How to tame a Rabbit in Minecraft?

How to tame a Rabbit in Minecraft? Rabbits are the mini creatures that you can find in Minecraft. These mini creatures are not that difficult to find, you will come across different types of rabbits in multiple biomes of Minecraft. In total there are 6 different varieties of rabbits, each of which has different fur color. The color of the fur of the rabbit determines the biome that the rabbit has spawned. 

Rabbits that are found in deserts generally have golden-coated fur to mix with the environment. The rabbits that are from snowy biomes have white fur. 

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How to tame a Rabbit in Minecraft?

How to Tame a Rabbit in Minecraft 2023

Generally, rabbits never attack the player as they are a non-aggressive mob. Although there are many of them in the Minecraft biome, it is a bit challenging to track them down.

Unfortunately, rabbits cannot be tamed, unlike passive mobs. However, you can capture them and breed them on your farm. You can nurture the captured rabbits and set up a farm of small animals.

You can bring them to your preferred location by offering carrots or dandelions as bait. 

Usually, rabbits avoid showing up to predators and players. But the passive mob will follow your character if you approach them by holding a dandelion, carrot, or golden carrot. Note that you need to have some resources to tame the rabbit while you can. As normally the rabbits run away when the player comes close.

Rabbits can see you holding a dandelion or a carrot from a distance of 8 blocks. So, you need to approach them gently to avoid scaring them off. You can use boats or leads to move the mob from the location to your preferred place. 


You can raise little bunnies in your small Minecraft farm by capturing them. You can bait them by offering them food like dandelions, golden carrots, or carrots, whichever item is available to you. You can breed different colored rabbits which will look amazing on your farm. 

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What food do you use to tame a rabbit in Minecraft?

You can offer the rabbit golden carrots, dandelions, or carrots.

How do you give a bunny a carrot in Minecraft?

You need to hold a carrot in one hand which the rabbits can see from 8 blocks away and move towards them slowly so that you don’t scare them off. 

What does toast do to a rabbit in Minecraft?

Despite the aggressive nature of killer bunnies they still can breed with normal bunnies and produce baby killer rabbits. A toast bunny doesn’t create a baby toast bunny. Toast doesn’t spawn naturally if you rename a killer rabbit to toast it will still attack the wolves and players as they contain the parent’s pattern.