Space Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Mod developers have designed Space Mod to introduce the science fiction genre into the game. At present, there are numerous modifications available that introduce various dimensions. These modifications offer an abundance of weaponry, armor, blocks, and even formidable creatures that pose a threat to players.

Remarkably, some of these addons go beyond mere additions and replace existing elements to enhance the overall exploration experience in MCPE, making it more captivating and immersive.

Name of Mod Space Mod
Version(s) applicable 0.14.0 – 1.19.83
Category Building Mods
Platform Android 


What is Space Mod in Minecraft PE?

Space Mod in Minecraft

With the Space Mod, players can venture into space, explore new planets and moons, build space stations or colonies, and engage in interstellar travel. It often includes new blocks, items, weapons, armor, and tools with a sci-fi twist. Additionally, the mod may introduce unique mobs, such as aliens or space creatures, as well as special abilities and challenges.

Further, Space mod is categorized into two different mods, those are: space addon and spaceship addon.

The Space Addon

In this Minecraft PE modification, rather than adding entirely new elements, it replaces the familiar End dimension, transforming it into a captivating space-themed realm. Its predominant colors are sleek and contrasting—blackjack and white—to immerse players in the desired space experience.

Fortunately, users need not embark on a quest for a new method of access, as the mod preserves the existing portal mechanics. To reach this reimagined space dimension, players will still require Eyes of Ender and locate fortresses as before.

Moreover, this modification introduces a remarkable addition: the spacesuit. Within MCPE, players can equip an oxygen helmet that not only provides a significant boost of eight additional heart points but also enables underwater breathing. Furthermore, the space jumpsuit enhances resistance to knockback effects, ensuring greater durability in confrontations.

On the other hand, the leggings included in this mod enhance speed, proving invaluable for evading intergalactic monsters. Meanwhile, the space shoes effectively mitigate fall damage, offering protection during treacherous descents.

It’s worth noting that these spacesuit components are crafted using leather, leveraging the existing mechanics of leather armor in Minecraft PE. By default, the spacesuit is white in appearance, but players have the freedom to customize its color through dyeing methods, if desired.

Spaceship Addon 

This another MCPE is not any less, it ingeniously transforms the ordinary Overworld zombies into extraordinary spaceships that players can actually ride and control.

These newfound spaceships possess the ability to fly, granting adventurers the opportunity to traverse the skies and explore the Minecraft universe in an entirely novel way. Although their models may not boast absolute magnificence, they still offer a remarkable experience.

Remarkably, these spaceship mounts exhibit exceptional speed and agility. Furthermore, they are exceptionally resilient, rendering them impervious to harm from adversaries within the Minecraft PE realm.

Interestingly, controlling these zombie-spaceships requires the use of a golden sword. The mechanism for commanding them is reminiscent of mounting a pig, offering a familiar and intuitive means of piloting these otherworldly vessels.


The Space Mod for Minecraft PE opens up a whole new frontier of exploration and adventure within the game. With its inclusion of space-themed dimensions, futuristic technology, and imaginative features, players can embark on interstellar journeys, build space stations, encounter extraterrestrial creatures, and more.