Splinterlands (SPS) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2023, 2025

If you want to know about the future price of Splinterlands (SPS), this post is just for you. Here you will find the Splinterlands (SPS) Price Prediction from 2021 to 2030. Please bear in mind that this prediction, like all others, should be seen with the understanding that it is merely a proposal from some market experts/analysts.

Not to mention the impossibility of predicting anything so perfect. We shall, nevertheless, give it our all. Let’s get started!

What is Splinterlands (SPS)?

What is Splinterlands (SPS)

Splintershards (SPS) is a unique cryptocurrency governing token that will be implemented into the Splinterlands videogame to provide players, asset owners, and other stakeholders increased decision-making power and authority over the product. SPS is a game token seen in the Splinterlands series of games.

Splinterlands is a high-tech card game inspired by computer games like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering, in which players build a deck of cards with various traits and participate in abilities-based battles. It’s a game in which players can buy, sell, and trade digital resources in the same way they would have in card games like Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh!

When video games became computerized, players lost the ability to legitimately claim their resources (or trade cards). Players can publicly claim and exchange their digital resources thanks to blockchain technologies. It also allows the game to have actual scarcity and transparency, implying that all cards in Splinterlands have a visible inventory and verifiable history.

What is Splinterlands (SPS)

Players combat other players by positioning themselves or practicing fights. Players can improve their ranking by fighting in strategic locations. Gamers with a score under 100 do not lose placement focuses, hence there is no disadvantage to engaging positioned bouts as a novice. Fights take place between players of similar strength. When working together with a rival, the two players choose a group of six monster cards and one spellcaster card for the battle to eliminate all of their opponent’s beast cards and win.

Even though the game is free to play, users must purchase the summoner’s spellcaster for $10 if they want to play the entire game. Players acquire access to their card keys and the ability to obtain Dark Energy Crystals, which may be retrieved for real money, using the summoner’s spellcaster.

Splinterlands launched in May 2018 and released Splintershards (SPS), the admin token for the SPS decentralized self-ruling organization (DAO) in July 2021. It completed a private symbolic sale worth $3.6 million for 6.6 percent of the SPS token stockpile. After reaching 100,000 pieces in its first three years, it added another 50,000 in just over a month starting in June 2021. Splinterland intends to fine-tune its game in the latter half of 2021, with the prophet’s arrival scheduled for Q1 2022.

What Makes Splinterland Unique?

What makes Splinterlands Unique

Splinterland intends to take advantage of the growing desire for blockchain-based games that allow players to own distinct digital assets. It completed a closed round in July 2021 for $3.6 million in return for only 6.6 percent of the total token supply.

Splinterlands is built on the Hive blockchain, which means that every action you take in the game is recorded. This means that anybody can play the game simply by generating a Hive blockchain address, effectively making it permissionless. It also gives Splinterlands a comprehensive record of all game actions, including battle outcomes, ensuring fairness and openness.

Players start with a basic deck of cards and can add to it by purchasing booster packs or individual cards from other users. These cards can be leveled up and used to fight other players in combat. People play for Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), Splinterlands’ in-game coinage, in these competitive battles. DEC can also be obtained by converting any unneeded cards into a player’s collection. On the Splinterland marketplace, DEC can be used to purchase in-game products or trading cards from other users. DEC can be traded amongst players as well as through third-party marketplaces. As new elements are added to the videogame, DEC’s value will continue to grow.

On the Binance Smart Chain platform, the Splintershards (SPS) coin will function as a DAO. The SPS token is an administration token that will be incorporated into the Splinterland game, allowing players to have a say in-game and ecosystem choices. Players can also make their own suggestions, such as modifying the tournament calendar, adjusting the fight settings, or altering the DEC inflationary pools.

Splinterlands (SPS) Overview

Coin Name Splinterlands
Coin Symbol SPS
USD Price $ 0.32
Market Cap $ 33,416,206
24h Volume $ 2,585,425
Total Supply 200,000,000


Splinterlands (SPS) Price Analysis

Splinterlands (SPS) Price Analysis

The current market valuation of Splinterlands is $0.32, according to the most recent data available. Splinterlands has a circulation amount of 103,187,459 coins and a market cap of $33,416,206.

The price of the Splinterlands has increased by 1.45 percent in the last 24 hours, thanks to a rise in trading activity and market cap.

Splinterlands is having trouble gaining traction with other cryptocurrencies. In the last seven days, the SPS has dropped to roughly -2.61 percent. For the past few days, the coin has been exhibiting risky framing sections; while the coin has strong fundamentals, we don’t think it will be a profitable asset in the short term. Let’s move on to the price prediction now:

Splinterlands (SPS) Price Prediction 2021

SPS has a lot of promise; with the right collaborations and developments, the number of people and adoption might skyrocket. If the market focuses solely on investing in Splinterlands, the price could skyrocket. It has the potential to reach the highest value of $0.35 by 2021. If the market falls, the SPS would likely turn around for a little. The year 2021 is expected to end with an average cost of $0.34, with a low of $0.31 and a high of $0.35.

