My Neighbor Alice Vs Sandbox : Tokens, Revenue and more

Have you heard of both ALICE and SAND cryptocurrencies, and are wondering which one is the best for you? If yes, this My Neighbor Alice Vs Sandbox guide is for you. When it comes to both these play-to-earn games, they are known to have a mechanic tie. It means that both My Neighbor Alice and the Sandbox can coexist due to their varied targets.

If you wish to choose between the two, watching their mart/price timetable is a great idea. However, you cannot depend solely on this. It is also useful to learn about what My Neighbor Alice and the Sandbox are and compare the two. This post focuses on the same. By the end of this reading, you will know which one of the two is better for you.

Let us get started!

My Neighbor Alice Vs Sandbox: Introduction

What Is My Neighbor Alice?

Before we move on to the My Neighbor Alice Vs Sandbox comparison, let us first tell you about these two games individually. Do questions like – “Is my Neighbor Alice a metaverse,” ever cross your mind? If yes, let us quickly learn what My Neighbor Alice is. For those who are unaware, this is a blockchain project in the metaverse industry.

my neighbor alice

So, yes, it is a metaverse. When you look at the crypto game closely, you will notice that it has a lot of resemblance with numerous other cryptocurrencies. One of them is the Sandbox which we will be talking about later in the post. My Neighbor Alice, further, is an excellent play-to-earn platform where people can easily buy and own virtual islands.

Using it, you can also readily meet new friends in the metaverse. Along with this, the most crucial thing you can do is collect valuable items. These are in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This game made by Antler Interactive, is further, simple to use. To begin with, the players need to first buy a piece of land. This land, in the metaverse, is called a plot.

Once you own a plot in the My Neighbor Alice metaverse, you can work on it to make it as attractive as possible. For this, you can use various in-game assets like vegetation. When you shop for any of these items or anything in the game, the native token of the ecosystem is needed. This goes by the name of ALICE.

Over time, this game has managed to attract millions of users all across the globe. If things go the right way for ALICE, chances are, it will keep growing. It is especially true with the introduction of a new grant program. This program is worth USD 80 million and will build various utilities and add-ons in this play-to-earn game.

Coming to the ALICE coins, like various other metaverse coins, this one too is showing quite a growth lately. It specifically happened once Facebook announced its interest in the metaverse world. As per CoinGecko, the total market cap of this coin has grown to more than USD 400 million. Here is a glance at the highlights of ALICE:

  • Platform Name: My Neighbor Alice
  • Coin Symbol: ALICE
  • Circulating Supply: USD 30,600,000
  • Maximum Supply: USD 100,000,000
  • CMC Rank: 308

What Is the Sandbox?

After My Neighbor Alice, let us move on to telling you about the Sandbox. Do questions like – “Is sandbox the same as metaverse,” ever come to your mind? If yes, now is the time to get answers to it. This play-to-earn blockchain game is indeed a metaverse. With it, the users can build a virtual world. This is done on the Ethereum blockchain with the help of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

the sandbox

Inside the Sandbox metaverse, the users can design their avatars. With these avatars, they can then access the different hubs, games, and environments. If you were to compare it with any other game, it can be called the DeFi version of the well-known game Minecraft. Not many may know that Sandbox originally started as a mobile gaming platform to rival the same in 2011. 

However, by 2018, it became such a success that the co-founders of the platform decided to create a 3D metaverse on the blockchain, and explore the potential of the game. When this new project was released in 2020, it helped Sandbox become one of the fastest-growing games in the world of crypto. 

Eventually, it also gained funding from popular companies and even Snoop Dogg – a hip-hop star. All the virtual goods that you will create in Sandbox can be monetized as NFTs. Further, the players can also make use of the Sandbox Marketplace to sell these for the SAND tokens – the official and native currency in the game.

When it comes to any transactions and interactions in the Sandbox metaverse, SAND is used as the basis of all in the game. For those who wish to know how to earn SAND, you can easily do so by playing games and contests in the game. Alternatively, you can also do so by purchasing SAND through various cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance. Here is a glance at the highlights of SAND:

  • Platform Name: The Sandbox
  • Coin Symbol: SAND
  • Circulating Supply: USD 1,227,539,800
  • Maximum Supply: USD 3,000,000,000
  • CMC Rank: 41

Knowing about both these games covers the first aspect of the My Neighbor Alice Vs Sandbox comparison. Now, we will do the same by seeing how you can generate revenue on both of these platforms. Let us find out!

My Neighbor Alice Vs Sandbox: Revenue

How To Generate Revenue in My Neighbor Alice?

