Lego Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Lego Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition is a fantastic addition for players looking to expand their building materials. It brings the beloved colored Lego blocks from real life into the virtual world of Minecraft PE, delighting both Lego enthusiasts and Minecraft players. 

Name of Mod Lego Mod 
Version(s) applicable 1.16.0 – 1.20.0
Category Building Mods
Platform Android 


About Lego Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Lego Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Players who want to get new materials for building in Minecraft will find the Lego mod very useful. Even Minecraft PE users have enjoyed playing with real-life colored Lego blocks.

Features of Lego Mod

The mod offers three types of Lego pieces: red, blue, and yellow. These are the classic colors that every Lego fan is familiar with. Players can use these multicolored pieces to construct entire buildings in Minecraft PE or combine them with existing blocks to create unique structures. To use the mod, players need to be in experimental mode.

How to obtain the Lego box?

The main advantage of the mod is its simple object creation. To get started, a Minecraft PE player needs to obtain a Lego box. The mod author has made it easy by implementing a special command for obtaining the box. To make the box appear in the game world, players can use the command /give @s lago_addon:Lego_box. The box will look just like a real-life Lego package and can be placed anywhere in the Minecraft PE world.

Creating Lego pieces

Once the box appears next to the player’s character, they need to place it on a workbench. The materials from the box can be used to create Lego pieces. Players can do this by putting them in a stonecutter. For example, if a player uses a red element in the stonecutter, they will get a red Lego piece. Once players have a set of blocks from the mod, they can start building Lego masterpieces. The possibilities are endless, and they can create unique structures or even a survival base using these Lego pieces.


The Lego Mod offers a fun and exciting experience for Minecraft Pocket Edition players. By introducing red, blue, and yellow Lego pieces, this mod allows players to build entire structures or combine them with existing blocks for unique creations. Obtaining the Lego box is a breeze with a simple command, and the realistic packaging adds to the immersion. Utilizing the stonecutter, players can transform the materials from the box into Lego pieces of their desired shade.