Oculus Go Controller Guide

There are a few options when it comes to buying an Oculus Go controller. You can buy one from Oculus, or from any retailer that sells them. If you’re looking for the best deal, you’ll usually want to buy your controller directly from Oculus.

However, If your Oculus Go controller goes missing, gets stolen, or is broken, there’s a good chance that you might need a new one. 

And it’s never too early to think about what you’ll do if you’re unlucky and your controller breaks when you need to use it. 

It might not have been your fault if it got lost or broken, but replacing the controller is always important in order to get back into virtual reality.

How To Get A Replacement For The Oculus Go Controller?

How To Get A Replacement For The Oculus Go Controller

The Oculus go kit is only sold as a complete bundle, and it doesn’t offer the controller on its own. The complete bundle is usually your only option for the headset since you won’t find the controllers for sale on sites like eBay. 

However, if you want to replace a broken controller, you’ll be happy to know that the new version of the controller shouldn’t set you back much. It was only $25.

The more expensive the controller, the more expensive it typically is to play. The Oculus Rift Controller can be purchased for $25, which is much more affordable than paying the full price from a third-party site. 

Best of all, if you’ve already spent $200-$300 on your Rift Headset, it’ll only cost you about $25 for the new controller.

Can I Buy A New Oculus Go Controller?

If you’re interested in Oculus controllers, you have a few options. You can order one from Amazon, or from a third-party seller.

When deciding where to purchase your controller, it’s important to read reviews and compare prices, as not all sellers offer the same selection. 

If you’re looking for a wide variety of options, try looking at Amazon or else purchase a controller through one of our third-party sellers.

What Controllers Can I Use With Oculus Go?

What Controllers Can I Use With Oculus Go

Oculus Go offers a controller-friendly interface, and you can connect it easily via Bluetooth. You don’t even have to buy any additional equipment; you may just need to grab that old PlayStation controller sitting in the box under your bed.

One of the best things about your Go is the ability to use Switch, PS4, and some Xbox One controllers. Here’s  how to exactly connect those controllers to your Go:

PS4 DualShock 4

If you have a PS4 controller and want to connect it wirelessly, be sure to have it with you. 

Press the PlayStation button in the middle while also pressing the Share button on the left of the touchscreen at exactly the same time. 

Then, look back down at your smartphone. You should see “Controller Wireless Controller.” Tap that, and your PS4 controller will show up on your phone as “Connected.”

Xbox One S controller

If you own the first generation of Xbox One controllers, you won’t be able to use them with your Go. However, if you have an Xbox One S or One X controller, it should work. 

All you have to do is hold the round sync button next to the charging port. This will unlock a list of compatible devices on your phone. Tap on the controller name and enjoy!

Switch Pro controller

Connecting your Pro controller to the Nintendo Switch is easy. Just make sure it’s not plugged into a Switch, and then press and hold the button near the charging port. 

Flashing lights will signal that your Pro controller is ready to be set up with your Oculus Go. Select it from your phone, and then reselect it as needed.


Can Oculus Go Use 2 Controllers?

With the Oculus Go, you can’t play video games and use two controllers in the same way that you could with the Oculus Rift. 

However, there are some apps and games that support using two controllers with Go. For example, games like “Fruit Ninja VR” support two-handed playing.

Can Oculus Go Be Used Without A Controller?

Oculus’ John Carmack has confirmed that the company is developing a controller-free mode for the Go. The optional feature will supposedly allow launches of gaze-only VR applications without users needing to use a controller.

Can You Use Your Phone As A Remote For Oculus Go?

While Quest Go can already be cast to your phone (and/or TV), the opposite is not true. 

With Rift, you have the option of using mirror mode in the Oculus desktop app settings. And while you’re playing a game from your phone (or monitor), you cannot interact with it.