How to use the memory stone Elden Ring?

Participants in Elden Ring can pick from a wide variety of Weapons. No matter what class you play, you’ll have access to various weapons from which to choose. Spells can also be cast with certain weapons, such as staffs. However, you will initially have a limited capacity for storing Spells. You’ll need the Memory Stone to get through this. As part of our Elden Ring guide, we’ll show you how to use the memory stone Elden Ring.

What exactly do Memory Stones do in Elden Ring?

What exactly do Memory Stones do in Elden Ring

If you want to go for a build that places a premium on spellcasting and other magical abilities, then you should invest in some Memory Stones. How to use the memory stone Elden Ring? The effectiveness of a mage in combat is directly proportional to the variety of spells at their disposal. At the outset of Elden Ring, you’ll have access to two meager spells to arm yourself. But there is a method that can improve your memory!

What exactly do Memory Stones perform in Elden Ring? With the help of Memory Stones, you can boost your spellbook’s capacity and your magical abilities arsenal. When visiting a Site of Grace, one can alter the number of available memory slots by selecting the option to Memorize Spells.

To what end must players equip Memory Stones?

Increasing the capacity of your memory slots in your Elden Ring takes Memory Stones. The Memory Slots statistic represents the number of available slots for memorizing Sorceries and Incantations. The use of Memory Stones allows for more available memory slots. Because some spells enhance defense and attack power, even non-magic users should have more than the minimum amount of slots.

How to increase the available number of memory slots?

Each starting class has access to only two memory spaces, but by finding Memory Stones in the Lands Between, that number can be increased to 10. You are limited to a maximum of 10 memory slots, but by donning the “Moon of Nokstella” talisman, you can increase this to a whopping 12!

Nokstella, the Eternal City, is home to this talisman, which may be found in a chest just under a massive throne. Access to this area is gained as part of Ranni’s quest chain.

Where to Find and How to Use Memory Stones in Elden Ring?

Where to Find and How to Use Memory Stones in Elden Ring

How to use the memory stone Elden Ring?  Before you can use Spells and Incantations well, you’ll need to learn them. To absorb them into your brain, you’ll need a Memory Slot. You can use only so many Memory Slots when you first start playing Elden Ring. A Memory Stone is a specific kind of Key Item that may be used to unlock an additional memory slot.

A more significant number of Memory Slots and a more comprehensive array of spells and incantations become available as you gain expertise. A Memory Stone can be used immediately without any preparation. You may rest assured that once you have one, it will quietly and invisibly increase your available memory slots.

In Elden Ring, you can collect one of eight Memory Stones. The specific locations where you can find them all.

  • It costs three thousand Runes and may be purchased from the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold.
  • From a Treasure Chest perched on the Converted Tower’s summit.
  • Drops northeast of Hermit Village in Mt. Gelmir after the Demi-Human Queen Maggie has been defeated.
  • On the penthouse level of Lenne’s Rise, a chest may be found in eastern Caelid.
  • Recovered from a Treasure Chest near the Summit of Oridys.
  • You can get this item as a Drop from the Red Wolf of Radagon in the Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • Located in the Three Sisters region north-northwest of Liurnia, in a Chest on the highest level of Seluvis’ Rise.
  • Found in the depths of a chest in the northern Liurnia of the Lakes on Testu’s Rise.

When you have collected them, you will get an extra 8 Memory SLots for use in your Spells and Incantations. Elden Ring’s Memory Stone was the catalyst for this entire ordeal. We sincerely pray that this tutorial was informative and valuable to you. Check out our guides like “How to Reach Rykard in Elden Ring” for more information.

Where are the memory stones located within the Elden Ring?

Compared to FromSoftWare’s previous series, Dark Souls, Elden Ring differs in that it does away with Attunement. Instead, it makes the number of spells a character can memorize at once dependent on rare Memory Stones artifacts. The objective of the game is to acquire eight Memory Stones. How to use the memory stone Elden Ring?  With this and the first two slots, their characters are given, and they can memorize ten spells or incantations.

These can be obtained through killing bosses in Elden Ring, opening chests, or buying them from various vendors around the game. These things are dispersed randomly over the gaming world. If spellcasting is a significant part of your character’s playstyle, then you should prioritize acquiring Memory Stones.

Increasing your Attunement in the Dark Souls games allowed you to study more spells simultaneously. This was the main gain from working to improve this quality. There was a cap of ten here as well, like in Elden Ring, but unlike runes, souls were the currency of this series, and it took a lot of them to get to the top.

In Elden Ring, players won’t need to collect a significant number of runes to get the same effect, making the process of character development more open-ended because memorization is related to an object rather than currency.

If you feel like you need more than ten memory slots, or if you want a memory boost before you find all of the Memory Stones, you can try to steal the Moon of Nokstella talisman. Obtaining this item isn’t easy, but it’ll give you two more memory slots once you do.

A waygate leading to the item’s location in Nokstella, the Eternal City, can be accessed once they have made sufficient progress along Ranni’s questline and entered Renna’s Rise. That’s the only way to get to where it is hidden.

