How to use spells Elden Ring?

How to use spells Elden Ring? In Elden Ring, magic is highly regarded. The community is slowly but surely coming to terms with how absurdly overpowered they can become by heavily investing in magic as more and more players explore every corner of the universe.

A skilled sorcerer can rain down devastating energy beams or even the entire moon on their foes. With such a ridiculously extensive arsenal at our disposal, we may as well be the game’s main antagonists. In the past, sorcery based on intelligence was always playable. However, Faith practitioners now have access to various offensive tools, including some particularly special incantations.

How to use spells Elden Ring?

How to use spells Elden Ring

Use the dragon spells from your Elden Ring to annihilate your foes. Because you begin Elden Ring without any weapons or magical abilities, it is a challenging game. To make your time in the Lands Between more bearable, you can learn dragon spells quite quickly. So, let us show you. How to use spells Elden Ring?

How to win the battle of Limgrave in Elden Ring?

Limgrave is the place where your Elden Ring adventure officially begins. For the most part, the game’s first dragon will be found in this first open area. When you first enter Limgrave, the large lake to the northeast will greet you. You’ll watch the dragon swoop in and slaughter several foes if you go there.

Fighting the dragon while mounted is strongly advised. From your vantage point, the dragon’s left foot is the target. The best strategy is to keep racing in circles, getting in a few hits whenever you’re within striking distance, and then escaping. Thankfully, the dragon is somewhat sluggish.

You will gain a Dragon Heart as the great dragon crumbles. If you kill a dragon, it will drop a Dragon Heart, a component of Dragon Spells.

Visit the Elden Ring Coastal Cave located in the west.

Go west from your original grace spot to the seashore. If you keep looking to your left, you’ll find the entrance to the Coastal Cave. Run straight into the darkness if you don’t have a torch, or visit Merchant Kale at the Church of Ellen to the north of your first grace site in Limgrave to purchase one.

If you keep pushing through, you will eventually reach the end of the tunnel. Welcome to the Dragon Communion Church! Raid the ruined temple by heading upwards. The flaming altar can be found close to the dragon’s corpse. Interact with the dragons and choose one of their three spells.

What are the Elden Ring dragon spells?

Elden ring dragon spells

This altar houses three different dragon spells. Furthermore, the Lands Between is littered with numerous altars. How to use spells Elden Ring? There are three dragon spells on this altar, and they are as follows:

  • Due to their low stat requirements, dragon-based skills like Dragonfire and Dragonclaw are best used early in the game.
  • Dragonfire conjures a dragon’s head and fires in a directional cone. Excellent for dealing with large groups of foes at once, like rats.
  • Although it takes longer to cast, Dragonclaw provides significant damage and can temporarily incapacitate bosses.
  • Conjuring dragons at the dragon church
  • The Cathedral of Dragon Communion may be found in the far east of the map and provides access to even more dragon spells.

In addition, the following spells are available:

  • Elden Ring Dragon Spells at the Cathedral
  • The newer dragon spells are:
  • Agheel’s Flame – 23 Faith, 15 Arcane.
  • Glintstone Breath – 15 Faith, 12 Arcane.
  • Rotten Breath – 15 Faith, 12 Arcane.
  • Dragonice – 15 Faith, 12 Arcane.

How to use faith spells in the Elden Ring?

How to use faith spells in the elden ring

While sorcery spells rely on one’s intellect, incantations rely more on Faith and the arcane. Unlike sorceries, which are typically powered by the scholarly understandings of Glintstone, incantations relate to magic skills that directly appeal to a deity or some primordial force.

Incantations can be obtained and used by players of any class so long as they adjust their stats to fit the requirements. A Seal must be equipped to perform an Incantation.

  • To go to the tools section, just hit the “view” or “inventory” button on your controller.
  • Put a seal on your dominant hand (or your spare) and prepare to seal some nasty stuff.
  • You can switch between your secondary and primary weapons using the left and right buttons on the D-pad.
  • If you have the Seal equipped, you can use it to perform any Incantation that requires it.
  • To use Incantations, you must first memorize spells at a Site of Grace. Incantations can be obtained from several sources, including loot, boss rewards, and vendor sales.

Place the Seal on your hand and push the right bumper (left for left-handed users, right for right-handed users) to invoke the relevant spell. More damage can be extracted from many spells by casting them with a lower cast rate.

How to use fire spells in the Elden Ring?

You can buy the Flame Sling incantation from Brother Corhyn in Roundtable Hold. How to use spells elden ring? You wouldn’t be where you are in the story if you had met this prophet earlier. If you were unsuccessful in locating him in Roundtable Hold, you should try your luck on Altus Plateau. You may find him near the north of the Altus Highyway Site of Grace, close to the map shrine. Where you pick up the Altus Plateau map is where he is located.

If you want to use the Flame Sling, you’ll need to remember the incantation and put it into a seal. You should have a Seal if you are a Prophet or Confessor; if not, you can either find one throughout your travels or buy one from a shopkeeper.

Twin Maiden Husks, a chamber in Roundtable Hold, may house a merchant. In appearance, they resemble two elderly ladies. If you have 800 Runes, you can buy a Finger Seal from them. Thank you very much (you, mister!)

Go to a Site of Grace and relax now that you have the Seal and Flame Sling. A slot will appear under Memorize Spell; fill it with Flame Sling.

How to use sorcery spells in the Elden Ring?

You can only equip a limited number of spells at once, much like melee weapons, and switch between them as you explore and fight. However, your spell selection options will be more limited. Resting at a Site of Grace in the Lands Between and picking the Memorize Spell option allows you to equip a spell you have found or purchased.

To fill a free memorization slot, choose a spell from this menu. Many spells may require more than one available slot, but you can increase this cap by improving your magical characteristics. Sorceries and Incantations can be combined as necessary, although switching between various spells will require a visit to a Site of Grace for memorization.


Playing as a mage in Elden Ring is expected because of the damage and range it grants you against foes and monsters. We figured it would be helpful to compile a tutorial on how to utilize spells in Elden Ring, including information on equipping spells and where to get them, because bits may be discovered worldwide, and putting together a mage build can be a little complex. Thanks for stopping by.

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