Splinterlands (SPS) Price Prediction 2022

The bitcoin market is driven by volatility. It is difficult to estimate and stay up with current values today. For the years listed, the pricing estimates are right. The crypto bans and new limitations are still causing alarm among cryptocurrency users. If the market sees a nice rally in 2022, the price of Splinterlands may surpass $0.58. Because long-term investors are projected to hold it, the average price for 2022 will be roughly $0.51.

Splinterlands (SPS) Price Prediction 2023

With increased acceptance and cooperation with other major blockchain networks, the value of Splinterlands is expected to soar in 2023, with a maximum market valuation of $0.86. If we maintain the price ranges the same, they’ll be quite fashionable. 

Splinterlands (SPS) Price Prediction 2024

We can assume an overall price of $0.75 with the highest price of $0.86 if everything goes according to plan. Many web pages and forums offer a unified approach to this coin. Splinterlands, according to this forecasting platform, will remain stable at its current pricing for a very long time. The SPS is anticipated to reach a maximum value of $1.25 by 2024. If the market turns bullish, the minimum price might rise to $1.05.

Splinterlands (SPS) Price Prediction 2025

Comprehensive analysis is required for long-term Splinterlands price projections. The native token offers a plethora of industry benefits. The autonomy of the digital economy makes it perfect. The system offers competitive customizable payment, logistics, and storage alternatives as DAPPs and stable coins emerge. If additional investors are drawn to the concept, the average price of SPS might grow to around $1.59 by 2025. The year 2025 might end with the highest price of $1.86 and the lowest price of $1.55.

Splinterlands (SPS) Price Prediction 2026

Because of the initiatives of networking developers and public investors, the price of Splinterlands will rise. On the contrary, the price of SPS in 2026 is positive. Analysts predicted that SPS will reach a maximum price level of $2.75 by the end of 2026. On the other side, there is a lot of optimism for the future of the Splinterlands. As a result, in 2026, the average price of SPS is estimated to range between $2.25 and $2.33, depending on the marketplace. The SPS’s highest price varies from $2.25 to $2.75 for 2026, as indicated in the same phrase.

Splinterlands (SPS) Price Prediction 2027

There are signs that the crypto industry is about to embark on a new era. Sure that the entire SPS price will rise in the long run because there is still hope that the currency will gain a lot more attention. The year 2027 might end with a $3.39 average cost and a $3.28 minimum cost. The highest possible price is projected to be about $3.96.

Splinterlands (SPS) Price Prediction 2028

Splinterlands current price range may pique the interest of many investors, and as a result, SPS might hit $5.80 by 2028 with significant collaboration with financial firms if the following conditions are met.

With an average cost of $4.98 for 2028, it has the potential to outperform the current price trend and set new highs. The price tagline may change as the cryptocurrency market continues to rise toward 2028.

Splinterlands (SPS) Price Prediction 2029

Prices for Splinterlands (SPS) seem to have achieved a similar level to their former all-time peak by 2029. We can anticipate an average price of $6.89 by 2029. If everything proceeds according to plan, we estimate that the highest price of Splinterlands will be $8.24 in 2029. However, after a strong bull run, the market may crash, which is to be expected in the cryptocurrency market.

Splinterlands (SPS) Price Prediction 2030

SPS would be seen as a better alternative, and the price of Splinterlands will reach new highs thanks to the large community. Price swings are difficult to predict, particularly when the market is more aggressive than it has ever been. The value of Splinterlands in 2030 will be around $9.26. We can only get $11.33 as a maximum price. The average price of Splinterlands is expected to reach roughly $9.53 by 2030. Inside the crypto market’s stated range, a massive price turnover is anticipated.

Splinterlands (SPS) Price Prediction Chart

Year Minimum Price (USD) Average Price (USD) Maximum Price (USD)
2021 0.31 0.34 0.35
2022 0.47 0.49 0.57
2023 0.69 0.72 0.84
2024 1.04 1.07 1.19
2025 1.47 1.52 1.82
2026 2.02 2.10 2.56
2027 2.96 3.05 3.57
2028 4.32 4.47 5.21
2029 6.03 6.25 7.50
2030 9.41 9.72 10.59


Is Splinterlands (SPS) a good investment in 2021?

This is a challenging question to respond to. Long-term investing in this cryptocurrency, on the other hand, appears to be a viable alternative to consider. The charts for Splinterlands will change in the future in terms of price dynamics and predictions. Cryptocurrencies, however, are prone to price fluctuations. Therefore, all predictions are strictly hypothetical.

What will the value of Splinterlands be in 2025?

Many networks and analysts predict that the price of Splinterlands would rise steadily over the following five years, exceeding $1.59 by 2025. Even if the price appears to be excessive, you never know. SPS and other cryptos are extremely volatile, and their value can fluctuate dramatically at any time.


All the money invested in SPS will pay off because of its potential and importance. If you plan to keep the coin for a long time, it is an excellent investment. To be precise, these forecasts aren’t always the most significant consideration in deciding whether or not to buy something. Technical assessments and external influences, according to experts, impact their conclusions. It’s also a great idea to gather your thoughts and then use the forecasts to shape your viewpoint. Ultimately, it’s a good thing you don’t put too much faith in price predictions.