How to reach Nights Sacred Ground in the Elden Ring?

How to reach Nights Sacred Ground in the Elden Ring?  Within the Siofra River region is a hidden place known only as Night’s Sacred Ground. It’s the place to go if you want to locate a powerful Spirit Ash that will help you become Elden Lord and a valuable item that will make Ranni the Witch happy. Let us get started on the journey to reach the night’s sacred ground in the Elden Ring. Read about it in this article.

How to reach Nights Sacred Ground in the Elden Ring?

How to reach nights sacred ground in the Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s Nokron, the Eternal City, can be found one level below the surface, above the Siofra River. It’s a secret underground area that’s optional to explore and is significantly more linear than the overworld but otherwise plays out similarly. Despite being underground, you can still use Torrent, fast travel, and have your flasks replenished once you destroy enemy groups. Location, a guide to exploring the area and finding its loot, and strategies for taking on and defeating the creatures that lurk therein are all provided here.

1) Arriving in Nokron, the City of Eternal Grace

If you want to access Nokron, Eternal City, you must first battle Starscourge Radahn in Caelid. Once Starscourge Radahn’s magic is removed from gravity, a star will crash in the middle of a forest in East Limgrave, destroying everything in its path. This location is known as Mistwood Ruins.

Locate the site of grace at Fort Haight West and make a quick trip there. Keep going right and stick close to the edge of the accident site until you see a descending slope. It would help if you looked for massive rock platforms that float in the air and descend. Also, it would help if you rode Torrent down because he has a handy double jump. The entrance is on the left side, so continue to hop from rock platform to rock platform until you reach it.

Get yourself to the entrance. More platforming is in order, so proceed with caution. You’ll need to ride a floating wreck of a structure to get to the Silver Tears. The left fork is the one to take. Get away from the Silver Tears by climbing the building’s incline. Attempt to locate a gaping hole in the window. Drop down. Take note of the Fallen Hawks Soldiers on patrol and make your way to the Nokron, Eternal City holy location.

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2) Arrival at the Ancestral Woods

To go to Nokron, Eternal City’s Ancient Forest, you’ll need to cross the bridge. You can only accomplish that by vanquishing Mimic Tear. The boss fight can either be a fantastic experience or a humbling one. This bridge is suitable for Torrent rides. The stone pillar at the bridge’s end marks where you should turn left. Take note of the shaman of the Ancestral Followers, who is on a hill singing to the crowd below. Continue straight down the road. Leaving will lead you to the easily missed Ancestral Woods Site of Grace.

3) Reaching Night’s Sacred Ground Site of Grace

Reaching Night’s Sacred Ground Site of Grace

You’ll have to tackle some more difficult platforming to reach the Holy Ground of the Night. You can get to the ledge by jumping down the cliff at the Graceful Place in the Ancestral Woods. Please proceed to the next shelf by jumping to it. It’s best first to head left, then right. Cross over, and move until you get to a building with a circular roof. You can either walk across it slowly or run and jump across to the platform on the other side.

To get around the Mimic Tears, you’ll need to go on. Go straight ahead after making a left turn. If you see a shattered pillar, hop down it and the ledge. You’ll need to climb the ladder on the opposite side to escape the building. Use the door on the right and leave the building. To reach the holy ground known as Night’s Sacred Ground, descend the stairs and walk to the edge.


There is a place in Elden Ring known as Night’s Sacred Ground. Nokron, the Eternal City, is where you’ll find the Night’s Sacred Ground. You can get here by descending the ruins from the Site of Grace in the Ancestral Woods. Night’s Sacred Ground is located on the same map as the Siofra River, but there appears to be a different route from the river. Thanks for stopping by.

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