How to use Pouch Elden Ring?

A Pouch is a convenient tool in Elden Ring that allows players to carry up to four objects simultaneously. How to use Pouch Elden Ring? However, the process by which things are assigned to a Pouch is not explained in great detail within the game, and some fans may be confused about how to use the goods they have loaded within a Pouch.

How to use the talisman Pouch in the Elden Ring?

How to use the talisman Pouch in the Elden Ring

How to use Pouch Elden Ring? Elden Ring introduces a new way to carry and equip goods with the introduction of the “item bag.” The Elden Ring bag is a new feature exclusive to the Lands Between, and it works wonderfully for the wide variety of objects the player will find and utilize along their journey. This method is user-friendly since it allows players to quickly access items they frequently use without clogging up the standard Flask bar. You can set it up by going to the menu and assigning stuff to each slot, but it’s essential to take your time getting used to it, so you can get the weapons in the middle of a fight.

How to use Pouch items in the Elden Ring?

Six objects can be kept in Elden Ring’s convenient pocket. The first four can be accessed via the D-pad, while the remaining two are hidden in the pause menu. By pausing the game and using the right side of the screen to select the bag slots, you may distribute goods among them. How to use Pouch Elden Ring? Use the D-pad to access the first four slots; the pause menu is required to reach the latter two. Using the remaining two Pouch slots still beats digging through your inventory to locate an item.

Simply holding down the interact button will bring up the standard quick access menu, but holding it down longer will bring up the Pouch slots option. Then, you’ll be able to choose the desired slot in the same manner that you’d select an item from the shortcut menu. The left and right slots cannot be rotated, unlike the weapon slots.

The bag menu helps store things like Torrent’s Whistle and those used for summoning or invading. The fewer options you have in the bottom wheel, the faster you can get back to your crimson tears.

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How to use the Pouch in the Elden Ring?

How to use the Pouch in the Elden Ring

How to use Pouch Elden Ring? Access the bag by opening the game’s menu. Check out the Elden Ring controls & key bindings manual if you’re unsure how to accomplish this. You can store objects you use frequently but don’t want in the fast slot bar in a 6-block section labeled Pouch on the right.

When out and about, you can use the top four spots. The bottom two are locked until the pause menu is opened. Use the total four spaces for items you’ll regularly need, such as the whistle for calling Torrent, the phantom steed. It would help if you pressed the right buttons to activate the Pouch’s contents. Hold the E key and use the arrow keys to navigate on a PC. Hold the Y button and press a direction on the console’s D-pad to move. Doing so will trigger one of the top slot’s four items.

You can keep my right thumb on the slot with the whistle when you are on the go, which is why we prefer that position. The spyglass is an additional useful accessory. Knowing what’s ahead and where you’re headed is extremely helpful in Elden Ring, more so than in previous games. We think it’s brilliant that you’re going to put Elden Ring’s bag to use. It’s essentially the same as the standard fast bar, except it takes a few extra clicks to access. Put items on your quick bar here that you don’t want to take up precious real estate.

How to Get More Talisman Pouches in the Elden Ring?

How to use Pouch Elden Ring? In the initial go-through of Elden Ring, you’ll have access to three extra Talisman Pouches. Two of these are rewarded for defeating specific bosses, so they can’t be missed.

You can’t receive the Talisman Pouches if you don’t beat the bosses, but you can’t miss them if you don’t advance in the tale either.

The locations of the three essential components of the Talisman Pouch are as follows:

  • It would help if you defeated Margit the Fell Omen or Morgott the Omen King. Because Margit is typically the first enemy most players face, this Pouch is generally obtained on the game’s initial playtime. The open environment of the Elden Ring makes him completely expendable and unnecessary. The story can’t move further without Morgott, Lord of Leyndell, Royal Capital, and his influence locks down several passageways and entrances.
  • Get in touch with the Finger Reader Enia once you’ve gathered the two major runes. Once you’ve defeated all the demigods with shards except for Morgott and brought back the two Great Runes to Enia in the Round Table Hold, you can rest easy. She’ll applaud your efforts and reward you with another Talisman Pouch. The Twin Maiden Husks are where you’ll find her Pouch if you don’t make it there before she dies after the battle with Maliketh.
  • Take down Godfrey, the Earliest Lord of Elden. You’ll likely face up against Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, in the final moments of the battle before entering Morgott in Leyndell. After completing this test, you will receive the third and final Talisman Pouch reward if you already have the second Talisman Pouch from Enia or the Twin Maiden Husks.


How to use Pouch Elden Ring? You must now fill the three Talisman Pouches you discovered in the Elden Ring. There are too many viable alternatives to count, and your build will dictate which four Talismans you use. Check out some of our weapon manuals while you’re here. There is more to come.