Jenny Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The gamer developer has recently introduced Jenny Mod who acts as a companion for Steve. The gaming experience becomes more realistic with the presence of Jenny. Also, who won’t want an opportunity to interact with a virtual female character in the gaming world? Of course not you. 

Jenny is a unique girl character with whom players can have a great time together, for example, you can take Jenny on a date, have a conversation, and much more. 

Name of Mod Jenny Mod
Version(s) applicable 1.17.0 – 1.19.81   
Category People 
Platform Android 


Creating Jenny with Jenny Mod in Minecraft PE

You need to note that in Minecraft PE Jenny mod doesn’t replace anyone, you will find a new spawn egg in the inventory to make her. 

You even get the flexibility to choose whether you want Jenny in a suit or without a suit, it’s totally up to your desire. 

Jenny Mod Functions in Minecraft PE

Players can make Jenny do a lot of different things, for instance, when you take her on a date you can ask Jenny to dance, and don’t worry she won’t refuse you. Jenny is filled with talents, not only that she also brings a few new items to the world of Minecraft PE. The mod will add a bed, helping Steve and his girlfriend get a little closer.

Mod developers have worked really worked hard on the image and added great animation, like Steve’s girlfriend changes facial expressions when she gets embarrassed, she can smile and make eye contact. 



Bid farewell to loneliness as Jenny joins you on your gaming adventures, becoming your steadfast companion wherever you venture. With Jenny by your side, you can openly express your emotions, engage in meaningful conversations, and rest assured that she will never leave you hanging. Embrace this newfound connection without any fear of being abandoned.