Minecraft PS4 Stuck on Red Mojang Screen: How To Fix Long Loading Times?

Are you facing the issue of Minecraft PS4 Stuck on Red Mojang Screen? This post has the fix. 

In 2009, Mojang released the sandbox-building computer game Minecraft, whose graphics appear to have been taken straight from the year 1985. Over 126 million active players participated in this game each month due to its varied gameplay and changeable three-dimensional pixelated landscape. With this much traffic and the frequent upgrades to Minecraft, occasional issues are not at all unexpected. One such problem is that Minecraft won’t load and remains on the Mojang screen.

This problem can spoil your gaming experience and is pretty frustrating. With the June release of the Nether update, several players experienced this problem. However, this problem has existed ever since the initial release of Minecraft. This problem, which is more annoying than a griefer and seems to be mostly impacting PS4 gamers, may be resolved quickly.

Methods for Minecraft PS4 Stuck on Red Mojang Screen Fix

Methods for Minecraft PS4 Stuck on Red Mojang Screen Fix

Check out the best methods for Minecraft PS4 Stuck on Red Mojang Screen Fix

Method 1: Restart your Minecraft client

This method can fix Minecraft PS4 Stuck on Red Mojang Screen. As obvious as it may sound, restarting Minecraft should be your first step. This appears to address the problem in a lot of situations.

Force the game to close using task management.

  1. When you simultaneously hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE, a menu bar will appear with a task manager option.
  2. Launch the minecraftlauncjer.exe or javaw.exe file in the task manager, then select the “End task” option under the “Processes” tab.

The problem will be fixed after restarting your Minecraft screen.

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Method 2: Disable Discord overlay

As unexpected as it may seem, users frequently disregard this patch for the Minecraft Mojang Screen. This method can fix Minecraft PS4 Stuck on Red Mojang Screen. The overlay dynamic of Discord, a software designed to allow gamers to connect and interact with one another while playing games, frequently ruins the gameplay experience.

  1. Find the overlay option in the user settings.
  2. The message “disable the in-game overlay” would display.
  3. Hopefully, disabling this option will resolve the problem.

Method 3: Update the graphics driver

Update the graphics driver

This method can fix Minecraft PS4 Stuck on Red Mojang Screen. This problem may also be brought on by outdated graphics drivers. In most cases, updating the graphics driver helps to resolve the problem. Updating your launcher can occasionally provide the answer you’re looking for.

  1. In your startup menu, select device manager and in-display adapters. Choose your graphics driver, which is typically Intel or NVIDIA.
  2. The updated drivers can be found on the menu that appears when you right-click the display driver.
  3. There would be a window asking, “How do you wish to search drivers?”
  4. Choose “Search for drivers automatically.” The required drivers will now be installed by Windows automatically.
  5. Hopefully, Minecraft will now start up after the red screen.

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Method 4: Removing the Adware

This method can fix Minecraft PS4 Stuck on Red Mojang Screen. A number of users said that deleting adware resolved the Minecraft loading problem. You can use Adwcleaner, which is free, to get rid of pointless adware. Use the following instructions to download and launch it.

  1. Access the official Malwarebytes website to download Adwcleaner.
  2. Run a scan when you complete the installation, and then get rid of any viruses you find.
  3. Check to verify if Minecraft launches successfully after restarting your computer.


Such problems can occasionally be caused by hardware problems or by Minecraft’s standard Java version being incompatible. Users of PS4 should try uninstalling Minecraft first, then reinstalling it. It can be assumed that your hard drive is broken if you have a high disc utilisation % and a long loading time. Hopefully, the remedies mentioned above will be useful, and you’ll be able to enjoy your mining experience without any obstacles.

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