Which Memory Stones Are Where in Elden Ring?

Which Memory Stones Are Where in Elden Ring

Memory Stone 1

The Elden Ring starting zone is Limgrave, but acquiring a Memory Stone is as simple as making the trip south to Oridy’s Rise on the Weeping Peninsula. At the Tower’s foot, they can chat with a statue depicted reading from a book. In doing so, three ghostly turtles will materialize in the game world for the players to track down and defeat.

The first two will be situated near the statue: one in front of it and another a few feet behind it, hidden in the bushes next to the Tower. To the west of the Rise is a pond with a little island in the middle, where the third one will be concealed. All three need to be hit to reveal the path to the summit and the location of the first Memory Stone.

Memory Stone 2

It is presumed that the second Stone will be made available to players at Roundtable Hold, the Elden Ring center. Once you’ve left the Limgrave beginning area and slept at a Site of Grace, Malenia will offer to transfer you there. To reach a Site of Grace, the player must first travel outside the Limgrave starting area. If you spawn at the Hold, head left immediately to reach the Twin Maiden Husks. For three thousand runes, they will sell you a Memory Stone.

Memory Stone 3

A third Memory Stone can be found in the Converted Tower to the southeast of Liurnia of the Lakes. Therefore it’s possible a player could head there as soon as they arrive. Upon arriving, the players will find that there is no standard way to reach the Tower’s upper levels. Instead, they have to make a special “Erudition” gesture with their Elden Rings in front of the massive monument to summon a mystical stairway.

However, players can bypass this limitation by climbing the deteriorating wall surrounding the building and using it to access the balcony. To obtain the third Stone, one need only ascend the Tower and unlock the chest at its peak.

Memory Stone 4

The next stop is Testu’s Rise, which is located to the north. Like the one at Oridy’s Rise, they’ll find a statue holding a book. The players must once again track down three ghostly turtles, the first of which can be discovered near some rock formations to the north of the statue.

After that, there’s one halfway up a tree behind the Tower, and the last one is on the ground off to the left as you head southwest up a rocky ramp. Then, behind the Tower, there is a second one. Once you’ve done that, you can return to the Tower and make your way to the top, where you’ll find a Memory Stone chest.

Memory Stone 5

When the Raya Lucaria Academy’s first boss, the Red Wolf of Radagon, is defeated, players will be able to earn a second Memory Stone. The Academy, located roughly in the middle of the zone, may only be accessed by those who have obtained the Glintstone Key.

The location of this key is hidden west of the Academy, behind a Glintstone Dragon. The key is in a dead body behind the sleeping enemy, and you can get it without fighting.

Memory Stone 6

If you travel to the northwest of the continent, you can find the location known as the Three Sisters, where Seluvi’s Rise is located. The Tower will be magically protected, making it impossible for anyone to breach its defenses. A mysterious Elden Ring NPC named Ranni can be discovered atop Ranni’s Rise in the north of the map, and players must speak with him to obtain access.

If they accept her invitation, Seluvis will be waiting for them at the Tower’s foot to welcome them back to his house. The Site of Grace must be used before players may leave Ranni’s Rise. After that, they can climb Selivus’ Tower and claim the Memory Stone.

Memory Stone 7

Finding Lenne’s Rise in eastern Caelid, on the other side of the map, is the quickest route to obtain a Memory Stone. In the east of Limgrave, at the Third Church of Marika, players are advised to kick off their adventure. It will be much easier for them to get to this location from there.

You can find a waygate to the Bestial Sanctum, which is to the north of Lenne’s Rise, by following the river that flows nearby to the west. When the heroes have reached the Tower, they should look to the south of it to find a Spiritspring. So doing will let them ride Torrent, their Elden Ring mount, up to the observation deck. Those that make it to the very pinnacle will be rewarded with a Memory Stone-containing chest.

Memory Stone 8

However, if the player has not yet made the journey to Mount Gelmir, acquiring the final Memory Stone will be the most challenging endeavor. They’ll have to kill Demi-Human Queen Maggie of the Hermit Village to get it. You can find Maggie there. The first time through, players will have to go around the volcano and up into the settlement to attain their goal.

After that, the Seethwater Terminus Site of Grace can be reached by starting in the ravine to the west of the Wyndham Ruins and working around the area. Head south across the lava lake until you reach the Craftsman’s Hut. It would help if you went up the hill to the east from there to get to the Hermit’s Village. Players need to be well-prepared for their fight against the Elden Ring monster, as it might be challenging due to the need to deal with several adds.


So, you’ve come here in search of Elden Ring Memory Stones. Magic users in Elden Ring need Memory Stones since they are used to unlock more slots for their spells. This allows you to carry more spells simultaneously, increasing your magical versatility and capabilities.

We have talked about all the places in Elden Ring where a Memory Stone has been discovered and how to use the memory stone Elden Ring. As a result, you’ll be able to quickly fill up any empty spell slots in your inventory and obtain any missing stones. Thanks for stopping by.

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