoner
  • Ninja

When it comes to advanced hero classes, it is observed that the primary class of parents has a great role in summoning them. On the other hand, the second class of parents does not play many roles in doing so. For the advanced hero class Paladin, these primary classes of parents are Knights and Warriors. For the Dark Knight advanced hero class, these are Archers and Thieves.

Moving on to the advanced hero class Summoner, the primary class of parents that have a great role in summoning them is Wizards and Priests. Similarly, for the advanced hero class Ninja, these are Pirates and Monks. With these advanced classes in the picture, the players can experience an added layer of complexity to this game and ecosystem that is super-exciting.

Further, these classes have significantly higher stats. Also, you need to keep in mind that combining the major parents given above may not necessarily give you these advanced classes. There are various other factors like professions that play a role in it. The Hero classes in the DeFi Kingdoms ecosystem do not just end at advanced classes.

These advanced heroes, when combined, give rise to the Elite class. One of them that was summoned lately is Dragoon. This was a combination of Paladin and Dark Knight. Another similar hero summoned with advanced parents is Sage Knight. The parents for sage were the following – Ninja and Summoner. To sum up, here is a breakdown of all hero classes in DeFi Kingdoms:

What are DeFi Kingdoms Classes: Basic Classes

  • Warrior
  • Knight
  • Archer
  • Thief
  • Pirate
  • Monk
  • Wizard
  • Priest

What are DeFi Kingdoms Classes: Advanced Classes

  • Paladin (Warrior + Knight)
  • Dark Knight (Archer + Thief)
  • Ninja (Pirate + Monk)
  • Summoner (Wizard + Thief)

What are DeFi Kingdoms Classes: Elite Classes

  • Dragoon (Paladin + Dark Knight)
  • Sage (Ninja + Summoner)

As for the Stats of these classes, you can say that the advanced classes are much more ‘powerful’ than the basic ones. Further, the elite classes are even more powerful than the advanced ones. Also, in the future, there are possibilities of using the elite classes Dragoon and Sage Knight as parents to summon something even more advanced than the elite class.

DeFi Kingdoms Gameplay Roadmap

Gameplay Roadmap

Now that you know about the DeFi kingdoms classes, let us discuss the roadmap of the game. Typically, it has six phases. Along with this, there is an additional 0.5 phase. Have a look:

Phase 0.5 – The Community Phase

This phase of the gameplay roadmap is the pre-launch phase and is meant for building the community of players for the game. It includes social media channels like a Discord Community and a Twitter account. Also, there is the game website, white paper, and Gitbook Docs. There are also medium articles that discuss token economics and the upcoming features of the game.

Phase 1 – The Capital and JEWEL

After the community-building phase of the game, there is the main launch phase. This revolves around JEWEL tokens, opening the Jeweler, Decentralized Exchange, and staking Tokens in the Gardens to earn JEWEL tokens. The first 1000 people who joined the games Discord channel and verified their accounts, got JEWEL tokens airdropped.

Phase 2 – The Heroes and Quests

The next phase is that of the heroes and quests that are important for playing in the Defi Kingdoms. All the Hero NFTs are tradable and can gain experience. They also have some stats related to them. There was a contest in 2021, during which, random winners got 50 Gen 0 Heroes. By Sept 15, 2021, all of them had at least 5,000 x JEWEL tokens in their wallet.

Further, you know that the heroes are used for quests for them to level up, and the user to earn rewards and JEWEL. Now, these quests are of certain kinds. One of them is – Professional Quest. In this, the user can use their Hero to mine, garden, fish, or forage. With this, they will earn currency, in-game items, and XP for the Hero.

Then, the game has another type of quest – Dungeon Raiding/PVE. These are slated for Phase 6 and can be used for loot and XP. That being said, the Professional Quests are allowed as of now and are the best way for players to move ahead and level up in the DFK game to earn rewards and in-game currency.

Phase 3 – The Kingdoms and Land

After this is the third phase of the DFK gameplay roadmap. In this, there is a focus on the introduction to the new zones in the game along with Kingdom plots. It mainly consists of world map expansion.

Also, in 2021, random winners who have more than or equal to 5,000 x JEWEL tokens in their wallet by Nov 13, 2021, were given 26 Kingdom Plots for free. As for the random winners who have at least 1,000 x JEWEL tokens in their wallet by Nov 13, 2021, 25 more Kingdom Plots were allotted.

With this phase, players can now own land inside the DFK world. As of now, there is nothing much you can do with this land except purchasing and selling them. However, maybe in the future, players could earn some fee if there is any economic activity on their land like quests and combats.

Other 3 Phases

Apart from the above, the game’s roadmap has other three phases – Phase 4, Phase 5, and Phase 6. The fourth one consists of in-game buildings. It is followed by the fifth phase which focuses on the equipment in the game world. The last and the sixth face are related to the battle system along with PVE and PVP (the former stands for Player versus Environment while the latter means Player versus Player).

The latest phase of the game allows the players to send their heroes to combat other players in the game, and challenge them (PVP). Also, they could go on adventures in the game (PVE). For instance, a player can use their hero to raid dungeons. Also, there is a feature using which players may now be able to join guilds and compete in teams.


So, this is all you need to know about DeFi kingdoms classes, JEWEL, roadmap, and everything about the game. We hope that all this data makes it easier for you to understand DFK well, and level up faster. Good luck!