How to use Urgent Heal Elden Ring?

How to use Urgent Heal Elden Ring? Using the Urgent Heal incantation will almost eliminate the stress of healing in the middle of combat in Elden Ring. It is difficult to know whether or not your attacker will attack while you are healing.

Urgent Heal is preferable to wasting a Flask on a tiny healing dose when only a large one is needed because of the FP cost associated with utilizing this form.

How to use Urgent Heal Elden Ring? 

How to use Urgent Heal Elden Ring

Urgent Heal is an essential item that any Confessor-inspired character should have access to immediately. However, people of other personality types need to believe it. How to use Urgent Heal Elden Ring? If you need an Urgent Heal incantation, you may probably find Brother Corhyn in Roundtable Hold. A prophet, indeed.

However, if you’ve already met Corhyn at Roundtable Hold and he’s shared his story with you, you won’t be able to do so again. He is currently located on the Altus Plateau, north of the Site of Grace along Altus Highway. Next to a monument bearing a map of the Altus Plateau, you’ll discover him.

Using the Spell Properly

You should put your upper slot in the Memorize Spell area at a Site of Grace, just like you would for any other spell. Then, you’ll want to grab a Seal and utilize it as your weapon of choice; doing so will cause your character to perform an Urgent Heal whenever they take damage. Finger Seals are available from Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold.

Using The Incantation

The Urgent Heal incantation can be used with a seal after memorizing it at the point of grace. Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold is where you can purchase a Finger Seal if you do not already have one.

This is the procedure for activating Urgent Heal in Elden Ring. 

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How Effective Is Elden Ring’s Quick-Heal Incantation?

How Effective Is Elden Ring's Quick-Heal Incantation

How to use Urgent Heal Elden Ring? You can turn around lost battles and win using the Urgent Heal defensive enchantment. It’s simple to employ even when confronted with formidable foes; using it grants you increased health, allowing you to stay in the fight for longer.

However, Urgent Heal is not as potent as other chants and will only work in a pinch. You may be at a disadvantage against the game’s more powerful bosses, even with the incantation. When your health meter starts to become low, don’t worry; there are plenty of additional Elden Ring incantations you can employ to restore your strength.

In Elden Ring, you have access to several different healing options besides Urgent Heal, including:

The Flask of Crimson Tears

The Flask of Crimson Tears

As a consumable item, the Flask of Crimson Tears can be used to quickly and effectively replenish your health. When it’s depleted, you can restore it by returning to the Holy Lands, also known as the Sites of Grace.

A certain quantity of health can be restored by using this healing spell. Since it prevents foes from respawning, it is preferable to the Urgent Heal option. You can also strategically use its four charges to activate four different healing skills in combat. If you find and collect the Golden Seeds, you can boost their charge and health-recharging abilities even further.

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Site of Grace

Most players know that resting at the Site of Grace is the most fundamental and fundamental self-healing technique. Since it entirely restores the player’s health bar, it is significantly more effective than the Urgent Heal option. In the same way that Bonfires do in Dark Souls games, this one serves a similar purpose. All flasks are also repaired at this location.

There are drawbacks to staying at the Site of Grace, though. If you kill an enemy and they get fully healed, you get fully healed, too. One such restriction is that the Elden Ring of Urgent Heal cannot be used in the heat of battle. Urgent Heal incantation is helpful since it allows you to restore your health when it is low during the war.

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Heal Spell

There is a learning curve associated with using the Heal Spell. The Urgent Heal has some advantages over the Heal Spell, such as requiring less time to recharge and leaving you less exposed to surrounding opponents while you wait for the Heal Spell to cast. After a fight, it’s ideal for getting your strength back up. Nonetheless, if you’re low on health and need the HP badly, you should locate a concealed area and use the spell there.

The Reddit poster claims that this Heal Spell can be used to harm specific foes. A rumor is that using this spell will allow you to slay any revenants you encounter near the Kingsrealm ruins. The Heal Spell is lethal to these beings because they rely on Faith. The Royal Revenant is a boss in the same region and may also be defeated with this incantation.


How to use Urgent Heal Elden Ring? Urgent Heal is a powerful tool as an Incantation in the Elden Ring. A tiny portion of health can be restored quickly with the Urgent Heal spell. To cast, you’ll need to spend 16 FP, although you can do it in motion. However, it does not restore as much health as Heal does. When up against a particularly fast foe, regular Heal would take too long to cast; therefore, doing Urgent Heal would be preferable. While you’re on the move, you can still use Urgent Heal because of its quick casting time. On the downside, you’ll need to be at least level 8 in Faith to cast this spell. Therefore, it should be immediately helpful to you. It can be purchased for one thousand Runes from Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold. To those who have visited, we say thank you.

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