Is Wilder World a Good Investment?

If you are here, you probably have the question – “Is Wilder World a good investment?” on your mind. To your luck, that is what we will be discussing today.

When it comes to the metaverse space, various tech giants are supporting it. Be it Meta, Roblox, Disney, or Microsoft, all of these have paved the way into this virtual space. Due to this, the prices of a number of metaverse tokens have exploded. A project that is now catching the attention of many due to its immersive 5D metaverse is Wilder World. This post is all about it.

Let us find out if Wilder World is a good investment or not.

What is Wilder World?

what is wilder world crypto

If you are wondering “What is Wilder World,” it is a futuristic digital version of the World. In simple words, it is a virtual world where the users using it can interact naturally with the ecosystem that consists of various things represented by the NFTs. This metaverse can be home to billions of daily users and can sustain a global digital economy.

Further, this platform is fully immersive and photorealistic. It is also VR and AR integrated. In fact, you must know that this project is the only metaverse project as of now that works on a full-fledged metaverse platform. You can easily see the product’s official trailer on its website. When talking about this metaverse, most people also wonder about another question – “what is Wilder World crypto?”

For those who are not aware, the native token of this metaverse goes by the name of WILD. This token has a crucial role in Wilder World. Firstly, it is not just the native token on the platform but also a governance token for Wilder World DAO (Wilder Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Then, it is also crucial for the expansion of the Wilder Metaverse.

The token also contributes toward voting mechanisms for Wilder stakeholders and the development of new protocols and services. The Wilder World WILD crypto is further easy to purchase. You only need to sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange and easily buy, sell, and even hold WILD. Some such exchanges include Uniswap, KuCoin,, BitMart, AOFEX, etc.

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Is Wilder World a Good Investment?

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WILD has a higher probability of going up than down, thereby making it a good investment. Along with it, the Wilder World platform has well-designed tokenomics, a solid team behind it, and an active community of users. That being said, like most other cryptocurrencies out there, it is a risky investment, as well. Therefore, one must be careful and do thorough research before investing in it.

The Wilder World token price prediction for the upcoming years can help you decide whether or not this investment is worthy. However, you must keep in mind that these are mere predictions on the basis of how the crypto is performing today and how it is improving. You cannot solely rely on these and make a decision.

Year-Wise Wilder World Price Prediction

Here are the Wilder World WILD Token price predictions for the upcoming years:

2022: up to USD 1.70

With the increasing trends in the crypto world, one can clearly see that the cryptocurrency marketplace is about to enter a completely new age. Owing to this, the prices of not just WILD but also various other bitcoins and NFTs are sure to increase. After all, there is still hope that WILD will attract much more attention by the end of the year.

Due to this, you can expect a rise in the price up to an average of USD 1.70. If we talk about the maximum price by the end of 2022, it is expected to be trading somewhere around USD 1.92. The minimum price value of the token at the same time can be USD 1.65.

2023: up to USD 2.44

Moving on to the next year, there is expected to be wider adoption of Wilder Worlds. Also, there are expectations of more partnerships between important blockchain networks. Owing to this, there is a high chance that the price of this crypto token will increase a lot.

An average price that you can expect can be up to USD 2.44. Further, the maximum trading price that the Wilder Worlds WILD Token may reach by the end of 2023 can be up to USD 2.78. Clearly, if things go well for the token, its prices are sure to skyrocket.

2024: up to USD 3.48

Now, for the price prediction for the year 2024 which is a long-term prediction, a basic analysis of Wilder World is needed. For it, if we see the industry benefits that WILD offers, there are some. Further, as the platforms develop further, there will be competitive programmable payment and logistics. The network also offers storage options.

Due to all these conditions, there are chances that the prices of WILD will rise further. Our experts are of the view that an average price that you can expect should be up to USD $3.48 by 2024. This is especially true if more new investors are attracted to the idea of Wilder Worlds. By the end of the year 2024, the maximum price of the token can reach USD 4.19 and the minimum price can be USD 3.38.

Wilder World Price Prediction 2025 – 2031

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Here is the Wilder World price prediction for the year 2025 – 2031. Have a look:

  • 2025: up to USD 5.36
  • 2026: up to USD 7.71
  • 2027: up to USD 11.21
  • 2028: up to USD 15.51
  • 2029: up to USD 22.98
  • 2030: up to USD 35.05
  • 2031: up to USD 53.47

If everything goes smoothly for Wilder World (it attracts more investors, shows more potential, manages to increase its community, etc.) chances are, it will be a great investment.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to investing in the crypto world, we always suggest a simple rule – moderately risky investing. For it, your crypto portfolio investment should look like: 50% in BTC, 35% in big cap coins, and 15% in small projects that have huge upsides. If you follow this, we believe Wilder World crypto is worth buying.

Now, whether or not it is a good investment again depends on how WILD will progress over the years and the number of eyes it will catch successfully. After all, like other cryptocurrencies, this one too has its own risks. By the looks of the well-designed tokenomics of Wilder Worlds along with the team behind it, and the community, chances are, WILD will be a good investment.  

If you go by the numbers, the token can reach a price of USD 0.6638 for its short-term future. Further, when talking about the next eight to ten years – the long-term future of Wilder Worlds, experts believe that the price can even jump up to USD 9.22 or even higher. That being said, you cannot expect Wilder Worlds to make you a millionaire.

Of course, if you decide to buy a large enough sum of WILD, it is possible. However, if you believe that only by investing USD 100 in WILD you can become a Wilder World millionaire, the chances are almost negligible. Since 100x price explosions can be frequently seen in the crypto trends these days, a USD 10,000 investment can help you achieve so if things go well.