Play Board Games Online With Friends: Top 5 Games To Try!!!

How to play board games online with friends? What are the top games in the market? Read about them in this post.

You may now play board games online with your pals and gather around a virtual table. There are a colossal number of board games that you can play online for free in your browser without having to download any troublesome programs or spend any money. Even better, you might discover that playing board games online turns out to be a more effective method to play because there isn’t any time-consuming setting up, packing down, purchasing food, or snacking.

Play Board Games Online With Friends List

How to play board games online with friends? Here are the top 5 online board games that you can try out with your friends and family. Let’s get started!

Chess online

Chess online

If you want to emulate a grandmaster, you must study reams of obscure Chess theory and memorise a variety of opening moves and shifting mid-game strategies. Or you can swiftly master the fundamentals, jump into a game of abstract battlefield dominance, frantically estimate your opponent’s strategy, and manage to remove their Queen with a clever move that most definitely wasn’t the result of pure luck.



The false stereotype that Monopoly is a time-consuming game can be dispelled by carefully reading the rules. You’ll soon discover that games may be finished in a short hour if you follow these tips and do away with any house rules you’ve been unintentionally introducing into your sessions. A licenced Monopoly game from Ubisoft has been created; it’s stylish, affordable, and brings your expanding business empire to life in a charming 3D setting.


Codenames is a clever word association game with a touch of Minesweeper-style deduction and a themed secret spy sheen. It’s somewhat of a modern tabletop classic. Players, divided into two teams, take turns directing their teammates to find concealed covert agents among a matrix of codewords. The spymaster must use one-word hints to allude to the proper codewords, and their team members must guess by analysing which word their friend is pointing to.



Another timeless board game is Checkers, often known as Draughts in the UK. Chances are, you either have a worn Checkers board stashed away in a drawer or have at least crossed its board once or twice. Even though it is straightforward to play and can be done quickly, this classic board game nonetheless packs a punch in terms of excitement. Don’t attempt to convince us that you didn’t beam with pride when you successfully built a strong king or performed a magnificent sequential jumping manoeuvre that eliminated half of your opponent’s pieces.


The momentum of your growing deck only encourages greater collection as the game swiftly reaches a tipping point, where you come to blows with rival players who are vying for the card you recently acquired.

All of this speeding activity is conveniently transferred to your browser through Dominion Online. The expansions can be unlocked by paying a monthly subscription, however, the base game can be played for free online. Set up a gaming table so you may compete against your friends or utilise matchmaking to test your deck-building skills against random opponents. It’s a nice update for seasoned rulers and a fantastic introduction to the old game.

How to Play Board Games Online With Friends?

How to Play Board Games Online With Friends

How to play board games online with friends? It’s important to note that playing board games online need not always involve multiplayer. There are many solitary games available in digital formats, and you can play computer opponents when there aren’t any human players present.

Some publishers even release forthcoming games and Kickstarter titles in their digital form first, allowing you to try out a title before shelling out money for a sizable box of tabletop goodies.

How to play board games online with friends? Here are the finest ways to play board games online, whether you want to do so with friends, continue playing some of your classics away from the table, avoid the hassle of setup, or for any other reason.

Voice and video chat

The cheapest and possibly easiest way to play games with friends online is to gather everyone who would typically sit around a table and have them sit around a simulated table.

Almost everyone uses some type of online communication, whether it be through widely used platforms like Skype, Discord, and Google Hangouts or slightly more niche ones like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Facetime. This implies there’s a high chance you already have a smartphone, tablet, or somewhat fancier setup like a headset and webcam attached to your computer with the capacity to broadcast speech and video across the internet.

Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator

How to play board games online with friends? Tabletop Simulator is a PC tool that simulates the tabletop in a virtual environment, making it perhaps the most popular and versatile way to play board games online. The application simulates the mechanics of moving the parts around, much like real life, and you and your pals effectively exist in a virtual environment with any components that you wish to add to the table.

As long as you have the components, you can theoretically reproduce practically any tabletop experience.

Digital board games

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one when trying to find partners with whom to play a specific board game online.

The advantages of these apps go beyond their eye-catching animations, musical soundtracks, and the fact that you never have to set up and take it down again. They frequently include proper tutorial modes that facilitate learning board games, and they typically offer the choice of playing solo against AI, locally with friends, or online with strangers.

Some virtual board games can also be a little dodgy, have bugs and other technological flaws, or have a lot more limitations on how you can play.


With BoardGameArena, you can enjoy playing board games online on your PC, smartphone, tablet, and more without needing to install any special software.

Currently, there are about 200 different games available to play on the website, including popular games for beginners like Carcassonne, Kingdomino, and Hanabi. Once you register, you can play many of the games for free. However, some of the games need a premium monthly subscription from BoardGameArena, which charges a few pounds per month and unlocks additional features.

For better or worse, the games are played on a virtual tabletop that isn’t quite as sophisticated as full digital board games or as intricate as programs like Tabletop Simulator.



How to play board games online with friends? A free PC application called VASSAL enables users to play board games either alone or online using various tabletop game modules.

The application, which has been active for more than 20 years, is still very retro, both in terms of how it appears and the types of games it supports.

You’ll need to search through the user guide and wiki to locate what you’re looking for because it’s not nearly as user-friendly and straightforward as more contemporary competitors, but it’s just as flexible and incredibly cost-effective.


Being in the same place with friends, family, or even complete strangers while playing a board game is among the best aspects of it compared to playing games online. Games of all types have the capacity to get people talking and interacting in a manner that digital offers, like video games, simply can’t equal, so there are plenty of other reasons to come together in person and socialise than just playing party board games.

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