How to watch 3D movies in Meta Quest?

How to watch 3D movies in Meta Quest? The Meta Quest is an exceptional device known for its ability to immerse users in a variety of VR games, ranging from titles in the Quest App Store to sideloaded games and even those from Steam. However, beyond gaming, did you know that you can also use this versatile headset to watch movies, including 3D films? If you’re eager to dive into the world of 3D cinema on your Meta Quest, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through the process.

How to watch 3D movies in Meta Quest?

3D movies in Meta Quest

How to watch 3D movies in Meta Quest? There are numerous methods to watch 3D movies in VR, both free and paid. Let’s explore some of these options.

YouTube VR App

The Oculus Store boasts a wide range of apps and games, and among them is the YouTube VR app. This VR version of the official YouTube app allows you to seamlessly browse and discover a plethora of 3D and VR videos and movies. Many of these videos are VR-compatible right from the start. You can easily download the YouTube VR app from the Meta Quest Store.

Skybox VR Player

Another excellent way to watch 3D and VR movies on your Meta Quest headset is by installing the Skybox VR Player app. What sets this app apart is its ability to play local files stored on your Meta Quest’s internal storage and stream movies from various network sources. This means you can enjoy your preferred 3D or VR content without being limited to a streaming service’s library. To access Skybox VR, simply download the app from the Meta Quest App Store.


BigScreen is another option for streaming videos or movies from your PC to the Meta Quest. This program enables you to wirelessly watch 3D movies stored on your PC. If you don’t have such films on your PC, you can rent them through BigScreen. To get started, sign in with your BigScreen account on both your Quest and PC, and then stream your movies via Wi-Fi. You can rent a variety of movies for a nominal fee and enjoy them on your Meta Meta Quest. Download the BigScreen app to begin.

Fandango NOW

Fandango NOW offers a compelling alternative to popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, specifically tailored for the Meta Quest. This streaming service boasts a library of over 100,000 movies for your viewing pleasure. Moreover, Fandango NOW features an extensive collection of 3D movies that you can experience on your Meta Quest headset. Whether you’re interested in the latest releases or classic favorites, Fandango NOW has it all. Simply install the app from the Quest Store, select your Fandango NOW account type, and start browsing and downloading 2D or 3D movies of your choice. You can obtain the Fandango NOW app directly from the Quest Store.

Vudu App

The Vudu App is another fantastic addition to your Meta Quest headset, offering access to a vast array of movies. You can stream movies available from Disney, Lionsgate, Netflix, Paramount Plus, Universal, and Warner Brothers. Vudu also provides a substantial selection of free movies for streaming, should you prefer not to commit to a monthly subscription. Whether you’re looking for the latest releases or older classics, Vudu has you covered. Download the Vudu app for your Meta Quest to explore its offerings.


In conclusion, this guide has provided you with a comprehensive overview of how to leverage the capabilities of your Meta Quest headset to enjoy movies and TV shows with ease. Watching 3D movies on your Meta Quest can be a truly immersive experience, and the versatility of the headset allows you to access content from various sources, whether it’s through apps like YouTube VR, streaming from your PC, or exploring curated collections on the Oculus App Store. Whether you’re an avid gamer or a movie enthusiast, the Meta Quest offers a world of entertainment possibilities.