Top 6 Drinking Board Games in 2022

Looking for drinking board games? In this post, you will find the most interesting and exciting drinking board games to play with your friends. Let’s get started!

There is no scarcity of drinking games in existence, such as flip cup, never have I ever, kings, and beer pong. However, from friend group to friend group, the rules for each game differ drastically. Instead of debating who drank what cup, play an adult-appropriate drinking game.

These activities, which range from classier card games to pumped-up quizzes, are made particularly to go with drinking. And now that we’re adults, we can enjoy them with premium cocktails, fine wine, or craft beer instead of the sugary swill we consumed when we were younger.

Best Drinking Board Games in 2022

Here are the top 6 drinking board games that you must try.

1. Unstable Unicorns NSFW

Unstable Unicorns NSFW

While the Unstable Unicorns NSFW pack also revolves around acquiring and guarding seven unicorns, it isn’t intended for young players because it has an age rating of 21 and over. The inventive cards throw you and your pals against one another in a series of oddball challenges. The general approach is the same as in the original edition, however, this variation includes several cards and assignments that might not be suitable for younger audiences. Although there is a learning curve for this game, it is simple to play once you are familiar with the rules.

There are optional rules in this game for drinking more and being naked. Play this game as a pair or a group of up to eight people. Playtime ranges from 30 to 45 minutes on average.



All of your favourite drinking and childhood games are included in this massive drinking game. The board is organised into a grid similar to that found in Monopoly, with a Solo cup at the centre.

Similar to Monopoly, players alternately move around the board’s edge while adhering to the instructions on the area they land on. Each player competes to acquire miniature beer bottles; the first to a six-pack wins. Along the way, there will be challenges, including individual games like flip cup and beer pong, as well as group games like Waterfall and Quarters. As a result, make sure to play it on a water-resistant surface, like a kitchen or outdoor table.

3. Telestrations After Dark

Consider Telestrations After Dark to be the mature counterpart to the corresponding party board game. Players take turns sketching a picture and transferring it around the circle, similar to the original Pictionary and Broken Telephone game, which makes for hilarious results.

The card suggestions in Telestrations After Dark, however, will tend toward the bizarre, humorous, and naughty, in contrast to the traditional board game. More than 1,200 different word suggestions, color-coiled sketchbooks that are erasable, dry-erase pens, clean-up towels, and drink coasters are all included in the game. This game is wonderful for rapid sessions because games may be finished in about 15 minutes. It is best for four to eight players.

4. Beeropoly


This game is for beer drinkers; it marries the camaraderie of a board game with the brewing expertise of the beer industry. Similar to the drinking game Kings, players rotate among a variety of hopped-up activities, including dance competitions, group drinks, and rule-questioning, as they make their way around the board. The Community Cup must be consumed by the winner.

But unlike Kings, all of the questions are presented on a lovely pine wood board along with a set of dice and bottle cap decorations to further the idea. Each board is individually handcrafted in the US.

While the board is geared toward beer drinkers, this game can be enjoyed with any beverage, including wine, water, and cocktails.

5. Wine Wars Trivia

For oenophiles, there is a game called Wine Wars Trivia. And the geeky ones at that: this game checks your comprehension of everything from how to make wine to how to grow grapes to who is who in the wine industry. Tidbits include fun trivia as well as nerdy factoids. Each set comes with 90 game pieces, one die, six game boards, and 150 cards.

Use the cards to test yourself or just game casually to sharpen up your wine knowledge with this fun drinking game. Even for avid wine enthusiasts, the trivia questions are a significant challenge, so if you’re hoping for a simple game, seek elsewhere.

6. Drunk Stoned, or Stupid

Drunk Stoned, or Stupid

It’s ideal for playing this funny game with close friends. To see how well you know your friends, draw a card. Players must predict who is most likely to perform what is stated on each card, which has a statement on it. Think of phrases like “Sings, but shouldn’t,” “Is allergic to everything,” “Wake up with half a tortilla in bed,” “Has a 20-minute discussion with Siri,” etc.

The game’s only real purpose is to have a good time with friends, and it has no actual rhyme or reason. Although there are more than 250 different cards in the box, the company also sells a number of expansion packs.


The majority of drinking board games are made for up to eight players. If you have a larger group of friends, you will have to choose a card game that allows for more player flexibility.

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