My Neighbor Alice vs Axie Infinity: Token, Comparison

If you are a crypto enthusiast, you might be aware of what play-to-earn games are. For those who are not aware, these are bitcoin-based platforms that let you enjoy gaming along with helping you earn revenue with them. Some excellent examples of such platforms include Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Sandbox, etc.

While these games have already made their place in the crypto world, there are numerous emerging bitcoin games that you need to be aware of. One such game is My Neighbor Alice. In this post, we will be telling you about it. Also, we will be comparing it to Axie Infinity which is a similar trending game.

Without any delay, let us get started with the My Neighbor Alice vs Axie Infinity comparison guide. Keep scrolling!

My Neighbor Alice vs Axie Infinity: Which One to Choose?

Do you follow both My Neighbor Alice and Axie Infinity? Are you finding it difficult to decide between the two? If yes, do not be anxious. Since both My Neighbor Alice and Axie Infinity are corresponding to each other, many people wonder about the same. In such a case, the best option is to compare the two.

Typically, the cryptocurrencies of both platforms are interchangeable on cryptocurrency exchanges. Also, their purpose is to store value for theoretical investment. So, when talking about token sense and exchangeability, they are pretty much the same.

That being said, several other factors can be used to compare the two. Below, we will be doing so by first introducing both platforms to you. Then, we will compare the two, and find out how they are alike and how they differ from each other. Have a look:

What Is My Neighbor Alice?

The first step to completing the My Neighbor Alice vs Axie Infinity comparison is knowing what these platforms are. We will begin with My Neighbor Alice for it. Do questions like – “What is its native token,” “Is Alice a metaverse coin,” etc. ever cross your mind? If yes, this section of the post is for you.

To begin with, you need to know that this metaverse game is a creation of Antler Interactive. This company is known for building various such games both in virtual and augmented reality. This particular blockchain-based play-to-earn game introduced by the company derives its inspiration from various other games of the same genre.

Some of these include Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing. Like all these games, My Neighbor Alice belongs to the Farming genre and is a very social game. The game, further, leverages the Chromia blockchain platform and is designed on an island complex. Further, this area that comprises all the islands is known as the Lummelunda archipelago.

What Is My Neighbor Alice 2

In the My Neighbor Alice metaverse, all animals and humans coincide with each other. Alice in this metaverse is a person who shares the Lummelunda archipelago with various other creatures that are her friends. Some of them include Shipwright Jose, Bjorn the Bear, Ivan the Merchant, and Bob the beekeeper.

Further, a thing that differentiates this game from all others of its kind is that it is not just for DeFi professionals and blockchain enthusiasts. It also attracts ordinary gaming players. In simple words, My Neighbor Alice is a literal game for the global audience first. After this, it is a platform for blockchain players.

For those who wish to explore the game, it is not yet available to play but will soon be. To join the Alice family, you can Wishlist the game on Steam. Alternatively, you can also visit the official game website, and do the same. That being said, you can readily purchase the ALICE tokens even now along with investing in a land called plot in the game metaverse.

You can know more about the My Neighbor Alice land sale on their website. To sum it up, it is a land lottery sale, and there is no need for a higher bid. This is to give everyone a fair chance to invest in the game. Some of the investors of the platform include Chroma Way, Neo Global Capital, Blockchain Game Alliance, CryptoJ, Bounce, Kyros Ventures, Maker, etc.

What Is Axie Infinity?

Next in the My Neighbor Alice vs Axie Infinity comparison guide, let us talk about what Axie Infinity is. This platform is an online game universe that follows the play-to-earn model. It revolves around creatures similar to those of a Pokémon, and is known as Axies. In the game, you can collect these Axie, and keep them as virtual pets.

With these pets then, you can breed, collect, raise, battle, build kingdoms, etc. The game has established a collaboration between standard online gaming and blockchain making it different from other online games present there. Inside the game world, the players can own their virtual assets. Also, the ones who reach an advanced level of skill will be rewarded.

What Is Axie Infinity

Further, getting started with this game is simple. To do so, you need to work through an easy multi-step setup process. This will help you connect your digital wallets and Axie Infinity account. You can readily find this complete process in the game’s onboarding guide. After you follow this, and successfully connect these accounts, you can explore the game further.

The players can interact with the digital marketplace, and purchase whatever they want there. For playing the game, you will need three Axie’s. Once you acquire them from the marketplace, download the application to your device, and you can begin playing the Axie Infinity game. That being said, when purchasing your Axie, you need to know a few things. 

Typically, their average price may vary depending on a lot of things like rarity, attributes, type, and experience. For instance, if you are confused about which one to buy a Floor Axie or a Mystic Axie, you need to know that a Floor Axie is cheaper compared to a Mystic Axie. However, it is often weak in battle, and may not help you earn much unlike a Mystic Axie.

