How to two hand in Elden Ring?

How to two hand in Elden Ring? Elden Ring, the next game from developer FromSoftware, improves upon the tried-and-true fighting mechanics of the genre’s previous entries by providing players with a wider variety of weaponry than ever before. One significant weapon mechanic in the Elden Ring is that of Two-Handing a weapon.

When you two-hand a weapon, you can deal more significant damage at the expense of less defense. Without a shield, players must rely exclusively on dodging attacks. Two-handed weapons are more effective in combat, allow for faster assaults, and can help you subconsciously learn to dodge better. This article will explain the basics of Two Handing a weapon in Elden Ring, the benefits, and a list of the finest weapons for the technique.

How to two hand in Elden Ring?

How to two hand in Elden Ring

How to two hand in Elden Ring? In earlier FromSoftware games, the Y/Triangle button was used to toggle Two Handing; however, in Elden Ring, the player has two options.

To Two Hand a weapon in the right Hand, console players must hold the Y/Triangle button and then press R1/Rb. For a Two-Handed attack with a weapon held in the left Hand, press L1/Lb. PC To Two Hand a weapon with the right Hand, press the E key and right-click the mouse. Additionally, left-clicking the mouse will cause you to Two Hand your left-hand weapon.

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How to two hand in Elden Ring on pc,xbox,ps5 and ps4?

How to two hand in Elden Ring? Elden Ring: Two-Handed Strategy The reason is apparent: Press and hold Triangle on PlayStation to use both hands in Elden Ring, or press and hold Y on Xbox. Finally, use your right Hand to hit R1/RB or R2/RT as a second firing hand. Press L1/LB or L2/LT if the weapon is in your left Hand. That settles the matter, then. So that you avoid getting stuck in a clumsy heavy attack, stick to the bumper buttons rather than the trigger buttons.

In Elden Ring, that’s the only way to use a weapon with two hands at once. Remember that there is a cost, as there usually is in the Souls series. When used in this fashion, the Strength required to wield a two-handed weapon is reduced, and the weapon’s damage output is increased. The trade-off is that you’ll be vulnerable to assault. As a result, if you plan on playing two hands in the Elden Ring, you should be aware of the risks involved. It will need careful planning to avoid attacks and counterattacks, as you have little resistance. 

As you progress through your investigation of the Elden Ring universe, you will quickly discover that certain aspects of the game require your character to have specific sets of equipment. During your travels, you may come into predicaments in which you are required to use the Ashes of War, make use of weapons that require two hands, or cast magical spells. You’ll also find a lot of things that are concealed, such as an unfriendly NPC named Sellen who won’t let you into her shop, an invisible man who is hiding in a bush, and a giant turtle with a bell that can be used to manufacture duplicates of precious objects.

How to two hand a sword in the Elden Ring?

How to two hand a sword in the Elden Ring

How to two hand in Elden Ring? In the Elden Ring, holding Y/Triangle and pressing RB/R1 or LB/L1 will switch your weapon grip from one Hand to two. If your Tarnished character is holding an item with their left Hand, pressing RB/R1 will prompt them to drop it so they may focus on using their right-hand weapon. If you want your character to utilize both hands to hold the left item, press LB/L1. You can defend yourself with an Elden Ring shield using both hands.

Two-handed combat in the Elden Ring presents unique challenges and opportunities and can have varying effects on weaponry. You’ll do more damage if you use two hands, but your swing speed may decrease, so you’ll have to learn to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Depending on your gear, you may be giving up significant defenses. By switching to two-handed Elden Ring weapons instead of a shield, you’ll leave yourself vulnerable to physical harm. When using two weapons at once, agility becomes crucial. You can also learn how much damage you can avoid by blocking by looking at your weapon’s defensive statistics.

It has a strangely complex control scheme that could be better for quick stance changes in the heat of combat. If you need to be able to hold your Elden Ring weapon with two hands, it’s best to get comfortable with the button combination outside of combat. As one of the best Elden Ring classes, the Samurai can significantly benefit from learning to use both hands to wield a weapon. Everyone should give it a shot to see if it fits their playstyle, although melee builds that don’t rely on shields might find it particularly useful.


All FromSoftware role-playing games use two-handed weaponry as a crucial fighting mechanic. You can use almost every melee weapon in Elden Ring with just one Hand, freeing up the other for other purposes. It would help if you employed two-handed weapons when the defense isn’t your priority or when you wish to use an Ash of War skill. How to two hand in Elden Ring?

In addition to increasing damage output (at the expense of an off-hand), the two-handed use of a melee weapon decreases the amount of equipment needed for that weapon. For instance, a character with low Strength can use two-handed weapons that would otherwise be out of their reach. Elden Ring performs the same purpose but now has different inputs for two-handing.

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