How to use Carpenters Chisel in Minecraft?

How to use Carpenters Chisel in Minecraft? Carpenter’s chisels are a tool available in the Minecraft Carpenter’s Blocks mod. They are used to customize the look of Carpenter’s Blocks by chiseling them into different shapes and sizes. With carpenter’s chisels, you can create unique designs for your buildings and add intricate details to your Minecraft world. In this post, you will learn how to use carpenter’s chisel Minecraft.

How to use Carpenters Chisel in Minecraft?

How to use carpenter's chisel Minecraft

Here are some steps to help you use carpenter’s chisels in Minecraft:

  1. Crafting the Carpenter’s Chisel: To use a carpenter’s chisel, you will first need to craft it. You can craft it with two sticks and two iron ingots arranged in a diagonal pattern on a crafting table.
  2. Equip the Chisel: Once you have crafted the carpenter’s chisel, equip it in your hotbar.
  3. Choose a Block to Chisel: Carpenter’s chisels can only be used on Carpenter’s Blocks. You can create Carpenter’s Blocks by combining different types of vanilla Minecraft blocks with a Carpenter’s Block.
  4. Chiseling: To chisel a Carpenter’s Block, right-click on it with the carpenter’s chisel. This will bring up a GUI that allows you to select the shape and size of the chisel. Once you have selected the chisel shape and size, simply click on the block to chisel it.

How do I use a Chisel in Minecraft?

If you right-click anywhere on a block with a chisel, the bit you’re looking at will be removed from the block and moved to your inventory. These parts can then be re-positioned anywhere in the world. You can make considerably more elaborate constructions than ever before using these tiny blocks.


Using carpenter’s chisels in Minecraft is a fun and creative way to add customization to your buildings and structures. With a little bit of practice and experimentation, you can create amazing designs and add intricate details to your Minecraft world. Just remember to craft the carpenter’s chisel, choose a block to chisel, and experiment with different shapes and sizes to create the perfect look for your building.

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