Tornado Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

In Minecraft PE, the default weather conditions may lack excitement, with only thunderstorms, rain, and snow occurring in specific areas. However, the desire for more dynamic weather experiences has led to the development of numerous mods that introduce new weather features. Let’s explore the Tornado Mod and some other similar weather mods in this blog.

Name of Mod Tornado Mod
Version(s) applicable 0.14.0 – 1.19.83
Category Weather Mods
Platform Android 


About The Tornado Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Tornado Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

In Minecraft PE, the weather is not very exciting. We only have thunderstorms, rain, and snow in certain areas. That’s about it! But players want more, so there are lots of add-ons that add new weather features. Some of them bring in things like heat and thirst, and even dangerous lightning strikes. Others add completely new natural disasters.

Natural Disasters

The creator says that this MCPE addon adds four new types of weather. For example, there’s an earthquake that makes the ground shake and break apart. During an earthquake, all the creatures in the game will become slower and slightly float in the air. It’s not very dangerous, so there will be lots of earthquakes.

In the game, players could already see wildfires, but now they’ve been improved. They can start without a fire source like lava. They just appear out of nowhere and make all nearby creatures unable to see.

Tornadoes have also been added to the game, but they’re not as dangerous as you might think. They simply make all players and creatures around them float in the air. However, be careful because falling from the air can cause a lot of damage.

Finally, there’s an event called dragon’s breath, which is the most dangerous threat in this MCPE addon. It spreads a harmful effect called wither to everything alive.

Tornado Mod

Even though tornadoes are usually a type of natural disaster, in this case, they’re more like aggressive creatures called Blazes. However, you can only find them in the Nether, a dangerous dimension in the game.

It’s important not to get too close to these tornadoes because they are incredibly powerful and can kill you in less than a second in MCPE. Luckily, you can attack them from a safe distance by shooting at them.

Better Weather Addon

This addon makes things much simpler. Now, when lightning strikes, it destroys everything in its path, including blocks. It can destroy a lot of blocks. If it strikes your house, it could completely wipe it out in Minecraft PE. So, be cautious because lightning strikes can be very distressing.