Is Sacrificial Axe good in Elden Ring?

Is Sacrificial Axe good in Elden Ring? The Elden Ring weapon Sacrificial Axe scales heavily with both Strength and Dexterity. It’s an excellent tool for gamers fearless in going head-to-head with their rivals. Combined with the skill “Wild Strikes,” this weapon allows you to swing wildly.

The Sacrificial Axe is a light, close-range weapon that, upon killing an enemy, restores 4 Focus Points in Elden Ring. This is a good axe because it may get FP without a kill. A single hit on an adversary still restores your FP. It’s helpful gear; you can use it just for the FP it can steal. Read all about it in this article.

Is Sacrificial Axe good in Elden Ring?

Is Sacrificial Axe good Elden Ring

In the Elden Ring, the Sacrificial Axe is a light, close-range weapon infused with a passive bonus that restores 4 FP from the death of an enemy. This Axe can restore FP even if it doesn’t deliver the finishing blow, making it a helpful tool. Hence, Tarnished explorers can two-hand claws or a sword while also wielding the Sacrificial Axe on their off-hand and still benefit from the FP passive increase it provides in Elden Ring.

The FP restoration from the Sacrificial Axe can be stacked with other items, including the Horn Talisman of the Ancestral Spirit. Tarnished can regain up to 7 FP for each kill using both items. A few Tarnished have also found that the Axe restores FP if the crimson specter of an enemy player “dies” in a bloodstain.

One drop of blood can have an infinite ripple effect. Also, regardless of whether or not the weapon’s description mentions “FP restored upon slaying an enemy,” the player’s FP will be restored if an entity dies within a specific range of them. In the Radahn boss fight, for example, the summonable spirits aren’t hostile, but their deaths still award 4 FP to the player.

To obtain the Sacrificial Axe, Tarnished must first defeat a Deathbird on the Weeping Peninsula in Elden Ring. Many players may miss this Elden Ring Field Boss because he spawns in a little area off the main path.

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How do you get the Sacrificial Axe in Elden Ring?

After crossing the Bridge of Sacrifice, head south to the Place of Grace on Castle Morne Rampart to locate this Deathbird. To get to the Map Piece, travel through the hole in the wall and up the steep slope to the right, where you’ll find a massive lump of debris resting next to the outer walls.

The Field Boss will appear in the patch of grass below. It is essential for Tarnished to remember that Deathbirds are nocturnal. Therefore they should only expect to see something if they come here during the day.

In general, enemies on the Weeping Peninsula are of a low level, but especially so between Levels 20 and 30. As a result, Tarnished, who encounters this Deathbird after traveling to Liurnia or Altus Plateau, should be able to dispatch this Elden Ring Field Boss in under a minute.

Individuals embarking on a new journey may still find the beast difficult. For that reason, one approach to cheese this Deathbird is to climb onto the surrounding pile of rubble and use arrows or spells to slowly but surely bring down the boss from a safe distance. Defeating the monster in Elden Ring will reward Tarnished adventurers with the FP-restoring Sacrificial Axe.


This concludes our discussion on is Sacrificial Axe good Elden Ring. The Elden Ring weapon Sacrificial Axe scales heavily with both Strength and Dexterity. It’s an excellent tool for players who aren’t afraid to get in each other’s faces. Combined with the Skill “Wild Strikes,” this weapon allows you to swing wildly.

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When it comes to weapons in the Elden Ring, which one do people choose the most?

In a poll conducted by the Elden Ring, the most popular types of weapons were found. A clear majority of players (by more than 200 votes) say that katanas are their preferred weapon, with greatswords coming in a close second with 641 votes. With their durability and aesthetic appeal, it’s not surprising that Katanas were the most popular choice.

Can you recommend a good weapon to use late-game in Elden Ring?

The Blasphemous Blade combines Strength and Faith in nearly equal measure, making it a very potent greatsword with yet another remarkable ability. You need 22 Strength, 15 Dexterity, and 21 Faith to wield it properly.