How to use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring?

How to use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring? The Ashes of War mechanism provides players with new skills that improve weapons after they have been equipped, bringing a new dimension of magic to FromSoftware’s standard Dark Souls concept. Early on in your journey across The Lands Between, you’ll come across one that, for a short time, whips up a storm that deals damage to enemies inside its radius. If you aren’t sure how to utilize Storm Stomp in Elden Ring, this article will help.

To find Storm Stomp, you must first travel to the Gate front Ruins in Limgrave, close to the game’s tutorial. You can see it noted on the map we provided below. Please note that it is located in a small cave at the bottom of a short set of stairs. The Whetstone Knife, which is required to use the Ashes of War mechanism, may be obtained at the same spot.

How to use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring? 

Here’s how to use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring:

  • Go to a Graceful Place and adorn a weapon with the Storm Stomp Ashes of War. To assign Storm Stomp to a weapon, go to “Ashes of War” in the main menu and use the weapon selector.
  • After binding Storm Stomp to a weapon, equipping that weapon and pressing L2/LB will trigger the ability. Your character will stomp the ground, causing a little puff of air to rise. Anyone in range of the assault will take damage.
  • It’s important to remember that if your weapon supports two-handed mode, you must be utilizing it in that configuration to execute Storm Stomp. To enter this mode on your console, press and hold the Triangle/Y button.
  • And that’s all; Storm Stomp’s usage in Elden Ring is completely explained. Those interested in learning more about the game can do so by searching for Twinfinite or by consulting our guide wiki.

Where To Find the Storm Stomp In the Elden Ring?

Where To Find the Storm Stomp In the Elden Ring

Southwest of the Gate Front Ruins is where you’ll find the Strom Stomp. Upon arrival, you’ll notice a route down the steps. Following that route or set of stairs, you will end up in a  room containing a chest. You’ll find Storm Stomp Ash of War in this treasure chest. So, if you want this power, you need to open the chest.

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How to use the ashes of war Storm Stomp in the Elden Ring? 

Once you have obtained the Whetstone Knife in Elden Ring, you will be able to equip Ashes of War. When you visit the Gate front Ruins in Limgrave, you can pick up the Whetstone Knife. Many dangerous enemies await you in the Gate front Ruins.

How to use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring? If one spots you, the others will be alerted, so you’ll need to be stealthy if you want to eliminate them all. Most adversaries may be defeated with little effort if you focus on killing them one by one. Now that the danger has passed, you should enter the campsite properly and look for the steps leading beneath. You can get the Storm Stomp ability and the Whetstone Knife from a chest.

To apply the Whetstone knife’s talent to one of your weapons, you must return to a bonfire (Site of Grace). At the Roundtable Hold hub, you can have the blacksmith equip your weapons with talents.

How to use Storm Stomp Ash of War in Elden Ring?

How to use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring? While in Elden Ring, the Storm Stomp Ash of War may only be used if it is attached to your weapon and your left hand is empty. Press L2 on the PlayStation or LT on the Xbox if you meet the requirements above. On a PC, you right-click while holding down the Shift key.

The good news is that you can reuse Ashes of War. They are FP (blue bar) eaters; however, unlike spirit summons, you can employ them multiple times in a single fight. Further, you are free to equip and unequip the abilities at will. There is no increase in the number of Runes required, and your choice will not be irreversible. However, it’s important to note that specific weapons are necessary to use particular abilities.

How to use Storm Stomp  Elden Ring pc? 

How to use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring? The use of talents in a PC game controlled by a mouse and keyboard is functionally identical to that of a console. It’s only that the key mappings are different. Hold E, followed by RMB or LMB, to begin two-hand play, depending on your preference. After then, pressing SHIFT and RMB will activate the Storm Stomp ability (or any other ability in the game).

You’ll learn early on in your exploration of Elden Ring universe that your character needs to be ready for many duties. During your travels, you may encounter situations where you must employ Ashes of War, utilize two-handed weapons, or cast magical spells. A nasty NPC named Sellen who won’t let you into her business, an invisible man hiding in a bush, and a giant turtle with a bell that can replicate key objects are just a few of the secrets waiting to be discovered.

How to use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring Xbox? 

How to use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring Xbox

The Storm Stomp is a useful Ashes of War weapon you can pick up in Elden Ring. Southwest of Gate front Ruins is where you’ll locate this Ash of War: Storm Stomp. In the image down below, we’ve highlighted the specific area. There’ll be a flight of steps just where you need to go. You’ll reach a room with a chest after taking this route. Ash of War: Storm Stomp can be found inside the trunk. After equipping the weapon of your choice with this AoW, press L2 to activate Storm Stomp. It is important to keep in mind that when using a talent that requires a weapon, you must have the weapon in your two hands.


How to use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring? You may find Ash of War Storm Stomp at the southeastern part of Gate front Ruins. A treasure box is located in a small room at the bottom of a pair of steps. You’ll find the Ash of War Storm Stomp and Whetstone Knife within this chest. Please stay tuned for similar content.

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