What is the quickest way to get rid of Water in Minecraft?

What is the quickest way to get rid of water in Minecraft? If you’ve ever discovered a waterfall in Minecraft, you may have noticed that they always originate from the same wall hole, and always at least one source block is the source of moving water. A horizontally positioned block of water (or lava) is referred to as a source block. This source block resembles still water and allows water to flow from it.

A waterfall can only be completely removed after the source block has been blocked or removed, whichever comes first.

That is a little more challenging in the case of ponds, rivers, and other larger bodies of water. These water bodies are built of source blocks that endlessly flow into one another to produce an endless source of water. 

Read on to learn what is the quickest way to get rid of water in Minecraft.

What is the quickest way to get rid of Water in Minecraft?

What is the quickest way to get rid of water in Minecraft

Check out the simplest methods to get rid of water in Minecraft below:

Method 1 – Placing Blocks

If the water is not already contained, the first step is to shut off the source. If you don’t, it will keep expanding, and you’ll always be behind. The way water behaves in Minecraft is as follows: it spreads outwards from a single “source” block. The water flow stops if something is placed on top of the source block.

The issue is that it often takes more work to identify which block this is. The origin will be at the top if it’s a waterfall, but if you’re attempting to get rid of a pool, you may be required to try placing blocks in every square that is open.

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Method 2 – Using a Bucket

Using a bucket

Create a bucket for yourself first. Three iron ingots are needed for this (each requiring nine iron nuggets). Open your crafting table once you have all the supplies, and set them up as shown in the illustration below.

You’ll observe that the leftover water rushes in to fill the space created by an empty bucket when used on a body of water. You can see the direction that this water flow, which can help you determine where the source block is located.

When you believe you are getting close, try right-clicking on a variety of water tiles. The water will start to drain away if you can locate the source. However, you should be aware that large lakes or bodies of water frequently have multiple sources.

Method 3 – Using Sand

The procedures above could take a very long time to remove a deep pool of water. As an alternative, gather as much sand as you can. Next, while standing next to the water, drop sand blocks all the way to the bottom until the column is completely filled.

Step onto the column after finishing this, then carry out the same procedure for each water tile. Even though it takes a while, it is still much quicker than repeatedly manually locating the source block. You can also use gravel if sand is hard to come by where you live.

Method 4 – Use a Sponge

You can use a sponge to clean water in Minecraft if you have any (search for them in Ocean Monuments or kill an Elder Guardian). Create walls to divide the water body into several smaller pieces. If you want to remove more water, lay a sponge on the wall rather than in the middle of each section.


In Minecraft, there are numerous ways to get rid of water. Which is best for you will depend on your circumstances and the materials you have access to. In either case, with our assistance, you’ll be safe and dry at home in no time.

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