How to upgrade Armor in Elden Ring?

How to upgrade Armor in Elden Ring? An upgraded armor is one essential part of progressing in the Elden Ring. An armor would not only be providing a better defense but also helps you in surviving and succeeding in combat. 

Upgrading your armor is a daunting task, but properly knowing how to upgrade armor Elden Ring can significantly improve your gameplay experience. In this article, we are going to know in detail about how to upgrade the armor Elden Ring and other important nuances associated with it.

How to upgrade Armor in Elden Ring?

How to Upgrade Armor Elden Ring

Knowing how to Upgrade your Armor in Elden Ring can provide you with many benefits. The first step is to gather the necessary upgrade materials, such as Titanite Shards, Large Titanite Shards, Titanite Chunks, and Titanite Slabs.

Here are the steps discussed in detail for upgrading your armor.

1. Gather the material

In the first step for upgrading your armor, you are required to gather upgrade materials. These materials can be obtained by defeating enemies or purchasing them from vendors. Some of the common upgrade materials in Elden Ring are Titanite Shards, Large Titanite Shards, Titanite Chunks, and Titanite Slabs.

2. Visit a Blacksmith 

Once you have gathered the required materials, the next step is to find a blacksmith who can help you upgrade your armor using the materials and currency. Blacksmiths are scattered throughout the game world and can be found in different locations. You can use the fast travel system to reach the blacksmiths easily. The blacksmiths will require a certain amount of currency and upgrade materials to upgrade your armor.

3. Upgrade your Armor

After you found a blacksmith, you can use the material and currency to upgrade your armor. Each upgrade level requires a  specific amount of upgrade materials and amount of currency. Once you have upgraded your armor, it will provide better defense as well as protection.

How do I get better Armor in Elden Ring? 

How do I Get Better Armor in Elden Ring

We might have got the best but there is always a possibility of better, here are tips for getting better armor in the Elden ring.

1. Explore the World

As you explore the game’s world, you will come across different hidden areas and secrets that may contain better armor. Be on the lookout for these hidden paths, secret doors, and even destructible walls that may lead to treasure troves filled with better armor.

2. Defeat Bosses

Bosses are among the most challenging enemies in the Elden Ring, but they also have some of the best armor and loot in the game. By defeating these bosses, you will have a chance to obtain rare and valuable armor that can you provide better defense and protection.

3. Purchase Armor from Merchants

Merchants scattered throughout the game’s world offer a range of armor for purchase. While some of the armor may not be the best in the game, there may be unique or rare sets of armor that provide better stats and benefits.

4. Craft your own Armor

You can also craft your armor using various materials.

By combining different materials and upgrading your armor, you can create sets that provide better defense and abilities.

What is altering the Armor of Elden Ring? 

Altering the appearance and properties of your armor is also an essential aspect of how to upgrade armor Elden Ring; that allows us to customize the appearance as well as the properties of our armor.

To alter the armor, we have to visit a blacksmith, who will offer different options to customize our armor. This may include changing the color or style of the armor or altering the properties of the armor for providing better defense and abilities.

To make these alterations, we will need to spend currency and materials. The amount required may vary depending on the type of alteration and the level of the armor. As players progress through the game, they may encounter new materials or acquire more currency to spend on altering their armor.

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Knowing the answer to the question, How to Upgrade Armor Elden Ring and getting it upgraded in the game is crucial for success in the Elden Ring. By gathering the required materials, visiting blacksmiths, and upgrading your armor, we can improve its defense and protection.

Exploring the world of Elden ring, defeating bosses, purchasing armor from merchants, and crafting our armor are some ways to obtain better armor in the game. Option for Altering your armor is also possible, allowing us to customize its appearance as well as properties.

As we progress through the game, you’ll encounter new materials and gain more currency, allowing us to further enhance your armor and prepare us for the challenges ahead.


Is it worth it to upgrade the armor Elden Ring?

Yes, it is worth, upgrading armor in the Elden Ring, as it improves our defense and helps us to survive and succeed in combat.

Can you make armor stronger in Elden Ring? 

Yes, we can make your armor stronger in Elden Ring. By upgrading it with the required materials, investing more currency, and apt altering.

Does armor weight matter in Elden Ring?

Yes, armor weight matters in Elden Ring. Heavy armor may provide better defense, but it can also slow down and affect our mobility.

How do you get the heaviest armor in Elden Ring?

The heaviest armor in Elden Ring can be obtained by defeating bosses and exploring the world. It all depends upon the quest and fight.

Is there legendary armor in Elden Ring?

Yes, there is legendary armor in Elden Ring. It can be obtained by defeating powerful enemies or exploring the world.

Does armor affect anything in Elden Ring? 

Yes, armor affects various aspects of Elden Ring such as defense, mobility, and appearance. Upgrading and altering your armor can provide significant advantages in combat and survival.