How to use summoning pool Elden Ring?

How to use summoning pool Elden Ring? It’s not easy to complete the Elden Ring. Even common enemies can be a significant challenge, and defeating a monster usually requires multiple attempts. There may be dozens of tools at your disposal to help you level the playing field, but there will be times when calling in a favor from a friend is the only way to guarantee success. However, familiarity with the functioning of the summoning pools in Elden Ring is required if you want assistance.

You can find statues of summoning pools dispersed around the Lands Between. In most cases, you won’t be able to use them until you activate them outside of dungeons and boss areas. Close enough proximity to the statue triggers an on-screen button that must be pressed to activate it.

What is a summoning pool Elden Ring?

What is a summoning pool Elden Ring

How to use summoning pool Elden Ring? With a few notable exceptions, summoning can be done anywhere in The Lands Between. As opposed to this, co-op is subdivided. This means you can only form a party to take on a dungeon boss or go on an open-world adventure with friends during the same session. Unfortunately, you can’t juggle both tasks successfully at the same time.

When you are teleported into another player’s realm, you temporarily assume the shape of a Phantom with drastically reduced statistics and half your usual supply of flasks. You will be brought back to your world when the dungeon’s last boss is defeated. If you are the one that attracts Phantoms to your game, you will be known as the Host of Fingers. To put it simply, you need to be very careful. If you die, the Phantoms will return to their home planet.

Before commencing a co-op session, you should check your supplies to ensure you have everything you’ll need to participate actively. Four items are required for playing Elden Ring with other people simultaneously. Here are some of them:

Furlcalling Finger Cure: To learn other players’ summon signs, this item is generally placed near grace nodes, summoning pools, or boss doors. Even though this is a consumable product, the materials used in its production are easily accessible. 

Miniature Golden Statue: If you put your summon sign into various pools, players will have an easier time finding you when they need to summon you. With this item, your chances of getting instantly teleported into a game upon its release are increased to the maximum. This is yours to use as often as you like.

If you have been summoned, you can return to your realm by using the Finger Severer. When everything else fails, do this to force any called players to leave your session. Numerous applications exist for it.

How to use summoning pool Elden Ring?

How does summoning pool work in Elden Ring

How to use summoning pool Elden Ring? To begin, some server issues have made it so players can’t summon other people in Elden Ring, but as of the writing of this post, everything seems to be running well again.

If you want to make your life easier, or if you’re going to die battling a problematic boss in Elden Ring with another Tarnished player, you’ll need to know how Summoning Pools work.

Nearby adversaries in the open world, bosses, Sites of Grace, and other significant locations have their unique summoning pool. Players must interact with the small grey sculptures. 

Effigies to activate a Summoning Pool in Elden Ring.

Once activated, it’s possible to summon more Tarnished for assistance.

Each player with an active Summoning Pool can summon up to three other players randomly or invite up to three friends. The green signals call forth a helpful player to collaborate with, while the red signs bring forth an adversarial player to battle with.

Elden Ring requires that Summoning Pools be active at all times, even if a player is only interested in solo play. This is because summons from NPCs won’t appear in a location until a Summoning Pool has been activated there. You can’t contact any Spirits with the Spirit Calling Bell until you first interact with the Effigy.

How to summon from summoning pool in Elden Ring?

There are two options for online co-op play in Elden Ring: As the Host of Fingers, you can either invite additional players to join your game or temporarily quit your game to join another player’s game.

How to use summoning pool Elden Ring? If you’re the helpful type who also wants a lot of runes, consider using the Tarnished’s Furled Finger to aid other players in their struggle against a boss. If you are terrible and cruel and wish to generate an infinite amount of runes, you might want to consider invading the worlds of other players and murdering them with a Bloody Finger. The Bloody Finger is an effective tool for this.

How to Summon Other Players?

In Elden Ring, as in many other FromSoftware games, summon signs to take the place of actual players. The formations seem like piles of rocks left on the ground. Use a Furlcalling Finger Remedy to identify nearby triggers for a summoning quickly. People willing to help you out are called allies, and their summon signs are gold. If someone wants to fight you, they are your enemy and will be indicated by a red hail sign.

Using the Tarnished Furled Finger ability, you can create a golden summon sign that will appear in another player’s game if you wish to provide a hand. Elden Ring categorizes games like these under the “cooperative multiplayer” umbrella. If you want to fight another player, you can do so by making a red summon sign with your Furled Finger, a weapon available to you as a Duelist. You’ll play the part of the Duelist, tasked with bringing down the Host of Fingers member who summoned you.

How to join the summoning pool Elden Ring?

How to join summoning pool Elden Ring

How to use summoning pool Elden Ring? If you’re outside of a boss’s territory, you can use any of the many statues of the Summoning Pool that can be found across the world (as seen in the previous image). Come as near the statue as possible, then press the button when prompted. You should activate a Summoning Pool even if you have no plans to utilize it immediately because doing so will keep it active for the game’s duration.

Using a Furlcalling Finger Remedy is necessary after activating a Pool. This item can be acquired by completing a quest, killing an invading player, or being crafted with two Erdleaf Flowers. You can equip and use a Furlcalling Finger Remedy at the statue to see what Player Summons are happening nearby.

If you pick one of the golden scratches on the floor and follow the on-screen prompts, you can let up to two other players into your realm. These players will assist you in battle until either you or they perish or until the boss battle or dungeon level is won. Select a red scratch anywhere in the area to summon an enemy player into your territory for a one-on-one showdown.


How to use summoning pool Elden Ring? One cannot deny the difficulty of Elden Ring. It could be challenging to survive on your own in a world where everything is out to harm you, especially if you’re fighting a boss and suddenly a cliff drops out from under you or a boss drops out of the sky. Luckily, there’s a feature in the game that lets you bring other players into your world by using any of the many Summoning Pools spread out over the planet. A comprehensive look at summoning pools was provided here.

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