What Are Some Key Points in the My Neighbor Alice vs Axie Infinity Comparison?

Key Points

After learning what both these platforms are, let us move on to the next step of the My Neighbor Alice vs Axie Infinity comparison guide. For this, we will compare some key points about these two play-to-earn games. Have a look:


The My Neighbor Alice native token goes by the symbol of ALICE. Whereas, the Axie Infinity native token goes by the symbol of AXS.

Circulating Supply

The circulating supply for the My Neighbor Alice token ALICE is USD 30,600,000. The same for the Axie Infinity native token AXS is USD 60,907,500.

Max Supply

After the circulating supply, let us discuss the My Neighbor Alice vs Axie Infinity max supply. For My Neighbor Alice’s ALICE token, it is USD 100,000,000. On the other hand, the same for the Axie Infinity token is USD 270,000,000.

CMC Rank

Now, let us move on to the CMC rank for both My Neighbor Alice and Axie Infinity. For the former, this rank is 307 while for the latter, it is recorded to be 47.


Next comes the 24-hour volume for the My Neighbor Alice and Axie Infinity coins. For ALICE, the value of this as of now is USD 143,480,360. The same for the Axie Infinity native token AXS is known to be USD 221,422,280 as of now.

Percentage Change

After the 24-hour volume, we have a one-hour percentage change. For My Neighbor Alice, it is -2.1 %. For Axie Infinity, on the other hand, it is -1.8 %. Then, there is also a 24-Hour percentage change. For My Neighbor Alice and Axie Infinity coins, this is -12 % and -13 %, respectively. Lastly, the seven-day percentage change for ALICE and AXS is -16 % and -13 %, respectively.

Market Cap

The final key point to be discussed about the two is their market cap. The one-day market cap for My Neighbor Alice is USD 81,621,622. For Axie Infinity, the value of this is USD 1,087,860,825 as of now.

From above, you can observe that ALICE has gone down in value lately. So, will the ALICE coin rise again? Well, as per the My Neighbor Alice price prediction, it can happen. The game team is focusing on additional developments for it to launch a retail version. If this happens successfully, and the game stays active for more than a year, it can have a wider supportive community.

As per this, by the end of 2023, you can end ALICE to reach around USD 15. Then by the end of 2025, if the game continues successfully, it can see mass adoption, and establish partnerships. This can lead to an all-time high for the ALICE coin. It may go even as high as USD 60 by then. That being said, all of this depends on the launch of the game, and how the masses accept it.

What Is the Correlation Between My Neighbor Alice and Axie Infinity?

The final step in our My Neighbor Alice vs Axie Infinity comparison guide is finding the correlation between the two. These points will help you with it:

Diversification Opportunities

Both these play-to-earn bitcoin platforms have almost no diversification. If we take into consideration their 3 months correlation, it is 0.94. When we look at the correlation between historical prices or returns for both platforms, it is a relative statistical measure of the degree to which these tend to move together.

Further, the correlation coefficient between the two can also be used to see the extent of returns on Axie Infinity Shards that are correlated with ALICE. The value for this coefficient can be anywhere between -1 to +1. If it is 0, it means that the price movement of one of these coins has no effect on the direction of the other coins, and they may increase or decrease in value randomly.

Pair Correlation

Let us assume that there is a three-month trading horizon for both game coins. In these 90 days, AXS is expected to underperform more than ALICE. However, AXS appears to be a little less risky. Even the historical volatility of the coin is 1.16 times less risky in comparison to ALICE. In such a case, investing in AXS would be a better choice. So, when choosing between the two, consider their pair correlation.

Pair Trading

When trading Axie Infinity and My Neighbor, people tend to use opposite Axie Infinity and My Neighbor positions. The benefit of this is that it helps you get rid of some of the unsystematic risks involved with them. When you decide to make two separate transactions with these coins, you are at benefit.

Imagine if the Axie Infinity AXS coin performs unexpectedly, and drops in value, the My Neighbor Alice token can help you cover up for some of those losses. Further, there is another benefit of pair trading of the two coins. If you do so, you can also reduce some of the risks that can incur from directional movements in the crypto market.

Let us take an example of it. Assume that there are some unexpected headlines, and a complete industry or sector drops. In such a case, the short position in ALICE will help you offset losses that are from the drop in their long positions.

My Neighbor Alice vs Axie Infinity: Which Is Better?

To sum up everything, both My Neighbor Alice and Axie Infinity show quite a resemblance. This is especially true about both their native tokens ALICE and AXS. That being said, they also separate in their aim auditorium. Still, both the games can coexist despite their varied targets.

In case you have to choose one out of the two, it will all depend on you, and what you are expecting out of these play-to-earn games. You can look for factors like low fees, fast transactions, market value, etc. while making a choice.