How To Generate Revenue in My Neighbor Alice

For the My Neighbor Alice Vs Sandbox comparison in terms of earning through them, let us begin with how you can do so using My Neighbor Alice. When it comes to this game, what excites users the most is that it is known to be an entrepreneurial gaming platform. It means that the players of the game run their economy through their interplay. Here is how you can generate revenue in the game:

Generate Revenue by Farming

The first method to earn money in My Neighbor Alice is with the help of farming. This can be done on land plots. These plots are represented by the NFTs, and later, you can sell them with the help of lotteries. It is also possible to sell the crops you grow on your land to other players. While you can plant and grow crops yourself, you can also rent your land, and simply enjoy the rental income.

Generate Revenue by Realizing the Abilities of Your Animals

The next way to generate revenue is with the help of your animals. You can adopt them through animal adoption events. These are special NFTs in the game that can craft new things from other resources.

The things they craft are also valuable and can be traded. Some of these may also become unique items of great value. You need to recognize your animals’ special crafting abilities as each of them has its own.

Generate Revenue by Completing Jobs Posted by Other Players

In case you do not own a plot or an animal, fret not. You can still earn revenue in the game. For it, simply look for jobs posted by landowners. Many of them need someone to take care of their animals, feed them, take care of their crops, etc. Fulfill any of these tasks, and you may be able to earn your initial money in My Neighbor Alice.

Generate Revenue as A Travel Merchant

The next way to generate revenue in My Neighbor Alice is by looking for cheaper resources. You can travel around, and meet new landowners to see their crops, animals, and other creations. This way, you can compare the prices and find affordable resources. You can then also sell them to earn a profit as a traveling merchant.

Generate Revenue Through Animal Ownership

If you are in the world of animal ownership, you can use them to craft your resources. Then, you can sell them in the marketplace. It is also possible to rent your animals to other players. So, once you earn enough money in the game, make sure to get an animal for your farm.

Generate Revenue by Crafting Unique Items

Another way to generate revenue in My Neighbor Alice is by designing and crafting unique items and fashions. While selling commodities can get you a good price, if you craft something unique, it can get you even better prices. These unique items may be anything – a cool sweater, a trendy pair of shoes, a pretty dress, a fashionable hat, etc.

How To Generate Revenue in The Sandbox?

How To Generate Revenue in The Sandbox

Now, for the My Neighbor Alice Vs Sandbox comparison in terms of earning through them, let us see how you can do so using the Sandbox. Of course, you can do so by investing in Metaverse Cryptocurrencies. However, like My Neighbor Alice there are other ways to do so, as well. Let us check out these methods:

Generate Revenue by Creating Digital Assets

The first way using which you can generate revenue in Sandbox is by creating digital assets. As a creator of the game, you can make digital assets and sell them in the Sandbox Marketplace. For it, you can download the free tool, VoxEdit on your laptop, and use it to create a new character. After this, you need to export it to the Sandbox Marketplace, and sell it to earn.

Generate Revenue by Building and Monetizing Games

The next thing you can do is make use of the platform to build your own game. The best part is that doing so is super easy. You will be able to build one even if you are not a software developer. With this play-to-earn metaverse game that you created, you can easily earn. To create such a game, you will need the “Game Maker” tool.

Download it to your system, and you will get access to all the features to create your own game in the Sandbox metaverse. In this game, you can also add digital assets (created in VoxEdit), and enhance the gaming experience for your users. After this, simply import it to your Sandbox land. Once done, you need to invite people to play the game on your land for a certain price.

Generate Revenue by Renting Land

The next simplest thing you can do to make money in Sandbox is purchasing land there. After this, you can just rent it to someone who is looking for it, and get rental money. That being said, this is not as simple as it sounds. You cannot simply rent land. Yes, you read that right. You need to first make it worth renting by creating/buying some digital assets and making your land presentable.

Generate Revenue Selling Land

You can also make money in Sandbox by selling your land. By now, you may know that getting land in the Sandbox metaverse is not easy. You can do it from the official site on specific days only. However, if you manage to get one, it is the best digital asset you can lay your hands on. Land in this metaverse is highly in demand. So, you can sell it to others at a great price.

My Neighbor Alice Vs Sandbox: Which is Better?

When you compare My Neighbor Alice Vs Sandbox, both the play-to-earn games have cryptocurrencies that are spent by their private and seed depositor, and general patron. ALICE and SAND can also be swapped by cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, when it comes to the token sense of the two, they are pretty much alike and can change as per market turn of events. If you are wondering which of the two is better, you need to consider a lot of things like transaction time, the utility of coins, projects supported by them, etc. With these, you can easily predict whether ALICE and SAND will increase in value or decrease.