My Neighbor Alice Analysis

If you are into crypto, chances are you may have come across My Neighbor Alice recently. Over the past few months, this platform is experiencing a new surge of awareness among the masses. Along with it, this play-to-earn game’s presence has also amplified across various social apps. Not just this, it is also a huge topic of discussion on CoinGecko.

With its promotions over many Binance marketing campaigns, My Neighbor Alice is something that you must know about. After all, there must be a reason why it has gone viral in the crypto world and is attracting multiple users. This post is to help you with the same. By the end of our My Neighbor Alice Analysis guide, you will have all the answers you need about the platform.

Let us get started!

What Is My Neighbor Alice?

The first thing that this My Neighbor Alice Analysis guide will introduce you to is a brief explanation of the platform itself. My Neighbor Alice is a metaverse game that is inspired by similar online games like Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, etc. It is a creation of Antler Interactive and belongs to the Farming genre.

What Is My Neighbor Alice

The bitcoin-based play-to-earn game is also a very social game and encourages its users to interact with each other in its metaverse called the Lummelunda archipelago. Here, animals and humans coincide with each other. The main character of the game, Alice, has various creatures as her friends.

Some of the crucial ones that you need to know about are Bjorn the Bear, Ivan the Merchant, Bob the beekeeper, and Shipwright Jose. Further, this game leverages the Chromia blockchain platform and is not just designed for DeFi professionals and blockchain enthusiasts. Instead, it also attracts ordinary gaming players globally.

The game is available on Steam, and you can Wishlist it there. Alternatively, you can follow it on the My Neighbor Alice official site. Along with this, you can also invest in the game token – ALICE which is readily available on various exchanges. The users can also participate in land lottery sales to get plots and join the Alice family.

What Are the My Neighbor Alice Key Game Features?

My Neighbor Alice Key Game Features

Another crucial point to consider for the My Neighbor Alice Market Analysis is its features. Various elements of the game can easily predict whether the game will be able to interest the masses or not. Let us have a look at the My Neighbor Alice key game features:


The first feature of the game is a game avatar that the users have to represent themselves. Whenever you sign up for the game, you will have to choose one for yourself. These avatars will then help you interact with other players in the game, and do a lot of other stuff. Also, these can be modified with additional in-game assets that are represented by NFTs.

In-Game Assets

The next key feature of the game is – in-game assets. There are plenty of them in the world of Alice, and they can stretch as far as you can imagine them. They may be anything ranging from avatar cosmetics, accessories, houses, horses, harvesters, vegetations, etc. These assets are further represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Not only this, anyone using the game can easily create an in-game asset, and then deploy it into the game metaverse. It is also possible to purchase it through the marketplace inside the world of Alice.

Virtual Land 

The next game key feature in our My Neighbor Alice Analysis guide is the land present in the game. These are virtual plots of land in the world of Alice, and you have to participate in land lottery sales to get them. The lottery system for the land sale is to ensure that everybody gets a fair chance at acquiring land in the game metaverse.

Any piece of land you acquire in the world of Alice is represented as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain. Once you have your own land, you can use it any way you want. Also, it is possible to rent it out to others, and earn passive revenue in the game.


The land of Alice – Lummelunda archipelago has six areas. These islands are NFTs and are enhanced with several in-game assets. When you use the game, you can choose to adjust the terrain of islands as per your liking from the available six areas. Also, you can build your own infrastructures on these, and even modify them your way.

NFT Marketplace

The next great feature of My Neighbor Alice is its NFT marketplace, and its interoperability with other similar Marketplaces. Not only can you use the in-game marketplace to purchase in-game NFT assets but you can also get them on other decentralized marketplaces, as well. The reason behind this is to improve the liquidity of these. Also, it promotes the game and helps encourage new users to join it.

Game Token 

The final key feature of the My Neighbor Alice game is its native token – ALICE. While the game is free to play for anyone, if you need higher involvement in it, you will have to buy some ALICE tokens. After all, without these native tokens, it is impossible to get in-game assets as ALICE is the only cryptocurrency used in the game’s marketplace as of now.

What Is My Neighbor Alice Price-History?

My Neighbor Alice Price

For the analysis of the game, the next thing we need to discuss is My Neighbor Alice Price Prediction. However, for it, it is important to know the coin’s price history. The native ERC-20 governance token of the game ALICE became available for trading even before the Alpha version of My Neighbor Alice.

Then, by March 2021, it was listed on Binance, and within 30 seconds of the listing, its price increased 600x. It means that the price went up from USD 0.1 to USD 60. In a few hours, this corrected to around USD 40, and as the day ended, it was USD 20. Then, the next day, the closing price of the coin was USD 17.

