How to use Grease in Elden Ring?

How to use Grease in Elden Ring? You can get some handy Grease in the Elden Ring. By applying Grease to weapons, you can increase their effectiveness. However, many gamers view Grease as little more than a generic item. We’ll explain the value of Grease and how to apply it to your weapons in this primer.

How to use Grease in Elden Ring?

Grease can be used in the Elden Ring, but only if it is equipped with a weapon that is suitable for that sort of Grease. Select Grease from your Inventory by going to Equipment > Quick Access Slots. Choose it to store it in the slot labeled “Quick Access.” Then you can apply it to your weapon by pressing the X button.

Remember that Grease is ineffective on non-standard weaponry. This item can increase the effectiveness of weapons that do not already have elemental damage.

How do you apply Grease on both weapons of the Elden Ring?

How do you apply Grease on both weapons of the Elden Ring

We do not encourage consuming Weapon Grease, which is why it is classified as a Consumable item. However, if you equip it with your weapon, you will receive bonuses and increased strength, allowing you to overcome any obstacle standing in your way more easily.

Weapon Grease is quite easy to apply. The various Grease items you have picked up along your travels can be accessed by opening the Menu, selecting Inventory, and scrolling down to them. Choose the Grease you need and then click the Use button. The weapon buff will be applied, providing temporary increased damage.

However, remember that you can’t use Greases on weapons that also have Ashes of War and that buffs can’t be stacked. The Grease ability will be disabled when the Ashes of War passive effect is active, and the Use button will be greyed out if you try to apply it to a weapon. You can see the effects of the new buff without permanently adding it to your favorite piece of gear, which is ideal if you’re on the fence about spending your hard-earned Ashes of War on a certain weapon.

Get out into the wilds and prove yourself worthy of the title of Elden Lord now that you know when and how to employ Weapon Grease.

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Why can’t I use Grease in the Elden Ring?

In the Elden Ring, you’ll find various consumable items that can increase your weapons’ damage output. Applying a thick layer of Grease to your weapon, for instance, can change its abilities. However, this choice is only sometimes viable.

Why is the Grease option in the Elden Ring disabled?

Why is the Grease option in the Elden Ring disabled

Boss weapons, enchanted weapons, special weapons that can be upgraded to a maximum of +10, and weapons with natural elemental affinities, such as blood, do not have the Grease option available. Grease can’t cover the ashes of War because they’re already on the blade.

On the other hand, if the affinity modification doesn’t give the weapon a new element, Grease can further modify its existing skill. For Grease to work, you must first change your weapon’s affinity to standard.

If your weapon can be improved with Smithing Stones up to a +25 level, you can use Grease to increase its level further. If your weapon requires Somber Stones to level up and can only be upgraded to +10, it is unique and cannot be treated with Grease. Only two alterations to a weapon’s stats are allowed.

Some weapons can deal two different kinds of damage. You will have to drop one if you have more than two affinities for a given weapon. “Ashes of War” and “Grease” can be used as modifiers.

Bleed is the only ability of Bloodhounds Fang, leading to a steady stream of blood leakage. Any enchantment or Grease applied to this weapon will improve it. On the other hand, the Dragon Halberd is equipped with Ice and Lightning. Therefore, there is nothing further you can add to it.


You’ll run into many impossible foes when exploring the Land Between in Elden Ring. Spells, incantations, summons, and melee weapons are only some of the many options available for vanquishing these foes. However, most legendary weapons are difficult to get and require the destruction of other foes. Here’s when a good supply of weapon Grease comes in handy.

You’ll want to keep some weapon Grease on hand, as it’s a consumable that improves several different types of melee weapons. All the best Greases for your weapons from the Elden Ring are discussed here, along with recipes for making them. We appreciate your taking the time to visit.

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