Superhero Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Are you an avid fan of Marvel heroes? If so, your wait is finally over! The mod developers have unveiled a thrilling superhero mod that draws inspiration from real-world Marvel characters. These formidable heroes will come to your aid within the game, utilizing their extraordinary powers to shield you from any imaginable threat. 

Name of Mod Superhero Mod
Version(s) applicable 0.14.0 – 1.19.83 
Category Marvel Mods
Platform Android 


What is Superhero Mod in Minecraft PE?

Superhero Mod in Minecraft PE

The Superhero mod may not introduce groundbreaking additions, but it does feature an impressive array of twenty-one sets of superheroic armour in MCPE.

This means you have the opportunity to transform into one of many iconic characters with extraordinary abilities. Remarkably, these costumes can even be obtained in Survival mode, adding an exciting element to gameplay.

Each armour set is precisely crafted to cater to players’ unique requirements. Some enable higher jumping capabilities, while others enhance running speed in Minecraft PE.

Features of Superhero Mod

This MCPE modification unfolds an intriguing storyline that you must follow to acquire the necessary elements. To embark on this epic journey, begin by crafting a “Start Something Epic” item.

Once crafted, tap with it on the ground and obtain a comic book. This book serves as a summoning tool for the first boss, Red Skull.

After defeating Red Skull players will yield another book that introduces Captain America, a significantly more formidable opponent. However, upon his defeat, Captain America drops the third and final book, titled “Civil War.”

To acquire your first armour set, you’ll need to engage in battle against a few mobs. This battle rewards you with Batman’s armaments, revealing that DC Comics superheroes are also present in MCPE. This diversity of epic sets adds excitement and variety for everyone.

Among the available sets, players can assume the roles of Earth’s saviours, such as Superman, Flash, Aquaman, and even Green Lantern. Additionally, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, and Speedy offer unique abilities within the Minecraft PE universe.

For instance, Batman grants night vision and increased strength, adding to the immersive experience of becoming these iconic characters.


The Superhero mod for Minecraft PE opens up a world of adventure and excitement, allowing players to embody their favourite comic book heroes. With a captivating storyline guiding your progress, you’ll follow a series of steps to obtain powerful armour sets and face off against formidable bosses.