Then, for the next few months, this coin traded between USD 4 to USD 18. After this, a major change in the price was in August 2021. During this month, there was a large increase in the price of the coin, and it reached USD 21. Around this time, Alice’s Mysterious Seed announcement also took place.

Along with this new mobile game that connects to the main game, My Neighbor Alice’s first land sale took place, and there was also an Alice NFT sale on Binance. Then, by November 2021, the token price went up to USD 28. This coincided with another crucial event of the game – its pre-alpha testing. Then, the company also announced its own game launcher.

So, in late 2021, the price traded between USD 18 and USD 20. Then, in 2022, it opened at USD 12.5. After this, it went low. The present low in 2022 for the coin is USD 1.90. Now in mid-2022, the price is around USD 3. Currently, it ranks 291 on Coinmarketcap. The circulating and max supply of ALICE is USD 30.6 million and 100 million lately.

What Is My Neighbor Alice’s Price Prediction for 2022?

After the price history, let us discuss the ALICE price prediction for the My Neighbor Alice Analysis guide. We will begin with 2022 first. As of now, the coin is in an over six-month bear market. This is making people question if it will go up in value by the end of 2022? If you are wondering the same, we have a prediction.

Experts believe that with the complete launch of the game, the coin price can possibly increase, and give it a marginal uptick. After all, the social presence of the play-to-earn game is still high, and it is trending even today owing to the efforts of its team. As per Lunar Crush, it has a social volume of 48.5%.

Further, social engagement for Alice is 88.3%, and its social dominance this year is 120%. With all this, it is safe to say that the game launch could likely bring more hype around it, and thereby, boost the ALICE price. If things go exactly this way, the coin value can reclaim the USD 10 level.

What Is My Neighbor Alice’s Price Prediction for 2023?

By now, we are sure you know about how My Neighbor Alice is not just for crypto and bitcoin enthusiasts. It is also focused on general gamers. This makes crypto gaming accessible to non-crypto gamers too. Now, we believe that by 2023, the game will have more users due to this.

Also, it will develop further, and the makers will introduce more features. If the popularity of the game rises this way, there are chances that the ALICE token price may also pump up. While ALICE is an undervalued coin, it clearly has all that is needed to increase the adoption rate.

Further, the best thing the makers of the game are doing is game marketing. From using every social app to even making Alice available to non-crypto players, they are using every tactic that can help earn the platform a lot of popularity. Then, there is a lottery system for land sales.

With this, users do not have to worry about bidding the highest price, and each one of them has a fair chance of getting the land. These sales will happen in 2023, and after the alpha season, there may be the introduction of new in-game partnerships and the beta season. Due to all of this ALICE can reach USD 20 – its next resistance level.

What Is My Neighbor Alice’s Price Prediction for 2025?

For such long-term predictions of the coin, no sure-shot things can be said. However, experts believe that the price of ALICE will also depend on Bitcoin (BTC). If history repeats like in the case of BTC, ALICE can also enter an all-time high.

This may go as high as USD 100. This will further become true if there are some great collaborations with the game. A great example of this is the collaboration of ALICE with the Sandbox where the former’s characters were featured in the latter. Further, the low-gas fees of the platform on which the game is built may also lead to the rise in the value of ALICE as it will increase scalability.

What Are the Potential Highs and Lows Predicted for My Neighbor Alice?

With the trends in the crypto world, experts believe that like Decentraland and Sandbox that can emerge as leaders in the crypto space, My Neighbor Alice has the potential too. If things go the right way for ALICE, it will follow suit, as well. 

After all, with the expansion of the metaverse gaming sector and the introduction of blockchain games, there is an uprising in the demand for game-based cryptocurrencies. Also, this is going to continue in the future. Considering all this, we have come up with the potential highs and lows of My Neighbor Alice native token ALICE. Have a look:

The year 2022

For this year, the potential low can be USD 1, and the coin can receive a potential high of nearly USD 10.

The year 2023

For this year, the potential low can be USD 5, and the coin can receive a potential high of nearly USD 15.

The year 2025

For this year, the potential low can be USD 20, and the coin can receive a potential high of nearly USD 100.

Final Thoughts

So, this was all you needed to know in our My Neighbor Alice Analysis guide. To sum up everything for you, the current value of the ALICE coin is not much. However, with the game launch soon, and the beginning of land sales, the prices are expected to rise. Also, ALICE is following an exceptionally great marketing strategy with the help of social apps and making the game available to non-crypto players. This ensures that its value will increase to some extent if it continues to provide excellent gameplay to its users. Further, such play-to-earn games are not going away anytime soon, and their demand is only going to rise in the future.