10 Types of Board Games

How many types of board games are there? Read on to find out.

There are countless board games available to fit every desire, need, and playing preference. As you advance in your never-ending hunt for the finest of them all, however, you’ll start to see the same characteristics cropping up: abstract, worker placement, deck-building, etc.

We’ve put together a list of the most popular categories to help clear up the confusion about what each phrase means and how to figure out which games fall under each category.

What are The Different Types of Board Games?

Here are the types of board games available on the market.

#1. Engine Building Board Games

Players in engine-building board games each have a unique set of resources that they will utilise to advance in the game. Cards, tiles, and player boards are some examples of these resources. These resources will be used by players to manipulate and construct the game’s individual components.

When making decisions, obtaining resources, and spending money, players will need to make sensible decisions. Throughout the course of the game, they will make crucial choices that will eventually determine their destiny and whether they have sufficient victory points to win.

#2. Deck Building Board Games

The creation of your own custom deck of cards while playing is the main component of deck-building games. Each player is carefully building their own deck of cards in order to gain strength and wealth, improve their character, and unlock particular powers.

Deck-building games are mostly card games where each player starts with a basic hand of cards and gradually builds up their deck by unlocking and purchasing new cards, making it stronger against other players.

Players will gain new skills as they collect cards throughout the course of the game, which they can utilise to take action. In deck-building games, the ultimate objective is typical to score the most points or try to remove every opponent.

#3. Worker Placement Board Games

Worker Placement Board Games

Worker placement board games are one of the most exciting types of board games out there.

Worker placement board games require players to develop strategies employing their “workers” or playing pieces in order to acquire resources and score points.

These board games are referred to as “worker placement” games because players utilise meeples as their playing pieces and “workers” that are positioned on specified game locations in order to acquire resources, carry out activities, or even prevent other players from carrying out particular actions.

Everdell and Viticulture are some of our favourite worker placement board games.

#4. Co-Op Board Games

Many board games pit a single player against other players in a battle to win. Co-op board games are a different genre that we adore. In these games, players cooperate rather than compete with one another to achieve a common objective.

In cooperative board games, players cooperate with one another and share resources to advance through the game and win as a group. Each player typically has a unique role or set of talents that they must apply in order to work with other players.

#5. Social Deduction Board Games

Do you know about the well-known online game Among Us? This is another well-liked kind of board game and a highly popular social deduction game.

In social deduction games, players must figure out each other’s hidden roles or allegiances based on their gameplay choices. In social deduction games, figuring out who to trust and expressing your misgivings to other players are crucial components.

Board games that involve social deduction typically have two sides. In order to find someone you suspect of being evil before it’s too late, if you are on the “good” side, you must cooperate with other people you trust. If you are on the “evil” side, you must deceive and mislead other players to gain their trust and enable you to carry out your nefarious tasks.

Our top board games for social deduction include The Resistance and Battlestar Galactica. We also adore a lot of other social deduction board games, though!

#6. RPG Board Games

RPG Board Games

You’ve probably heard of this imaginative game where players tell tales set in fantasy realms of swords and sorcery. RPG board games are one of the most exciting types of board games out there. Similar to Dungeons and Dragons, but less intense, RPG board games have players and their characters travel on a series of wonderful and fantastical adventures.

Players who don’t have the time to dedicate to a lengthy D&D campaign but still want to go on fantasy expeditions might consider playing role-playing board games. Players can play role-playing games in a more conventional, board-based setting with the help of these board games.

RPG board games like “Dungeon!” and “Mice and Mystics” are among our favourites.

#7. Board Games Without Dice

The majority of board games involve rolling dice and incorporating a “luck” element in which players must roll a high number in order to go forward or acquire additional resources. There are players out there that choose less luck over greater strategy, as we have discovered. We, therefore, incorporated a form of a board game that uses dice-free board games.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that just because dice aren’t used in board games, luck isn’t completely eliminated. But eliminating the dice substantially reduces the amount of chance involved.

#8. Roll and Write Board Games

In roll-and-write board games, players typically roll dice before writing or drawing things on a piece of paper. Players roll dice to determine the outcome of decisions, which are then recorded on a scoresheet.

Typically, a roll and write only has a few simple parts. After receiving their own individual scoresheet, each participant will use the provided dice to begin the game. Rolling the die and then crossing things off your scoresheet constitutes each turn.

Qwixx, Cartographers, and Harvest Dice are a few of our favourite roll-and-write games.

#9. Roll and Move Board Games

Roll and Move Board Games

The title basically refers to roll-and-move board games. You move a predetermined number of squares on the game board according to the number you roll the dice. Roll and move board game concepts have been utilized repeatedly, offering a straightforward play framework for all types of board gamers.

Deep Sea Adventure and Camel Up are two of our preferred roll-and-move board games.

#10. Comfort Board Games

Although it’s possible that this is a made-up board game, we felt it was important to mention it in our post. We all have our favourite comfort board games that are simple to play but challenging to master. These are the board games that we often play as board gamers and attempt to perfect using various tactics.

Our favourite board games for relaxing are Splendor, Wingspan, and Azul.


We hope that this article, “types of board games,” gives you a better understanding of the various board games that are played daily in homes. Given the wide variety of other board game genres available, this is a very short list. Stay tuned for more posts like this.

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